Saturday, 16 September 2017


Hello lovely readers,
This post is concerning a global issue and unlike most of these issues, this global problem has finally got an easy solution and guess what I am going to be revealing it right here in this post.

I am talking about the ever increasing Pollution. Enough said, right?

Pollution is no more a problem that we read about in books or just hear about it. Well let’s face it, we live in it practically all the time. Gone are those days where people wanted to start their day by taking a walk in the garden to take in the fresh air. The distance between the parks and people's houses are now enough to suffocate them.

Now what if I told you that Pollution is something that you aren’t just facing as you step down on those busy, noisy, dusty, overcrowded and well certainly polluted streets but also at home.
YES! It’s proven that the air inside our homes can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside and all this while we thought that we were safe at home and breathing fresh air by letting those curtains down and leaving those windows open.

There are so many pollutants that we have indoors leave alone the ones that we face outdoors. Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring pollutant ad can result in sore throat, cough, scratchy eyes and bleeding of nose and this is certainly something we don't intend to see our families suffering with.

We all know what impact bad odour in our houses can have when the guests are over. Spending crazy amount of money on those room fresheners to be able to witness good smell is something we all do lately.

Also our gas stoves, fireplace and heating oil emit a very hazardous gas called Carbon Monoxide. With no intentions to scare my dear readers but indoor pollutant called Radon is the second leading cause for Lung Cancer after Smoking which again if done indoors causes a great deal of indoor pollution. Radon seeps into our homes through foundation cracks.

So by now it’s clear that Indoor Pollution and Odour can be very severe and it is the need of the hour to address this issue. This is why, ASIAN PAINTS has launched ROYALE ATMOS which happens to be the solution to this global problem. Royale Atmos reduces Formaldehyde and also helps in improving air quality within the home as it absorbs select household foul smells.

Royale Atmos is the only paint that comes with a fragrance. Gone are those days when you had to be worry about the chemical smell of paints. With the new Royale Atmos you can paint your house lovely colours and keep your house free Pollution Free.

Genuinely hope that we all switch to a smarter living and realise the need to paint our homes with not just pretty looking designs and colours but also a paint that cares and for me and my family, it has to be Asian Paints.

Thank you Asain Paints for so much care, truly obliged with the new launch Royal Atmos- Finally a paint that cares. visit them to know more 😃

Friday, 3 June 2016


Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

FOR THE YOUTH: Datsun redi-GO from Nissan is a car for the youth. It is a car especially, designed and created for the young, free and the confident youth. The youth of today is brave and liberal and so is this pride of Nissan, the Datsun redi- GO car. As the name suggests this car like the youth of today is always ready to go and rather it is always on the go.

ROBUST APPEARANCE: Created with excellent features and a brilliant design, this car has everything that one can ask for. It is the most budget friendly car designed by Nissan starting at only INR 2.5 lacs. Talking about its exterior, it has a robust appearance as this car comes with a high stance allowing you to enjoy a wider view of the road and the surroundings. Also as this car is especially designed for the youth who believe in the need for speed, the Datsun redi-GO has daytime running lamps which ensures safety of everyone.

FUEL ECONOMIC: In the era where the fuel price is ever increasing and the prices are touching the sky, the Datsun redi-GO is the most economic buy. It is built with a 799cc engine that provides 25.17 kilometer per litre which ensures a great deal of fuel economy. Besides it has an I-SAT (Intelligent Spark Automated Technology) engine which allows riders to have a knocking-free and a smooth ride.

SUPERIOR AIR CONDITIONING: I am a resident of Mumbai and the hot temperature here is always a problem of concern for the residents. To look for an auto rickshaw or walk in the scorching heat is the last thing that one would want to do. Well with Datsun redi-GO no more worrying about the heat. The Datsun redi-GO’s air conditioner has been especially made based on the Indian weather conditions. The cars precisely calculated air circulations makes sure that passengers are comfortable inside without having to worry about the scorching heat outside. Besides the excellent cooling system this car comes with power windows. The switches are located right next to the manual gear which allows the driver as well as the co-driver to operate the power windows with ease.

BOOKING MADE SIMPLE: Pre-bookings of this brilliant car has already begun since May and deliveries are to start soon too by this month i.e. June’16. This car is here to break all the stereo types, just how the youth like it and that’s why this car has an app of its own called The Datsun India App which is available on the Google Play Store. Herein one can book the car and also stay updated with all the latest news about the car. Besides the app one can also book at any of the Nissan Dealerships across India.

The Datsun redi-GO has an excellent exterior. It is the most budget friendly buy and fuel economic. Booking is made super convenient with the launch of The Datsun India App. It also helps Mumbaikars beat the heat in the best possible way.

I would without a doubt want to test the new Datsun redi-GO in my hometown, Mumbai. I am quite content with its features thus I would simply want to test it for having a premium experience and a smooth ride. In Nissan’s pride we trust.


Tuesday, 17 November 2015


As we welcome each new day in our lives, we come across a lot of new people too. Every person we meet or stay in contact with surely teaches us something or the other. Just that we need to keep our eyes and our minds open to be able to see that. Also there is this saying "You meet every person for a reason either it's a blessing or it's a lesson.

Well now that we are to speak of that one person who is #madeofgreat, that is someone who has impacted my life or more so someone who I look up at. That person is my neighbor. So she must be 30 odd and the courage that she has is beyond words.
Some four-five years back she had a major accident after which she couldn't stand up ever again. Her entire family was very disturbed and they went to the best of the doctors but to no avail. She was told that she will have to stay on the wheelchair forever now. She and her entire family went through a lot of trauma but she did not give up.

In fact every time I saw her I used to feel sorry for her and showed sympathy but she always had this really wide smile on her face that clearly stated that although I am disabled I am okay and I am not giving up. She did not let her disability put her down. She fought and she still is. Today I see her driving her own car and she has also won Paralympic badminton at a national level.

I always keep wondering that how can someone who has so many difficulties stay this strong? There is so much to learn from her. She in the true sense is #madeofgreat.

#madeofgreat is Tata Motor's campaign in association with Lionel Messi.

To know more about this campaign visit

Friday, 6 November 2015


Hello folks!

Edelweiss has come up with this latest app that helps you trade from your phone. Do you all remember those days when trading used to happen after standing for hours together in queues? Then we slowly drifted to computers and televisions to get to know of the market condition, etc. but now since we are all so busy with our lives that Edelweiss has come up with this new trading mobile application.

So this application by Edelweiss is available for both android and iPhone users it’s called Edelweiss Mobile Trader App. This was launched under the concept of Tap2Trade. So basically you don’t need to wait anymore to open an account or to trade or to know about the Sensex or NIFTY, all of it is available right on your mobile phones. It takes only 60 minutes, yeah just an hour for you to open an account and start trading.

Opening an account usually is a very tedious job to do because of all the formalities and everything but Edelweiss’s mobile app has made that also very easy. Simply by putting your email id and your pan card no the app would fetch all relevant details and then either you can send in your other details by WhatsApp or email or alternatively somebody would come over to get them from you. So convenient isn’t it?

The App is also very user friendly. All the data points are on one screen and there are distinguishes with respect to the current market condition with the help of colors. Green is market share has increased, red is it has gone down and white is when it’s neutral.

An amazing trading app. It is the fastest app that lets you open and account and trade in just 60 minutes. This app was launched by Edelweiss with the hope of encouraging mobile trading and an ambition of making it grow about 8 times in 3 years.

This post has been written for the Edelweiss trading app launch event through BlogAdda

Thursday, 29 October 2015


Hello to all fashionistas!


There is this really cool and happening sundown fashion market that's coming up on the 31st October and the 1st of November, yes that's like the day after.
It's called IN MY BOX, it will be held at Nariman point in Mumbai (Rooftop of Sakhar bhavan banquets, behind Oberoi hotel.) from 4 pm to 10 pm. (Sundown).

If you are probably lazy about this idea and words like a sundown fashion market, cool and happening aren't convincing enough? Then here is something that will definitely make you want to go for this amazing event.
  • There will be workshops
  • Art wars
  • Various pop-up shops
  • Music
  • And and a fashion swap party (sounds all cool, doesn't it?) 
So yes, In my box is bringing to you a concept known as fashion swap party, wherein bring your stuff and exchange them with given designer outfits. What's old is new again. Get rid, get new, go swapping.

So I hope you guys will be going and witnessing this fun event J

Friday, 23 October 2015


Hello everyone!

Well the technology has advanced so much of late that there is an app for almost everything, right from what you want to eat, to what you want to wear, every single thing. Now look at the latest app that’s come- Stayzilla. It is this amazing new app which is available on the Google Play for Android users and also on Play Store for IPhone users. This app works with this principle of MAKING ROOM FOR SOMETHING NEW.

On downloading this app I figured that the very first thing that you have to choose is your profile, if you wish to be a guest or a host or both. In case you wish to be a guest then you simply have to put in your check in and check out dates and you will be allotted a place to stay as per your preference. They also have a “Happy to Help” Stayzilla assistance chat to answer all the queries.

If you pick on being a host then you get to host someone’s stay which could be too much fun. It would be an amazing opportunity to open up to new people, to make new friends, to make conversations with new people and you never know you might just find like-minded people and get to make new and amazing friends.

You can choose from staying in a hotel, a lodge or a guest house and that too at varying prices. You get a varied range to choose from. Booking was never so easy before this. It is now possible to be a guest or a host or both with the help of this amazing app and what’s super cool is that it is available for both android and IPhone users so both can or rather should download this app and make room for something new. J


Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Hi all!

We are all living in an era where we give a lot of importance to the virtual word. Internet, mobile phones, computers and laptops are like a different world on their own and it is this world where most of us like to spend our valuable time of late. There are very many reasons as to why we have got so addicted to this virtual world. We prefer being on our mobile phones than interacting with friends even when we are out. At home you will find everyone stuck to their laptops or computers.

I sometimes wonder as to what is this constant need to be social at all times? Little do we actually realize that while we are trying to be all social and trying to connect with others, we are actually missing out on connecting with people who are there with us. These days although we see people going out together but where do they actually bond with each other?

In my opinion this isn’t real togetherness. Snapping everything, putting Instagram posts, checking in on Facebook, chatting with other friends on mobile phones and everything else is just with an urge or a constant need of being called “SOCIAL”. The true moments of joy are the ones where you actually forget to even look at your phones.

Real togetherness in my opinion is when group of friends meet and probably either surrender their phones or leave them at home. Having a walk by the beach in complete peace or simply meeting someone over a cup of coffee and discussing life in true sense and not in the virtual sense is real togetherness. Being close to the nature can actually work best when you want to spend time with someone in the true sense.

Arranging for a trek, going for a wildlife safari and other such fun activities are not just thrilling but also give an experience to remember for life time and this kind of an experience is way better than that the one any of the uploads or the posts of the virtual world can give.

No doubt about the fact that there is a lot that one can do with the help of the internet. It is actually possible to conquer the world in the true sense with the help of internet. Right from where to go, how to go, everything can be found out with the click of few buttons. However it’s said everything has its limit and when that is respected and taken care of life is a lot easier.

So that is what we should do, we should know how to make use of the internet for our benefit but at the same time it’s important that we do not get so addicted to it that we cannot give time to more valuable things in life like for example spending quality time with your loved ones.