Tuesday, 17 November 2015


As we welcome each new day in our lives, we come across a lot of new people too. Every person we meet or stay in contact with surely teaches us something or the other. Just that we need to keep our eyes and our minds open to be able to see that. Also there is this saying "You meet every person for a reason either it's a blessing or it's a lesson.

Well now that we are to speak of that one person who is #madeofgreat, that is someone who has impacted my life or more so someone who I look up at. That person is my neighbor. So she must be 30 odd and the courage that she has is beyond words.
Some four-five years back she had a major accident after which she couldn't stand up ever again. Her entire family was very disturbed and they went to the best of the doctors but to no avail. She was told that she will have to stay on the wheelchair forever now. She and her entire family went through a lot of trauma but she did not give up.

In fact every time I saw her I used to feel sorry for her and showed sympathy but she always had this really wide smile on her face that clearly stated that although I am disabled I am okay and I am not giving up. She did not let her disability put her down. She fought and she still is. Today I see her driving her own car and she has also won Paralympic badminton at a national level.

I always keep wondering that how can someone who has so many difficulties stay this strong? There is so much to learn from her. She in the true sense is #madeofgreat.

#madeofgreat is Tata Motor's campaign in association with Lionel Messi.

To know more about this campaign visit

Friday, 6 November 2015


Hello folks!

Edelweiss has come up with this latest app that helps you trade from your phone. Do you all remember those days when trading used to happen after standing for hours together in queues? Then we slowly drifted to computers and televisions to get to know of the market condition, etc. but now since we are all so busy with our lives that Edelweiss has come up with this new trading mobile application.

So this application by Edelweiss is available for both android and iPhone users it’s called Edelweiss Mobile Trader App. This was launched under the concept of Tap2Trade. So basically you don’t need to wait anymore to open an account or to trade or to know about the Sensex or NIFTY, all of it is available right on your mobile phones. It takes only 60 minutes, yeah just an hour for you to open an account and start trading.

Opening an account usually is a very tedious job to do because of all the formalities and everything but Edelweiss’s mobile app has made that also very easy. Simply by putting your email id and your pan card no the app would fetch all relevant details and then either you can send in your other details by WhatsApp or email or alternatively somebody would come over to get them from you. So convenient isn’t it?

The App is also very user friendly. All the data points are on one screen and there are distinguishes with respect to the current market condition with the help of colors. Green is market share has increased, red is it has gone down and white is when it’s neutral.

An amazing trading app. It is the fastest app that lets you open and account and trade in just 60 minutes. This app was launched by Edelweiss with the hope of encouraging mobile trading and an ambition of making it grow about 8 times in 3 years.

This post has been written for the Edelweiss trading app launch event through BlogAdda

Thursday, 29 October 2015


Hello to all fashionistas!


There is this really cool and happening sundown fashion market that's coming up on the 31st October and the 1st of November, yes that's like the day after.
It's called IN MY BOX, it will be held at Nariman point in Mumbai (Rooftop of Sakhar bhavan banquets, behind Oberoi hotel.) from 4 pm to 10 pm. (Sundown).

If you are probably lazy about this idea and words like a sundown fashion market, cool and happening aren't convincing enough? Then here is something that will definitely make you want to go for this amazing event.
  • There will be workshops
  • Art wars
  • Various pop-up shops
  • Music
  • And and a fashion swap party (sounds all cool, doesn't it?) 
So yes, In my box is bringing to you a concept known as fashion swap party, wherein bring your stuff and exchange them with given designer outfits. What's old is new again. Get rid, get new, go swapping.

So I hope you guys will be going and witnessing this fun event J

Friday, 23 October 2015


Hello everyone!

Well the technology has advanced so much of late that there is an app for almost everything, right from what you want to eat, to what you want to wear, every single thing. Now look at the latest app that’s come- Stayzilla. It is this amazing new app which is available on the Google Play for Android users and also on Play Store for IPhone users. This app works with this principle of MAKING ROOM FOR SOMETHING NEW.

On downloading this app I figured that the very first thing that you have to choose is your profile, if you wish to be a guest or a host or both. In case you wish to be a guest then you simply have to put in your check in and check out dates and you will be allotted a place to stay as per your preference. They also have a “Happy to Help” Stayzilla assistance chat to answer all the queries.

If you pick on being a host then you get to host someone’s stay which could be too much fun. It would be an amazing opportunity to open up to new people, to make new friends, to make conversations with new people and you never know you might just find like-minded people and get to make new and amazing friends.

You can choose from staying in a hotel, a lodge or a guest house and that too at varying prices. You get a varied range to choose from. Booking was never so easy before this. It is now possible to be a guest or a host or both with the help of this amazing app and what’s super cool is that it is available for both android and IPhone users so both can or rather should download this app and make room for something new. J


Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Hi all!

We are all living in an era where we give a lot of importance to the virtual word. Internet, mobile phones, computers and laptops are like a different world on their own and it is this world where most of us like to spend our valuable time of late. There are very many reasons as to why we have got so addicted to this virtual world. We prefer being on our mobile phones than interacting with friends even when we are out. At home you will find everyone stuck to their laptops or computers.

I sometimes wonder as to what is this constant need to be social at all times? Little do we actually realize that while we are trying to be all social and trying to connect with others, we are actually missing out on connecting with people who are there with us. These days although we see people going out together but where do they actually bond with each other?

In my opinion this isn’t real togetherness. Snapping everything, putting Instagram posts, checking in on Facebook, chatting with other friends on mobile phones and everything else is just with an urge or a constant need of being called “SOCIAL”. The true moments of joy are the ones where you actually forget to even look at your phones.

Real togetherness in my opinion is when group of friends meet and probably either surrender their phones or leave them at home. Having a walk by the beach in complete peace or simply meeting someone over a cup of coffee and discussing life in true sense and not in the virtual sense is real togetherness. Being close to the nature can actually work best when you want to spend time with someone in the true sense.

Arranging for a trek, going for a wildlife safari and other such fun activities are not just thrilling but also give an experience to remember for life time and this kind of an experience is way better than that the one any of the uploads or the posts of the virtual world can give.

No doubt about the fact that there is a lot that one can do with the help of the internet. It is actually possible to conquer the world in the true sense with the help of internet. Right from where to go, how to go, everything can be found out with the click of few buttons. However it’s said everything has its limit and when that is respected and taken care of life is a lot easier.

So that is what we should do, we should know how to make use of the internet for our benefit but at the same time it’s important that we do not get so addicted to it that we cannot give time to more valuable things in life like for example spending quality time with your loved ones.


Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Hey folks!
We all have a go to friend or a go to person to whom we go when we are in doubt, when we need something or simply when we want to share something. We all have a go to person somebody who has got our back. Well for me my go to person is my mom.

When I am hungry, that’s like almost always; when I need to share some stuff with her; when I want her to just listen or even when I want her to guide me she is always right there in the corner, right there where I want her! (Oh I think that myself a cheerleader, ha-ha) Though really she is the one who is got my back.

If I talk about the n number of things that she does for me, the list would be too big and it would probably never end. Well for all that she has done for me and for all the smiles and joys that she has brought in my life, be it through her yummy food, her never ending care or her limitless love; there isn’t much that I can do to repay in any form or in any kind. However I can definitely do my bit to bring at least a smile.

They say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I think it’s not just true for men. I think a way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach only. The joy that good food gives and the smile that it brings, it’s one of its kind. Agree or not? :-P

So yes if it is about bringing a smile on the person’s face I love the most, my mom; what better could it be then to serve her a plate of smiles itself? McCain Smiles are so tasty and they even look very appealing. It is certain that even before she has them she would smile looking at them and yes the joy of eating would continue with each bite. They can be fried or baked in just 3 minutes so I don't really need to struggle for too long, ha-ha! Also they are cholesterol and trans-fat free, absolutely taking care of the health aspect as well. Taste bhi health bhi, seems perfect!

I would probably garnish them with some cheese and coriander just to add to the taste and also make a smiley with ketchup, wouldn’t that be very cute? J
This is how I would bring a smile on the person’s face I love the most, my Momma dearest!

If you too want to bring a smile on the face of your loved one, you should definitely look up for amazing McCain Snacks. 

Sunday, 11 October 2015


Hi all!
This post is in support of the initiative of promoting self love taken by treaclemoon. It is in support of their #BeYou project-

We all our constantly trying to compete with one another, we are all constantly running this dog's race to do our best, to be the best and to be better than the rest.
I wish I was thinner, I wish I was prettier, I wish I was fairer, I wish I had longer hair, I wish I looked as good as that girl, I wish this, I wish that...We have all been there and done that, haven’t we? Why aren’t we ever happy with who we are or what we have? Why don’t we accept ourselves for what we are? 
Is it the society to blame or it is our own stereo typical mentality that forces us all to think this way? Remember even if we change, we have the power to change the whole society, yes we do. 

We women aren’t beautiful if we have long hair. We are beautiful if we have a beautiful heart. We are not pretty if we have a thin waist or a perfect body even fat is pretty if you have beautiful heart. It is okay if nobody compliments you for your dress, it’s pretty if you like it. 
You should be happy with who you are and what you have, that is and should be more than enough. It shouldn’t matter if everyone is wearing Armani and Zara and you are not as long as you are beautiful from within.

To be beautiful from within all you need is inner peace. All you actually need to do is love yourself with all your flaws and all your weakness. Accept yourself the way you are. 
No, don’t stop there. Grow constantly. Make yourself better than who you were. Don’t compete with others, just be your own best. Do things that make you happy. Do things that you like. Don’t just go with the flow, make your way out. 

Remember we were not born to be the same, we are all different and that’s what makes us beautiful. Be yourself and love yourself for what you are and who you are as it's also said an original is always worth more than copy, You are priceless when you are yourself and you are the best when you are just you so be #BeYou.

Watch this amazing video which is in support of the same initiative, here:

Saturday, 5 September 2015


Genre: Mystery
Duration: 79 minutes
Language: English

This movie by Oorvazi Irani is based on Zoroastrianism, The film is about the journey of a young woman born into Zoroastrianism and how she (Oorvazi Irani who is also the director) lived her life in a remote village for years, secluded from the real life. It is after the death of her grandfather with whom she spent most of her young days that she was left to face the real world. Since she was so attached to her grandfather she did exactly what she was told by him and tried to find the purpose of living. 

Oorvazi did justice to her character. Her voice was very enchanting and signified search very prominently. She tried to find out the purpose of living while trying to discover the path of Zarathustra. Following her grandfather's instructions she gets back to her childhood love Perseus played by Rushad Rana. However his role is minimal since the movie is majorly concentrates on or deals with finding answers to the unanswered questions in the heart and mind of Oorvazi.

The first half of the movie looked promising however the second half failed to leave the impact that the first half did. The second half was rather stretched. While the movie laid down the message that good deeds and good thoughts is what will ultimately lead to a good life had it been put in a better manner would attract more youngsters which might not be the case now. The current screenplay would rather be a little dull to watch especially for the youth. 

This movie is by the Parsi community and very much for the Parsi community. It lays an important message that the Parsi community might perish soon if they continue to go by the rigid policy and norms of their community. Other facts of the Parsi community are put forth nicely and thus it will be informative and inspirational for all Zoroastrians. The movie although wasn't a high budget film the characters do justice to the role. Only if the story was put forth in a manner more acceptable and liked by people these days would it be able to attract more audience. The cast consisted of all new actors and a few theater actors. Actors like Rudash Rana and Tom Alter were present and ofcourse Oorvazi did direction and was also the protagonist.

Overall I would say watch if you are curious to learn and to know about the different cultures and religions (in this case Zoroastrianism) and also if you are one :)

Friday, 21 August 2015


Need for speed – Talking about how important speed actually is in life, well it is very important. Although drifting a little away from the topic in my recent tour to Rajasthan I realized that the lifestyle in different places of the same country is so different. I had always heard and read that Mumbaikars have a very busy life, they don’t wait for anyone and all that but when I witnessed the difference between the two states I believed and understood that everything I read was true. Here in Mumbai we crave for speed.

This thirst of ours or this craving of ours for speed was heard by AIRTEL. Airtel has come up with the Airtel 4G Network which promises to be the fastest network ever. Airtel being the first telecom company to launch 4G Network in India. Other countries like Japan and other developed countries were lucky enough to have faster browsing services since the very past. Every time I had any relative coming over from the US they would just be cribbing and cursing the poor internet connection at home. Nevertheless Airtel has come to rescue. This 4G service is available at the price of 3G which I believe most of us use of late. Mobile being our little world where we watch videos, surf the net and do everything possible to connect and communicate with people. In the kind of life that we are leading today speed is very important. If a recent study is to be believed then even a 15 year old kid today has more anxiety than a 50 year old then. Such are our lives today.

God forbid if you are lost somewhere and don’t know how to get back home or how to reach that place then GPS comes to rescue but obviously GPS would require a god internet connection and what can be better than 4G? Not just that but there are times when you want to make a Skype call or a WhatsApp call be it for leisure or be it for an important meeting, a good internet connection is needed. Watching videos on YouTube would be much faster and easier when watched on a 4G service like this one given by Airtel.

If you are still wondering whether you should get 4G or not then here is why you definitely should:
  • Airtel has come up with 4G services in across 296 cities in India.
  • Airtel is the first telecom company to come up with 4G service and that too at the price of 3G.
  • Delivery of 4G sim at home.
  • Get a 4G sim simply by tweeting #GetAirtel4G
  • Need for speed, do I need to say more?

All that you actually need is a handset that supports 4G to be able to start using this amazing network by Airtel. Get going or wait running with this new service by Airtel J

Sunday, 21 June 2015


Hi folks!
Well we all go gaga over those lovely fruit fragrances that women often smell of and those strong scents that men opt for can make anybody go weak on their knees but what about the welcome home fragrance? Does the way your house smell make you go gaga or weak on your knees? If not then we together with Ambi Pur can bring some change. Read on…

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur

After a long day when I return home tired and all exhausted I wish I could have rose petals and scented rose water showering on me for my welcome but where do we have that good a fortune. Bursting my “oh so rosy life” bubble I have different odours welcoming me. I come home to the last night’s vessels smell because I had no time to wash them before leaving the house. I have the dirty shoe smell that I forgot to dry after they got wet in the rain. I also have dirty clothes smell during monsoon as the clothes would take longer to dry. My house sometimes even smells of fish. Although we don’t cook it at home the smell still manages to enter the house from the window I didn’t bother closing.

This is definitely not how I like to be welcomed back home. It is so contrary to my “oh so rosy life” scenario. Well I would still bear with it but would the guests like it? I would live with it blaming it all on me and cursing myself for being all forgetful but the guests won’t take it. They might not say it like “hey your house smells of shit or fish” as such but they surely won’t be pleased either. Despite all the hospitality and all the good food cooked, etc. etc. if your guests don’t leave with big smiles on their faces then it can probably be the smelly house that’s bothering them.

While you take care of everything so well why do you want to let go of all your hard work in drain at the cost of that drain like smell? Battle it. Take it out. Of course remembering to shut windows, cleaning vessels will definitely help but well we are humans and we cannot always remember to battle the odour that way. And that is where room fresheners come to our rescue. Ambi Pur Air Effects is one such saviour. It doesn’t just cover the odours, it completely removes them. It helps our house stay all fresh all day long so that when we return home there is no cursing happening and when the guests come there is no taunting happening. Thus ensuring the my house goes from smelly to smiley J 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


6th June’ 15-
At the Reliance Corporate Office, Mumbai the retirement fund meet was held. It was a great experience and there were such great insights. Basically as the name suggests the meet was about one can assure their family and themselves a bright and a secured future by just a little bit of planning and right investments. We all wish for a happy tomorrow but how many of us actually plan for one?

At the meet we got to know that with the ongoing rate of inflation, the rates are to increase still further in the future. The 10 Rupee note that could buy you so many things in the past has value of less than 1 Rupee in today’s time. So you can only imagine of what value that 10 Rupee will be in the future or wait will it even exist then? I have my doubts.

After making us aware of the scenario that we are most likely to face in the future, we were given a handful of options. SAVING was the major motive and ways to do it were told to all the bloggers. Right from telling kids to save money in their piggy banks, to women saving some in their lockers and smarter and better options that will help us grow our money and “Let Money Work for Money” as said by one of the Speakers were told to us.

Saving in banks, depositing your money in fixed terms, depositing in recurring terms, buying mutual funds, investing in share markets with good knowledge of the same will help you grow your money in real time.

So that was about the meet. It was nice to get such great insights from the experts in the field and it was also nice to catch up with fellow bloggers.

Small drops of water can make an ocean similarly little saving toady will insure brighter tomorrow. Save because it’s for you and your family and their wellbeing. Save if you care. I shall too J

Friday, 12 June 2015


I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at Are you?

Quotes like music is life, dance to your own beat, dance like nobody is watching are just quotes for some but for others they mean a lot. For those who are passionate about music and dance these quotes are like mantras- mantras for good living and for well-being. If you ask a dance enthusiast which beat they would want to dance to. They would just say any that’s because the love for dance is so much that even in the absence of music their dance would create a rhythm of its own. Now that is PASSION!

If you ask me what dance and music is to me? I would simply say it’s refreshing. I think it’s amazing how there is a song for every situation in life and how by simply moving your legs you can dance to any beat and it becomes a step.

Now imagine having Gurus of dance and music performing for you. Aren’t such concerts the best part of living? I am sure all music and dance enthusiasts would agree with me upon this one. Now how about having Allu Arjun who is best known for his sensational dance moves and Anushka Manchanda, a vocalist perform together? Wouldn’t it be sensational?

Well If I were the director I wouldn’t even consider spending too much on the ambiance of the place where this concert will be held (the key word here is IF I WERE A DIRECTOR, IF).  The reason being Anushka’s number Allah Duhai hai and Allu Arjun’s moves on it wouldn’t need anything else. Finding yourself grooving to music like Dum Maaro Dum Mit Jaaye Gum and Dance Basanti would be amazing, wouldn’t it? Now having Allu Arjun showcase his dance moves on Anushka’s latest track Bezubaan Phir Se would make for one hell of a crazy night.

Well again IF I WERE A DIRECTOR (Remember the key word IF? :-P) I would spice up this concert a tad bit by having people’s participation because what is a concert without a good audience? Besides autographs and photographs from these star performers, a nice meal with them after the concert would make for a perfect after party. Choosing the winners on the basis of some contest would make sense and would even be practical.

One thing I can guarantee that every music and dance enthusiast would leave if not with a grin but definitely with broad smiles on their faces as it’s rare to have such an amazing blend of dance and music under one roof!

Friday, 15 May 2015


Hey friends! We are all well aware about applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. but have we bothered to check out the other apps? No, I am not talking about Candy Crush here. I am talking about apps that won’t just serve the purpose of communication like the earlier or entertainment in case of later but I am talking about this one application that will make life easy.

It’s this MY AIRTEL APP that will really make life easy. It has everything that one could need, right from DTH services to Broadband. One can also pay bills, buy new connection and get amazing offers at all times. What more can somebody even ask for? This app doesn’t just help us do our daily chores but also surprises us with amazing deals like discounts on various sites, full talk time and a lot more.
Of all the amazing features that MY AIRTEL APP offers the top most features that suit my lifestyle would be:
  • One can manage all Airtel services at one place with ‘My Airtel’. I’m totally against the idea of going around places for smallest of things. Even as a kid I used to keep telling my mother that why can’t we fix the TV Cable from home and why do we have to stand in such big queues to pay for the internet or mobile phone. I always used to wonder why we have to take all the trouble even after paying for it but not anymore. More like Airtel heard my prayers! So this feature of the app that helps us manage all services at one place is the best I have come across.

  • The next best feature of MY AIRTEL APP is that it helps you track your account usage and service request through this app. So no need to keep calling the customer care and check with them whether or not your request for caller tune has been taken? Whether or not your mobile data is still remaining? It can all be found out through this amazing app. This makes so much more sense. You absolutely don’t have to worry about waiting on hold for long time until you are put to a service provider or any customer care executive.
  •   Having said so much about this great app one thing that one definitely cannot miss are the offers that this app provides. Who doesn't like surprises? Airtel gives amazing surprises like discounts on pizzas, coffee clothes, travel and so much more.

Not just these features but MY AIRTEL APP has a lot more. It lets you pay with a lot more ease, helps you manage all services, and gives amazing offers on every recharge. If you are an Airtel User and you still haven’t downloaded MY AIRTEL APP then what are you waiting for? GO DOWNLOAD NOW. It will really make your life easy J

Thursday, 7 May 2015


Hi folks! Head on to -

We have had so many leagues lately and each of them being better than the other that it looks like leagues might soon out do silver screen. However there is no doubt about the fact that silver screen is yet to stay but the increasing trend of the leagues sure has created if not a havoc at least a little tremble out there. Take for instance the very famous IPL- The Indian Premier League, it in my opinion is the most talked about as cricket runs in the blood of all Indians. There are leagues like EPL and so many others like Boxing, Tennis leagues, etc. that are enjoyed by all.

Well all these leagues may be for different sports and in different countries but the very message that all of them give is that these leagues are to be played with all our heart. If they are played with all our heart and soul any game (well obviously only if you know the game) can be won.
Talking about Ek Nayi League that Mr. Kapil Dev is to start, this apparently is very different from the ones we have seen so far. This unlike the others is not to be played with your heart. If you play it with your heart you will lose this one. Shocked? So am I. This is so contrary to the leagues that we have heard of and seen. Wondering what it could be!

In my opinion it can be a talk show. Where there will be all celebrities probably from the world of sports like tennis, cricket, etc and we would have Mr. Kapil Dev to interview them and talk to them about their career, their personal life, etc. Well what he also talks about is that this league is not to be played with our heart, in that case may be with our mind? It could probably be this talk show cum Intelligence Quotient check. It could be this show where Mr. Dev would be calling celebrities say like Saina Nehwal , MS Dhoni, etc and put their IQ to test.

If this new league is going to be this (what I think) then I am sure it is going to be a lot of fun. It would be too much fun to watch the geniuses in the field of sports answer general knowledge questions. No, not because I would want to judge them but purely for the sake of entertainment. We have had various bollywood celebrities coming to shows like Kaun Banega Corepati for the promoting their movies where their IQ is put to test but rarely do we get to see celebrities from the world of sports answer general knowledge questions. We have a lot of talent out there too, we have various sports person who are all-rounder and have done their masters, engineering, medical, etc. Why not see what they got? They should get a chance too.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Together we can and together we will, haven’t we all heard of this saying? There is no fun in doing things alone. When you have somebody with you who is as crazy as you, it’s a totally different experience altogether. Well not always are we lucky enough to find somebody who is just like you but I have been fortunate in this case.

Together with someone you can achieve a lot more than what you could have alone. A companion, a friend or a mentor is needed by one and all. The power of two can change a lot of things, it can make anything #TwiceAsNice.

Say if are to go to mall wouldn't we like we got the bag that we liked from Gucci along with that top from Zara? Wouldn't we like to have some Coke with Pizza? Together with something is always better. It makes that thing twice as nice. In this case bag and a top would make for a complete attire and the latter for a complete meal. Now do you see the power of two?

I have had this amazing opportunity of collaborating with my blogger friend to review the Garnier range which when used together are #TwiceAsNice. Having my blogger friend to write this article with me is precisely twice as nice. It’s an exchange of ideas and thoughts. Thus you can see how from a lucid post that either one of us would have written, this one has become a fun one. (Sorry if you don’t agree but we did try :P)

The two products of that we received as a part of the range are-
Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Exfoliating Face Scrub with real apricot extracts and Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Purifying Face Wash with real neem extracts. On using the two products, both us of us exclaimed Wow! Within the very first week of using this product we could feel the difference in our skin. Well, more like the power of two had worked and proved that twice is always better yet again. The apricot scrub did the work of smoothening and making our skin to glow. On the other hand the neem extracts in the face wash very well helped to wash away germs and remove excess oil and thus keeping our skin healthy and beautiful. Garnier has always had a reputation of TAKING CARE as they say and yet again with this amazing combo of the scrub and face wash they took care.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


We are living in the age of smartphones. Phones are no more luxury and we all know that. It is a basic requirement. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has one now. Not just the basic calling feature but camera, music, messaging are now used by a lot of people. Thanks to technology now my maidservant WhatsApp’s when she cannot make it to work so no chance of Mom persuading her to come. See people have become SMART with smartphones.

Talking about the very many smartphones that are available in the market. They are ample of them to choose from. Some would have good camera, some would have loud music, and some would be with a good battery life. There will also be a few with good Ram that would help to work with speed. The tech savvy and those who have the need for speed would be especially looking for this.
Well but in my case I need a phone with all of that. By all I mean all. I don’t want a phone which has a good camera but poor sound. I love listening to music as much as I love clicking selfies. I don’t want a phone which I have to keep for charging the whole day. What’s the whole point if I cannot use my phone when I need it because of its poor battery life?

So here we have ASUS Zenfone 2 to our rescue. Well this phone pretty much takes care of everything. Yes, you all heard it right. This phone takes care of EVERY SINGLE ASPECT. In my opinion it would very well redefine your smartphone experience.

Here is why it would redefine your smartphone experience:
  1.  It is the only smartphone in world currently with 4GB RAM and that folks is a lot. Most smartphones have 1 to 1.5 GB RAM but this ha 4. It would be working with what great speed, you can only imagine.
  2. It has amazing camera. With 13 Megapixel back camera and 5 Megapixel front camera. This would guarantee some really good selfies and amazing snaps for Snap Chat, what do you all think?
  3. Not just that but also it captures pictures in high resolution with zero shutter lag.
  4. Often we have issues clicking pictures in the dark. Although other smartphones do have flash but this has happened to me a number of times that the flash light goes in my eye and makes me look like a ghost and crap I cannot upload the picture anywhere but with ASUS Zenfone 2, I would be quite sorted. It captures 400% brighter photos in the dark and thus we can totally avoid using the flash.
  5. Last but definitely not the least. This smartphone charges really fast. Unlike the other phones that would require us to carry a charger everywhere we go, this phone charges 60% of the battery in about 39 minutes only. 
What a great phone, don’t you all think? Absolutely redefining one’s smartphone experience.

Thursday, 9 April 2015


This post is all about fashion and how can one be fashionably correct. Finally I am back to my genre :P
So yes, this post is all about how it is important to stay in your comfort zone while it being equally important to stay updated with the latest in fashion.

The very minute I decided to write a post on this topic, this is what struck me. "I don't do fashion. I am fashion." It is we who decide what it is fashionably correct and what's not. We are the ones who are fashion and creator of fashion. We don't do fashion, we are fashion.

Lets get talking about how can we be fashionably correct?
  1. When we talk about being fashionably correct, we are not talking about blindly following what's in fashion or following the latest in trends.
  2. We believe that fashion fades but it is style that remains. So go out there, create your own style, have your own spark because it's all about you and your personal style.
  3. What is utmost important is that we must ALWAYS be comfortable in whatever we wear. No comfort means fashionably incorrect.
  4. While we do believe in wearing comfort and wearing your own style. Having a look at what's latest in fashion is no harm.
  5. You never know, you might just find a new style for yourself. It's always a good thing to explore.
  6. Wearing something to impress someone or because everybody else is, irrespective of whether or not it is suiting your body type is just not cool. It is absolutely fashionably incorrect.
  7. Remember to always wear clothes that are meant for your body type. Clothes you wear must suit your body only then are you being fashionably correct. Ample of fashion faux pas in this case- don't you all remember the crop top craze? It's still very much in. I don't understand why do people just blindly follow fashion.
  8. Wear what you like. This is crucial. Don't listen to me, don't listen to anybody else. Listen to yourself. You know what's best for you. Well, this is in contrary to my very post but yes it's important that at the end of everything you are happy with how you look and for that you must wear simply what you like.
Well well, so that's about it! Hoping these little piece of advise was helpful :)
Stay tuned for more. Ciao

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


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We all know and most of us would agree that breakfast is a very important meal of the day. We start our day with breakfast and hence it becomes very important to have a good meal at the start of the day. Also there is a saying that eat your breakfast like a king and your dinner like a pauper. It being the first meal of the day, it has to be healthy and also it must be filling. It is from breakfast that we get energy to do our daily chores and with a proper breakfast we can kick start our day with full energy.
Well, I am a college student and thus there is a lot of running around. Right from college to classes and then with friends. There are days when I might have to even skip my lunch and hence it becomes very important to have a good breakfast. A breakfast with all the right nutrients that would help me stay strong and healthy the entire day. However my mom makes my breakfast too heavy, Parathas with a lot of ghee is not something you would want to have early in the morning. All though it maybe nutritious but it becomes very heavy that instead of going for lectures, I prefer staying at home and sleeping. :-P

So what does one do? Skip breakfast? No, that’s not the right thing to do, right? That’s when I got to know of the very many breakfast options that Guptaji’s family had for breakfast and I was certain of going over for breakfast to their place because when Kellogg’s is here, one must never fear. Guptaji’s family had amazing breakfast options to choose from. There were over 100 breakfast options, I was surprised.

There was this one particular recipe “Passing the Parcel Wala Naashta” that I absolutely loved at Guptaji’s palace. It was healthy and not heavy, just how I like my breakfast to be. It had cornflakes, deseeded custard apple pulp and chopped walnuts, all with cold milk. Milk is very important part of the breakfast, I make it a point to always drink a glass of milk before leaving the house. We all are aware of how essential milk is for our bones. Besides it also included custard apple, which I absolutely love. What it also included was walnut which is very good for our brains and you do require some brain supplements to bear with all the boring lectures in college, don’t you? Also, it had my favorite cornflakes- Kellogg’s Cornflakes. It is healthy and very nutritious. It is also yummy at the same time. I loved the breakfast at Guptaji’s family, I am so going there soon to try out the other breakfast option. I would also love to try “First Crush Wala Nashta” It has chocolate both dark chocolate and milk chocolate is what I have heard, yummy! Can’t wait to go to Guptaji’s house for some yummy and healthy breakfast.

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Monday, 16 March 2015


Hi all!

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So I have already told you all about the poor state of my hair before taking the #HappyHairChallenge with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition in the previous post. I, to be very honest had given up on my hair. I had tried everything that one possibly can but with no improvement so that’s when Garnier came up with this happy hair challenge and I was like why not?

No tall claims here, I am only depicting my actual hair condition. Garnier did take care of my hair as it had promised. It completely changed my frizzy hair to smooth and manageable hair. A month back when I took up this challenge my hair was frizzy, rough, dry and it had split-ends as well. And today after a month of using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition my hair is much much better. It’s more like my hair has undergone some medical treatment and Dr. Garnier’s operation was successful.

It actually feels nothing less than a miracle. It’s amazing how with the use of this shampoo and conditioner I have been getting compliments for my hair. My hair feels a lot stronger too. My hair’s fizziness seems to have disappeared. I don’t even fight split-ends anymore. My hair feels a lot smoother and manageable. My hair isn’t completely straight. It’s straight on the top and wavy towards the end, Garnier very well has defined those waves and has given my hair a perfect look.

I absolutely love my hair and how I get all the compliments for my hair. Thanks Garnier for taking care. Now I can have all the Instagram uploads with #Goodhairday, yayy! 

Saturday, 14 March 2015


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Times spent with our loved ones are always memorable and very special. When you are around the people you love and the people you like, there is a different spirit of optimism in you. They are all good and positive vibes. That is why whenever I’m low or need some inspiration I go to the one I love the most, my mother.
Okay so my mother is my everything. She is my best friend, my mentor, my guide and my inspiration. She motivates me every time I have a downfall. I know if I have had a bad day, my mother’s smile is going to make it all fine. Her few words of motivation will get me back to my optimistic self. Whenever I tell her that there is something that I find very difficult or something that I don’t think is within my reach, all that she tells me is that I know you can and you will. This trust of hers in me is what my motivation is. This trust of hers is what keeps me motivated, it’s a feeling of assurance that happen what it may, my mother is always going to be there for me. She is the one who will be with me through my thick and my thin.
Well, there have been so many instances where I have almost given up and my mother like a source of hope, a ray of inspiration has guided me and given me the strength to carry on. The most memorable time I spent with my mother was when we had gone to Mahabaleshwar. It was just the two of us who had gone for this as the others were all busy with work. Usually my mother is so busy doing the household chores that there is very little time that we get to have such discussions. Although the fact remains that every time I need some support or any sort of guidance, my mother is always there for me. But that day was very special. My mother that day spoke her heart out, she told me how she was exactly like me, scared and afraid of failure. She told me that how life had taught her to become stronger than all her weaknesses and all her sorrows. She told me how life is a battle. Of the very many inspirational things that she told me the one that has remained with me forever is that most of our problems are struck between mind and matter. If we don’t mind, it won’t matter. What that means is that we need to have a very positive outlook to our life. If we only sit and count the sorrows in our life, we are wasting on those moments of joy.

This optimism in me comes from my mother. She in the true sense is my motivation and my inspiration. I am optimistic when she is there with me, when she is around and when we are #together J

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Hello folks!
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Life has various lessons to teach. Every hour or maybe every minute there is a new learning. A learning that will help you grow and a learning that will help you become a better person.
What I have learnt from life is that grow, change and become stronger than what you were yesterday. What I earlier used to wonder was that is change good? Is it a good thing to change? Well, I have pretty much found an answer to my question. Change is the only thing that is constant in life. People change, things change and circumstances too. If there are bad times they will soon change to good. If there are sad days they will soon change to happy. Also, good times don’t remain forever. What is important in life is to constantly adapt such changes and become a better and a stronger person.

Of the many lessons that life has taught me. Here is one that completely changed my outlook to life. It changed everything. When you are growing up, there are many things that you need and many that you want. Well, not everybody is Ambani’s son, not everybody gets what they want easily. Not everyone is born with a golden spoon. There are people like you and me, who have to strive hard to get what they want. Common people as we are called, we have enough to satisfy our needs but not our wants. So, here is how my story of #StartANewLife:

One fine day I come back home tired from college. I expect to get some lunch but what I get instead is a long lecture, you don’t want to hear yet another lecture after sitting for hours together in college. So the whole argument was about the new Macbook that I wanted. All I wanted was to be a part of the so called group, peer pressure is what some call it. I needed or rather wanted a Macbook despite having bought a new laptop just about 2 months back only so that I too could show-off. So my mother went about telling me that how my demands were unreasonable and how we were a common man who have to strive hard to earn their daily bread, etc. What pinched me of all the things that she said or rather now I can say what hit the right cord she was telling me that, I will not understand because the money is not going out of my pocket!

That is when I decide that I am going to work and earn myself enough money to buy that Macbook I wanted. As I was in my last year, I took up the job soon after I finished my finals whereas this differed from the plan I had made earlier. My plan earlier  was to go to Goa but well Macbook was my motivation and more than anything else I wanted to prove to my mother or rather to myself that I can work and earn enough to afford a Macbook. I worked and today I have a Macbook, yayy! Today, I do understand the importance of money and what it is to work and this is how I brought about a change in my life, a change for good I can call it with pride.

Well I won't deny that I did take offense then but going to think of it now maybe it was needed. I needed that push to bring about a change and to #StartANewLife. Thanks Mom for bringing about that change in me J

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Friday, 6 March 2015


Hello folks!
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What according to you truly makes a baby happy? Is it their full tummy or is it the fun things that they keep doing? One thing that I am sure of is that what makes me very happy is to see a baby smile. I absolutely love kids. I love how innocent they are, how they can make you smile when you are in your deepest of thoughts, how they are not affected by the happenings of the world and how they have a charm of their own.

Well there are quite a few things that make a baby happy. Sweet and silly things that they do brings them great joy. My mother tells me of the silly things that I did when I was a kid and I get so embarrassed. As a kid I really liked dancing, well I still do but back then I would dance to anything and everything. So the silliest thing that I did was dancing to a Bhajan. (Don’t judge me, I was a kid) The other very silly thing that I did and I am still teased for was for this one concert. So what happened was I was only 3 years old and there was a concert in my building for which I was supposed to dress my like a Gujarati Bride, all the other kids had participated too and they were dressed as brides. All that I was supposed to say was that I am a Gujarati Bride and I ended up saying I am a GujalaTi Bhai. Every time I see the recording or rather I am forced to see it, I feel so embarrassed but yet at the same time happy. So the joys of a kid or rather as a kid are totally different. It’s amazing how as a kid we have so much more fun and don’t even realize we are making memories. On growing up what we miss out on is those sweet and silly moments as we are so conscious about what we are doing and what the others would think that we stop living for ourselves. We live a life that would not please us but the one that would please the world.

Well for a baby there are a few things that are to be kept in mind. It is important to ensure that a baby has a good night sleep so that he can wake up fresh and cheerful the next morning. For a baby to have a good night sleep it’s important that he doesn’t sleep empty stomach and also has a dry diaper. This need of a dry diaper is taken care by Pampers Dry Pants which promises dryness for the baby inside and outside. So let your kid make the best of the memories for it is now that they can have the best time of their life and cherish such memories when they grow up.

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Thursday, 5 March 2015


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Optimism is positivity. It is looking at things differently, looking at them in a way that would make you happy, that would make the world happy. Optimism is a way of living. It takes a lot of positive thinking and a lot of time and learning to become an optimist.
There will be a lot of people who would want to pull you down, who would not want to see you succeed. There is a lot of negativity, a lot of pessimists who would want to see you fall. An optimist is someone who rises above all of this. Who sees things differently, in a way that would make a better living.
Small things also bring about positivity like my Mother’s smile. Every time I come home tired and I see my Mother smiling makes me happy and it actually rejuvenates my being. Her smile is so positive and it gives such positive vibes and a sense of assurance that no matter what I am always there with you. Without her actually having to say that, her smile says it all.

It was just recently that I had almost given up but then My Mother said that I was stronger than this. These defeats cannot and should not defeat me, my optimistic self. So it was for this Table Tennis Match that I had been preparing since months. I had followed a proper regimen set by my instructor and did everything that I needed to win the match. It was an interschool match, it meant a lot to me because this was one of the very few times I participated in a sports event. (Sports was not my thing)
Just one day before the match I got to know that my opponent was a state level player. I thought it wasn’t fair. I should have been informed earlier. I accepted defeat even before playing the match. I thought there was no point playing a match that I was so certain of losing. I decided to quit. To that my Mother shrugged, she said that I was being foolish. She said that I cannot accept defeat so easily. I cannot be so negative about this match. She told me that I cannot be a Quitter. She forced me to play the match. She said no problem if you lose but at least you will be satisfied that you tried.
I played the match. Although I did not win the match because hey not all stories have happy endings but yes I was satisfied after playing the match as I just missed it by one point. I thought it would be a very bad defeat but losing to a state level player by just one point is a big thing, at least for me it was and the credit of this optimistic me goes to my Mother of course.

I have learnt optimism from my Mother, it is she who has taught me that life is not only about winning but trying. Life is to live, try, win or sometimes even fail but never quit because “Quitters never win and winners never quit.”

Saturday, 28 February 2015


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What makes a house a home, it is the family of course! It might sound cliché but whatever or rather whoever I am today is only because of my family. They have taught me how to live, how to grow and how to become self- reliant.

The person who has taught me to grow and become a better, more self- reliant person in the true sense would be my sister. Well to brief you guys up I am the youngest in my family. So obviously pampering and extra care comes naturally. Everyone in the family is very protective about me. Its love they say, well I too agree. I am not like those nasty kids who would call my family’s love a torture or any sort of restriction because I know of how much they love me and care for me. Yes, I too love them equally or maybe more.

Okay so why do I say that it is my sister who has taught me how to grow and become a better, more self- reliant person is because she is the one who has been with me through my thick and thin. She has not only been like a sister to me but more like a friend. The best part about her is that she understands when I need her to be around me and when I need that space. If I need her to be with me, she would leave all her work and ensure that I have her and if I want to go in that DND (Do Not Disturb Me) zone, she won’t intervene my privacy. I sometimes wonder how is she so perfect!
She is just perfect, you know! She gets me all the latest clothes only so that I too can be fashion forward. She takes me to the best of the restaurants. She makes me do craziest of things and gives me the liberty to do what I want. If I ever happen to come home late then it is she who would ensure that Mom doesn’t lose her calm. She knows me better than anybody else.

She not only helps with my personal issues but she very well understands or at least pretends to understand my study related struggle (well, struggle is the only word that I can think of right now with my exams being just round the corner).

So my sister has helped me become a better person by always being with me, by always guiding and supporting me and also by helping me discriminate between what is right and wrong. She is my Fashion Advisor, My Friend, My Partner in Crime, My Mentor or simply put MY EVERYTHING.

I am so going to make her read this post, who knows she might just decide to take me shopping (I need new shoes anyway :P) Well thanks sister for guiding me and encouraging me to become a better, more self- reliant person.

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Quikr NXT is not just an online selling website, it’s a lot more than just this. Quikr NXT has completely changed the way of buying and selling. No more stereo typical scrap guys coming home to take the old stuff and no more just buying online. With Quikr NXT one can, not just buy online but also sell online and that too at such amazing prices. It’s a perfect matchmaker of a buyer and seller, isn’t it?
Well matchmaking reminds me that on Quikr NXT one can even have access to various services like matrimony, plumbing, etc. Adding a cherry to the cake is the latest Quikr NXT, it allows buyers and sellers to chat on Quikr NXT and fix their deal there and then. This not only saves the cost of both the buyer and seller but it also provides other benefits like that of sharing pictures, saving chat history, amongst many others.
Also what is amazing about this online selling site is its app- mobile app. So, it goes without saying that we are overly attached to our phones so a mobile app like this enables us to buy and sell so conveniently.
Your car is giving you too much trouble? You have hundreds of cars honking after the signal has turned green but wait your car doesn’t realise and just doesn’t budge. So what do you do? Here comes our saviour, our Quikr, well the great Quikr NXT.
All you have to do is put a picture of your old car online. This you can also do through the Quikr NXT mobile app or alternatively through the mobile site from your mobile phones. Well you could even use their desktop site to do the same. So after the picture is put, description is given voila you are all set to bid adieu to that old car of yours. Wondering what’s next?
You will have various buyers who will try to reach you for the purchase of the car. With the latest Quikr NXT, you can chat online with the buyers and fix the deal there and then. Once the deal is done. You are all set to welcome home a new car, the one that budges and doesn’t make you an object of ridicule at that signal after it has turned green.
So finally with the help of Quikr NXT, one can browse through a variety of cars and choose the best one according to one’s needs and wants. After the selection is done, approaching the seller comes next. Drop a message on Quikr NXT and you could even ask for other product specifications, pictures, etc on the same. Fix the deal at the best price and there you’re holding the keys of your new car.
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Friday, 20 February 2015


Hair care, hair spa, best shampoo and the best conditioner, did it all? Still no improvement in your hair condition?
Well then we are in the same boat my fiend! I have done it all, like literally all of it. From using the best of the shampoos, to spending hours at the salon, I have tried it all but no my hair just refuses to be nice. I wait for that day when I can upload a picture of mine on Instagram with #Goodhairday, when will that day come oh lord?

So telling you in detail about how the state of my hair state actually is:
It is very dull, so dull that despite putting a full bottle of serum on my hair there will be no shine, just imagine!
Rough hair and split-ends are every girls dilemma. I am no exception, my hair is rough and I too am fighting split-ends.
But well this is not as severe as the frizziness in my hair is. My hair is extremely frizzy. Just recently I got my hair straightened for my brother's sangeet from a salon and believe me it didn't even stay for an hour. I had to go with my usual frizzy and unmanageable hair for such a close family function, how worse could this get? So yes, the biggest hair challenge that I currently am facing is frizzy and dry hair.
Well hair fall was an issue until I started taking my Mother's advise seriously and started doing champi (oil massage).

Frizzy hair - Check!
Rough hair- Check!
Dull hair- Check!
Split-ends- There!
Unmanageable hair- Yes, Check!
Happy Hair? - Well, no!

I can take this no more. I am going to take the happy hair challenge and soon going to eliminate those hair problems from my checklist and it is Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition that will help me win this, Garnier will take care I am sure :)

I am ready for the #HappyHairChallenge, are you?

Sunday, 1 February 2015


Quikr has changed the way of buying and selling. It has not only entered the minds of the young but very prominently it has changed the age old mind-set. It is not just famous or used among the youngsters but everybody is familiar with how it works and very well understands why it is better to sell on Quikr and not to any local scrap dealer. Not just selling but buying is also very convenient with Quikr. Now Quikr has come out with Quikr NXT- a latest feature which allows buyers and sellers to connect with each other over chat.

If you are wondering and are sceptical about its use, let me tell you how it works and how this feature is better than having to call, message, whatsapp, mail or viber.
  • With the latest feature which allows the buyer and seller to chat with each other, one can save a lot on their mobile bill. Well yes, it pretty much saves that cost. I remember having put up an Ad for selling my old tablet on Quikr. The price I quoted for it was INR 4000 but in the end what I got was INR 3700. So many prospective buyers gave calls and to follow up I too had to make those calls and thus incur this cost. However with this latest feature wherein you can chat with your buyer or seller there will be no such additional cost. (Wondering why didn’t this feature come earlier L)
  • Also the major benefit of this new feature of being able to chat is that you can preserve the chat history. It is very important to have all in writing, isn’t that why we have those contracts and all of that? So when one purchases or sells something online, it is equally important to have the final deal in writing be it in form of a chat it is still better than an oral one over a call.
  •  What I like about Quikr NXT is that it helps protect the privacy of both the buyer and seller. Well today the growing online business has well made a mark in the field of commerce but with it, it has given birth to a lot of stalkers. So with this feature of chatting on Quikr one need not reveal their mobile numbers and then block those who just messaged on whatsapp because they had nothing better to do. Herein it’s going to strictly be business, how you would like it to be. Finalize the deal over a chat on Quikr and then go about the delivering, etc.
  •  This feature also confines the buying and selling to just Quikr. Not always can you talk about the sale of your old sofa. It wouldn’t be the best time to entertain such phone calls or the prospective buyers during meetings or when you are along with your friends. So Quikr very well understands that and thus this new feature.
Quikr NXT has made buying and selling online easier and more hassle free.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Hi all!
I have rather been quite or haven't found the need to speak about who I am. Neither any description nor any identity revealed so far. Well with this amazing campaign by BlogAdda, I have finally found an opportunity to tell you guys a little about myself :)

Well if you're wondering what particularly has been the reason of this hidden identity? Let me tell you that I have always believed that there is a lot more to a person than any of what is mentioned in the descriptions or any such about me sections.

This Campaign by BlogAdda emphasizes this fact in particular and asks us (women) to take stand against one-dimensional labels to which each one of us have been subjected to some time or the other.

#UseYourAnd is my stand against the same. Well to brief you all, I am a young writer and have great interest in fashion. I love to keep myself updated with the latest in fashion. I am crazy about Bollywood, starstruck to quite an extent. I can dance to the craziest of Bollywood songs.
With this keen interest in fashion and writing I started this blog and not just that I also own a business, a small online business though. Trinket Treasures India (my business on Instagram) was an outcome of this love for accessories and fashion. On Trinket Treasures we (me and my friend along with whom I'm doing this) sell accessories and have plans to further grow this business.
Okay so that's about my interest in fashion and Bollywood. Before you start getting any ideas and try to categorize me under those one-dimensional labels let me also tell you all that I am a Finance Student. Finance was purely my choice. I haven't been forced into this or something in case that is what you thought.

I am a Finance Student And Fashion Blogger And Bollywood Fanatic. Because we women are not limited to just one thing.

This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus

Friday, 23 January 2015


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The season of love has begun, I see everybody around me already making plans for Valentine's Day. You won't believe the other day when I was at a restaurant and I heard a couple, they would be in their late 60's planning their Valentine's Day. This made me wonder that is love all about showing and confessing? Is love all about Valentine's Day Celebration?

Love is a very strong emotion. It has a lot of power. It is not just said that loves makes a person blind but well in my opinion it takes away all the senses. Love is beautiful. I earlier used to think that it is not necessary to show every emotion. It is not important to let the world know and put up a show is what I always thought. I had my own reasons. But with time I have realized that love is not just about caring and all, it's a lot more. Yes I however still do go by the fact that love is in the heart and caring for the other is utmost important. But what I have realized is that confessing your love is equally important, for the world should know. (Kyunki Pyaar kiya toh Darna kya?)

Getting all inspiration from that cute old couple in the restaurant whose conversation I eavesdropped :P and from everybody around me. Well also from my sister who got married just a year back and has so much planned for her hubby for the Valentine's Day. I have decided that I am going to make this Valentine's Day big. Big for the two of us, big for our love and big because I want the world to know that hey I am not putting up a show its real love and shiz you know. I have planned to confess my love to my crush this Valentine's Day (Yayy, can't wait)

Here is what I have planned - I am going to take my crush to his favorite restaurant for a candle light dinner, as cliche as it may sound but I am going to stick to this old age formula that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So a dinner date with him would be perfect. Well since I have decided to go all the way out to show my love, the best is yet to come. I have decided to call all our friends post our dinner at the beach side (for he loves beaches) and I have decided to light a lantern which would say "I love you" and make a wish of togetherness and then watch it go up in the evening sky along with him. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? It may sound picked straight from a Karan Johar Film but this is how I would like my Love Story to begin, a typical Dharma Production it may be. That's about it :)

NOTE FOR ALL READERS: This post is purely for the above mentioned campaign and all the characters mentioned herein are fictitious.


Hello lovelies!
It's simple, you hate that pimple and how you wish you rather had a dimple. You want all the praise and wouldn't mind a few who chase those dimples and you would mind if someone even mentioned those pimples because it's simple you don't like pimple, you just don't like pimple.

Well that is everybody's story, no? Who doesn't like to be complimented about having a clear skin and not being told to do this and that and everything possible to get rid of those pimples. Mind it, nobody likes them. They are a part of growing up and they are natural. So what do you do? Don't take that criticism from any X Y or Z. Rather take this advise from Me :)

Pimples on ones face can lower your morale from 100 to merely 0, I am certain many of you all would agree with me on this. Be it in college, be it for any gathering, be it at work you don't like how the topic shifts from your work pace to those pimples on your face. However it is said that it is the inner beauty that is to be judged and not a person's outer being but how many actually implement this?

Okay let's be honest, say if you are to choose between two girls who are willing to come with you for a prom. (Readers, please note this is a fictitious example. The reality differs as you all know :P) Wouldn't you want to go with that pretty girl rather the one who has pimples, no it's not about being judgmental but it's just that if you were to make a choice, you would judge the outer beauty first. 

Not just that but nobody who has pimples likes them either. They too want to get rid of them. There is a lot that goes in for getting rid of those pimples like putting scrub, pack, diet, no oily food, yoga and blah and blah. 

Neem Face Wash - Product Image
Okay so I am not here to make any tall claims of this product giving you 100% results or anything of that sort but here is just a little piece of advise and a personal experience that I wish to share with you all.

This product, Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash is currently my personal favorite. I have plenty of reasons as to why I am all up for this product and why would I strongly recommend it. 

Talking about why this product would be best for anybody who has pimple problems or even suitable for a normal skin type simply because it has the power to fight germs, pollution and remove excess oil. 

This face wash is better than any other product that claims to be anti pimples because it has "Dadi Maa ka Nuska" Yes! Neem is a natural ingredient and I have had my Grand Maa telling me this n number of times, put neem for your pimples. To an extent she has even made a pack for me and has also made me neem juice. (Eww.. I threw more than half of it. Sorry Grand Maa but it was just not getting down my throat) But don't fear, Garnier is here. Along with goodness of nature Neem Leaf Extracts, it contains Tea Tree Oil Extracts which again is very beneficial for ones skin. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? No need to be having that bitter neem juice and you won't even get a pinch on your pocket for having to buy the best of the tea tree oil, this product has everything that your skin requires to get rid of those pimples.

The most common problems relating to pimples are-
  • Oily skin which looks so ugly, don't you all agree? 
  • Marks- you don't like how it hides the glow on your face because all that people actually notice are those marks
  • Redness- you want your skin to glow and be red but definitely not with pimples.
Here is a solution to all these problems it is this Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash. It not only removes the excess oil causing those pimples but also helps get rid of marks. Besides, this cleansing face wash removes all the germs causing these pimples (makes complete sense to cut the root of all problems, right?) Not just that but also helps fight pollution by deep cleansing all pores to remove impurities that pollution cause as Garnier understands that you like those outings with your bae as much as you love your skin so go ahead and have all the fun and when you're home don't forget to use this amazing face wash

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


People come, people go! All they leave back is just a show. This legend - The Great Indian Litterbug has left a mark everywhere (well literally). He had a big army, an army of millions of people. He led with the principle of no wall should be left clean and no road tidy. This legend left us many years ago but never let his memories go. His army still leads his chosen path, stronger than ever before.

This army is increasing its weapons with every soldier joining the army. If you are wondering what their weapons are and how destructive are they? They are litters on the floor, the spits on the wall and the waste on the road. With every soldier joining the army, the number of weapons are increasing and so is the threat. 

This army of Litterbug is a threat to the nation. Worried is our Government that these weapons of the army might have our nation at stake. This army attacks the nation every now and then, they are more dangerous than any terrorist groups. They are traitors. They are our own people wanting to cause destruction to their own land. They don't like how the Taj Mahal is still white and they would rather want to have two Red Forts than one. They want to paint the world red. They want their names to show everywhere, on the wall of Lal Qila and letting the world know that Ram still loves Leela.

While the Prime Minister himself has started a movement against this army of The Swach Bharat Abhyan and has nominated various influential people to join hands in this movement for a better and a cleaner India. Determined is the army, we won't let our legend die, we won't let The Great Indian Litterbug's teaching go waste. Long live our legend, long live his teaching.

Throwing garbage on the road, spitting on the walls, reading that sticking bills on the wall is not allowed is ignored by a spit, kids are taught to be careful of the banana peels on the road, why aren't the elders shouted at for throwing them on the road? Throwing those packet of chips and chocolates on the road because the dustbin seemed miles apart, is that the thing to do? Talk about civilization and westernization on one hand and litter from the other. Mind it, in western countries even the dogs are not allowed to pee on the road forget humans. 

Hey wait! Looks like the Government too has joined hands with this army? There is some "Garbar", No? Then why do the Police men spit on the road?

On a serious note, this Legend's army has to come to on end. The legend is gone, it's time his army is also eradicated. The PM has started this mass movement, make sure you participate too. 
Bye Bye The Great Indian Litterbug. You're gone now it's time we send your men home. 
Pledge for a cleaner India, a better living and a better India.

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