Saturday, 5 September 2015


Genre: Mystery
Duration: 79 minutes
Language: English

This movie by Oorvazi Irani is based on Zoroastrianism, The film is about the journey of a young woman born into Zoroastrianism and how she (Oorvazi Irani who is also the director) lived her life in a remote village for years, secluded from the real life. It is after the death of her grandfather with whom she spent most of her young days that she was left to face the real world. Since she was so attached to her grandfather she did exactly what she was told by him and tried to find the purpose of living. 

Oorvazi did justice to her character. Her voice was very enchanting and signified search very prominently. She tried to find out the purpose of living while trying to discover the path of Zarathustra. Following her grandfather's instructions she gets back to her childhood love Perseus played by Rushad Rana. However his role is minimal since the movie is majorly concentrates on or deals with finding answers to the unanswered questions in the heart and mind of Oorvazi.

The first half of the movie looked promising however the second half failed to leave the impact that the first half did. The second half was rather stretched. While the movie laid down the message that good deeds and good thoughts is what will ultimately lead to a good life had it been put in a better manner would attract more youngsters which might not be the case now. The current screenplay would rather be a little dull to watch especially for the youth. 

This movie is by the Parsi community and very much for the Parsi community. It lays an important message that the Parsi community might perish soon if they continue to go by the rigid policy and norms of their community. Other facts of the Parsi community are put forth nicely and thus it will be informative and inspirational for all Zoroastrians. The movie although wasn't a high budget film the characters do justice to the role. Only if the story was put forth in a manner more acceptable and liked by people these days would it be able to attract more audience. The cast consisted of all new actors and a few theater actors. Actors like Rudash Rana and Tom Alter were present and ofcourse Oorvazi did direction and was also the protagonist.

Overall I would say watch if you are curious to learn and to know about the different cultures and religions (in this case Zoroastrianism) and also if you are one :)