Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Hello everybody!
I am certain that shopping just alone doesn't make me happy but there are many many more like me! When we can do tickets, passport, results, admissions and so many government services online then why not shopping? Shopping online is sooo easy. It provides utmost convenience to shoppers. You like it, you just have to click on it and voila it's yours!

I would rather say why won't you shop online? You can comfortably sit in your Pjs and browse the online shopping sites and very conveniently have your pick. You can order everything and anything you wish online; be it clothes, shoes, books, home decor, accessories, everything that you would want.
You can look up so many sites and then have your pick unlike otherwise where you get tired or quite often embarrassed to go about searching for what you want.  (I know how it is when you want to buy but you're like Umm... let me look for more options) The best part being it gets delivered at your doorstep.
There are sites that even allow you to try out stuff before purchasing them. What you can do is order a thing in different sizes and colors and they will all be delivered right at your doorstep and then you can accordingly choose. Sites such as and are the few that I know about.
Not just this, there are sites offering in a day deliver like and
What I like the most are the heavy discounts that one gets while shopping online! Be it on pizzas or clothes, there are discounts always available. Most of these sites also have points that can be redeemed and cashbacks.There is a sale almost always! :P And yes if you've subscribed to their newsletters then your inbox is sure to be flooding with discounts and various coupons.

Here is a tiny list of my favourite online shopping sites and also why I like'em, have a look! (This list is purely based on my experience and of only those online shopping sites through which I have purchased.)
1. Myntra ( It has awesome discounts and a sale almost always. Great service and timely delivery. They also add points to your account on every purchase which can later be redeemed.
2. Flipkart ( Newly launched Flipkart First Service provides various benefits such as free shipping, discounted in a day deliveryand many more  to it's Flipkart First Customers (I am one of them but I haven't yet used this service of theirs)
3. Lenskart ( Great service and also provides great discounts. A must try!
These three are my favourites! Besides these I have also bought from Ebay and Amazon- my experience was just about okay! Ordering online for pizzas and burgers goes without mention! We get such great deals.

So yes, this was about it! For all those who haven't yet bought anything online, here is why you should definitely try it out and for those who keep shopping online this post was only to tell you all to continue doing so!
Ciao! Keep Reading and Commenting :) 

Thursday, 12 June 2014


Hey all!
I don't know why most men think that women are complicated? Women, in my opinion are the most sorted creatures ever! Yeah, then what? What more than a credit card do they even ask for? 

To make it even simpler, here is all that a woman wants to do:
1. Shop when she is happy; that's her way of celebrating.
2. Shop when she is sad; shopping is way cheaper than hiring a psychiatrist.
3. Shop when she is lonely; men have no time.
4. Shop when she is tired; works best for her (nobody should have a problem with that)
5. Shop when she feels like it!
6. Shop because...Umm... (Not everything has an answer)
So, yes! It's that simple. 

Now that everyone has got your point ladies, go treat yourself to a little retail therapy. Get going :)

P.S: A post on online shopping is what I'm currently working on. Do come back to read it.