Tuesday, 24 March 2015


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We all know and most of us would agree that breakfast is a very important meal of the day. We start our day with breakfast and hence it becomes very important to have a good meal at the start of the day. Also there is a saying that eat your breakfast like a king and your dinner like a pauper. It being the first meal of the day, it has to be healthy and also it must be filling. It is from breakfast that we get energy to do our daily chores and with a proper breakfast we can kick start our day with full energy.
Well, I am a college student and thus there is a lot of running around. Right from college to classes and then with friends. There are days when I might have to even skip my lunch and hence it becomes very important to have a good breakfast. A breakfast with all the right nutrients that would help me stay strong and healthy the entire day. However my mom makes my breakfast too heavy, Parathas with a lot of ghee is not something you would want to have early in the morning. All though it maybe nutritious but it becomes very heavy that instead of going for lectures, I prefer staying at home and sleeping. :-P

So what does one do? Skip breakfast? No, that’s not the right thing to do, right? That’s when I got to know of the very many breakfast options that Guptaji’s family had for breakfast and I was certain of going over for breakfast to their place because when Kellogg’s is here, one must never fear. Guptaji’s family had amazing breakfast options to choose from. There were over 100 breakfast options, I was surprised.

There was this one particular recipe “Passing the Parcel Wala Naashta” that I absolutely loved at Guptaji’s palace. It was healthy and not heavy, just how I like my breakfast to be. It had cornflakes, deseeded custard apple pulp and chopped walnuts, all with cold milk. Milk is very important part of the breakfast, I make it a point to always drink a glass of milk before leaving the house. We all are aware of how essential milk is for our bones. Besides it also included custard apple, which I absolutely love. What it also included was walnut which is very good for our brains and you do require some brain supplements to bear with all the boring lectures in college, don’t you? Also, it had my favorite cornflakes- Kellogg’s Cornflakes. It is healthy and very nutritious. It is also yummy at the same time. I loved the breakfast at Guptaji’s family, I am so going there soon to try out the other breakfast option. I would also love to try “First Crush Wala Nashta” It has chocolate both dark chocolate and milk chocolate is what I have heard, yummy! Can’t wait to go to Guptaji’s house for some yummy and healthy breakfast.

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Monday, 16 March 2015


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So I have already told you all about the poor state of my hair before taking the #HappyHairChallenge with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition in the previous post. I, to be very honest had given up on my hair. I had tried everything that one possibly can but with no improvement so that’s when Garnier came up with this happy hair challenge and I was like why not?

No tall claims here, I am only depicting my actual hair condition. Garnier did take care of my hair as it had promised. It completely changed my frizzy hair to smooth and manageable hair. A month back when I took up this challenge my hair was frizzy, rough, dry and it had split-ends as well. And today after a month of using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition my hair is much much better. It’s more like my hair has undergone some medical treatment and Dr. Garnier’s operation was successful.

It actually feels nothing less than a miracle. It’s amazing how with the use of this shampoo and conditioner I have been getting compliments for my hair. My hair feels a lot stronger too. My hair’s fizziness seems to have disappeared. I don’t even fight split-ends anymore. My hair feels a lot smoother and manageable. My hair isn’t completely straight. It’s straight on the top and wavy towards the end, Garnier very well has defined those waves and has given my hair a perfect look.

I absolutely love my hair and how I get all the compliments for my hair. Thanks Garnier for taking care. Now I can have all the Instagram uploads with #Goodhairday, yayy! 

Saturday, 14 March 2015


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Times spent with our loved ones are always memorable and very special. When you are around the people you love and the people you like, there is a different spirit of optimism in you. They are all good and positive vibes. That is why whenever I’m low or need some inspiration I go to the one I love the most, my mother.
Okay so my mother is my everything. She is my best friend, my mentor, my guide and my inspiration. She motivates me every time I have a downfall. I know if I have had a bad day, my mother’s smile is going to make it all fine. Her few words of motivation will get me back to my optimistic self. Whenever I tell her that there is something that I find very difficult or something that I don’t think is within my reach, all that she tells me is that I know you can and you will. This trust of hers in me is what my motivation is. This trust of hers is what keeps me motivated, it’s a feeling of assurance that happen what it may, my mother is always going to be there for me. She is the one who will be with me through my thick and my thin.
Well, there have been so many instances where I have almost given up and my mother like a source of hope, a ray of inspiration has guided me and given me the strength to carry on. The most memorable time I spent with my mother was when we had gone to Mahabaleshwar. It was just the two of us who had gone for this as the others were all busy with work. Usually my mother is so busy doing the household chores that there is very little time that we get to have such discussions. Although the fact remains that every time I need some support or any sort of guidance, my mother is always there for me. But that day was very special. My mother that day spoke her heart out, she told me how she was exactly like me, scared and afraid of failure. She told me that how life had taught her to become stronger than all her weaknesses and all her sorrows. She told me how life is a battle. Of the very many inspirational things that she told me the one that has remained with me forever is that most of our problems are struck between mind and matter. If we don’t mind, it won’t matter. What that means is that we need to have a very positive outlook to our life. If we only sit and count the sorrows in our life, we are wasting on those moments of joy.

This optimism in me comes from my mother. She in the true sense is my motivation and my inspiration. I am optimistic when she is there with me, when she is around and when we are #together J

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


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Life has various lessons to teach. Every hour or maybe every minute there is a new learning. A learning that will help you grow and a learning that will help you become a better person.
What I have learnt from life is that grow, change and become stronger than what you were yesterday. What I earlier used to wonder was that is change good? Is it a good thing to change? Well, I have pretty much found an answer to my question. Change is the only thing that is constant in life. People change, things change and circumstances too. If there are bad times they will soon change to good. If there are sad days they will soon change to happy. Also, good times don’t remain forever. What is important in life is to constantly adapt such changes and become a better and a stronger person.

Of the many lessons that life has taught me. Here is one that completely changed my outlook to life. It changed everything. When you are growing up, there are many things that you need and many that you want. Well, not everybody is Ambani’s son, not everybody gets what they want easily. Not everyone is born with a golden spoon. There are people like you and me, who have to strive hard to get what they want. Common people as we are called, we have enough to satisfy our needs but not our wants. So, here is how my story of #StartANewLife:

One fine day I come back home tired from college. I expect to get some lunch but what I get instead is a long lecture, you don’t want to hear yet another lecture after sitting for hours together in college. So the whole argument was about the new Macbook that I wanted. All I wanted was to be a part of the so called group, peer pressure is what some call it. I needed or rather wanted a Macbook despite having bought a new laptop just about 2 months back only so that I too could show-off. So my mother went about telling me that how my demands were unreasonable and how we were a common man who have to strive hard to earn their daily bread, etc. What pinched me of all the things that she said or rather now I can say what hit the right cord she was telling me that, I will not understand because the money is not going out of my pocket!

That is when I decide that I am going to work and earn myself enough money to buy that Macbook I wanted. As I was in my last year, I took up the job soon after I finished my finals whereas this differed from the plan I had made earlier. My plan earlier  was to go to Goa but well Macbook was my motivation and more than anything else I wanted to prove to my mother or rather to myself that I can work and earn enough to afford a Macbook. I worked and today I have a Macbook, yayy! Today, I do understand the importance of money and what it is to work and this is how I brought about a change in my life, a change for good I can call it with pride.

Well I won't deny that I did take offense then but going to think of it now maybe it was needed. I needed that push to bring about a change and to #StartANewLife. Thanks Mom for bringing about that change in me J

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Friday, 6 March 2015


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What according to you truly makes a baby happy? Is it their full tummy or is it the fun things that they keep doing? One thing that I am sure of is that what makes me very happy is to see a baby smile. I absolutely love kids. I love how innocent they are, how they can make you smile when you are in your deepest of thoughts, how they are not affected by the happenings of the world and how they have a charm of their own.

Well there are quite a few things that make a baby happy. Sweet and silly things that they do brings them great joy. My mother tells me of the silly things that I did when I was a kid and I get so embarrassed. As a kid I really liked dancing, well I still do but back then I would dance to anything and everything. So the silliest thing that I did was dancing to a Bhajan. (Don’t judge me, I was a kid) The other very silly thing that I did and I am still teased for was for this one concert. So what happened was I was only 3 years old and there was a concert in my building for which I was supposed to dress my like a Gujarati Bride, all the other kids had participated too and they were dressed as brides. All that I was supposed to say was that I am a Gujarati Bride and I ended up saying I am a GujalaTi Bhai. Every time I see the recording or rather I am forced to see it, I feel so embarrassed but yet at the same time happy. So the joys of a kid or rather as a kid are totally different. It’s amazing how as a kid we have so much more fun and don’t even realize we are making memories. On growing up what we miss out on is those sweet and silly moments as we are so conscious about what we are doing and what the others would think that we stop living for ourselves. We live a life that would not please us but the one that would please the world.

Well for a baby there are a few things that are to be kept in mind. It is important to ensure that a baby has a good night sleep so that he can wake up fresh and cheerful the next morning. For a baby to have a good night sleep it’s important that he doesn’t sleep empty stomach and also has a dry diaper. This need of a dry diaper is taken care by Pampers Dry Pants which promises dryness for the baby inside and outside. So let your kid make the best of the memories for it is now that they can have the best time of their life and cherish such memories when they grow up.

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Thursday, 5 March 2015


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Optimism is positivity. It is looking at things differently, looking at them in a way that would make you happy, that would make the world happy. Optimism is a way of living. It takes a lot of positive thinking and a lot of time and learning to become an optimist.
There will be a lot of people who would want to pull you down, who would not want to see you succeed. There is a lot of negativity, a lot of pessimists who would want to see you fall. An optimist is someone who rises above all of this. Who sees things differently, in a way that would make a better living.
Small things also bring about positivity like my Mother’s smile. Every time I come home tired and I see my Mother smiling makes me happy and it actually rejuvenates my being. Her smile is so positive and it gives such positive vibes and a sense of assurance that no matter what I am always there with you. Without her actually having to say that, her smile says it all.

It was just recently that I had almost given up but then My Mother said that I was stronger than this. These defeats cannot and should not defeat me, my optimistic self. So it was for this Table Tennis Match that I had been preparing since months. I had followed a proper regimen set by my instructor and did everything that I needed to win the match. It was an interschool match, it meant a lot to me because this was one of the very few times I participated in a sports event. (Sports was not my thing)
Just one day before the match I got to know that my opponent was a state level player. I thought it wasn’t fair. I should have been informed earlier. I accepted defeat even before playing the match. I thought there was no point playing a match that I was so certain of losing. I decided to quit. To that my Mother shrugged, she said that I was being foolish. She said that I cannot accept defeat so easily. I cannot be so negative about this match. She told me that I cannot be a Quitter. She forced me to play the match. She said no problem if you lose but at least you will be satisfied that you tried.
I played the match. Although I did not win the match because hey not all stories have happy endings but yes I was satisfied after playing the match as I just missed it by one point. I thought it would be a very bad defeat but losing to a state level player by just one point is a big thing, at least for me it was and the credit of this optimistic me goes to my Mother of course.

I have learnt optimism from my Mother, it is she who has taught me that life is not only about winning but trying. Life is to live, try, win or sometimes even fail but never quit because “Quitters never win and winners never quit.”