Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Hi all!

We are all living in an era where we give a lot of importance to the virtual word. Internet, mobile phones, computers and laptops are like a different world on their own and it is this world where most of us like to spend our valuable time of late. There are very many reasons as to why we have got so addicted to this virtual world. We prefer being on our mobile phones than interacting with friends even when we are out. At home you will find everyone stuck to their laptops or computers.

I sometimes wonder as to what is this constant need to be social at all times? Little do we actually realize that while we are trying to be all social and trying to connect with others, we are actually missing out on connecting with people who are there with us. These days although we see people going out together but where do they actually bond with each other?

In my opinion this isn’t real togetherness. Snapping everything, putting Instagram posts, checking in on Facebook, chatting with other friends on mobile phones and everything else is just with an urge or a constant need of being called “SOCIAL”. The true moments of joy are the ones where you actually forget to even look at your phones.

Real togetherness in my opinion is when group of friends meet and probably either surrender their phones or leave them at home. Having a walk by the beach in complete peace or simply meeting someone over a cup of coffee and discussing life in true sense and not in the virtual sense is real togetherness. Being close to the nature can actually work best when you want to spend time with someone in the true sense.

Arranging for a trek, going for a wildlife safari and other such fun activities are not just thrilling but also give an experience to remember for life time and this kind of an experience is way better than that the one any of the uploads or the posts of the virtual world can give.

No doubt about the fact that there is a lot that one can do with the help of the internet. It is actually possible to conquer the world in the true sense with the help of internet. Right from where to go, how to go, everything can be found out with the click of few buttons. However it’s said everything has its limit and when that is respected and taken care of life is a lot easier.

So that is what we should do, we should know how to make use of the internet for our benefit but at the same time it’s important that we do not get so addicted to it that we cannot give time to more valuable things in life like for example spending quality time with your loved ones.


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