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Before going for any important meeting, any event or any party don't we have a couple of things to check? Right from what to wear. what to carry, if it is for a meeting then ensuring that you have all the important documents and files and if it is for a party then making sure you carry a gift, etc. And when it comes to our Nation doesn't it become important to recheck that check list of ours!
A friend of mine was selected to represent India internationally for a finance event by our College. This event was being hosted in Dubai and there were students from across 20 different countries participating for the same. My friend was one of the lucky ones, although he had had already become a hero by this selection of his among family and friends but he really wanted to win this not just for his sake or for the sake of college but for India, our Nation.
So with great determination he had been preparing for this finance event. This event was held twice previously and both the times we could not win, some blamed the participants, while a few others blamed the casual attitude of Indians towards this event. So this time around everybody had a lot of hopes from my friend was a genius in finance, ask him about share market and he would tell you faster than the time I would take to count form 1 to 10 (NOTE: This simply means that my friend is a genius and NOT that I am dumb, okay?). So yes, we were all hoping that we wins and makes us all proud.
The day of the event arrived, he did an amazing job. He answered all the questions correctly. He made it to the final round; he then had to compete with Australia who had been winning since the past two years. This would be a tough one he thought. Well despite such a tough competition my friend won, yes he did! Our college won! India won!
You know how this was possible not only because he was smart, that's there for sure but also he had proved the Judges wrong as they had expected some dull fellow in his place, who would probably be very lazy, not well dressed and not presentable (especially because of the previous years defeat). To their contrary was this friend of mine, smart (a genius rather), well dressed, highly presentable with a suit coat, clean shaven, formal shoes and stuff. He always preferred to have his beard shaven and especially when it was about his face representing our Desh, he was extra cautious.

Monday, 29 December 2014


Melbourne- The most livable city in the world. This title was bestowed to the capital of Victoria, Australia in the year 2011. This by itself shows that it is the city to die for; it is truly my dream city. I haven't visited Melbourne as yet but I would absolutely love to. For only few have had the fortune of visiting the place while the rest of us still dream to experience the culture the city offers.
It is a tourist paradise; it attracts a lot of tourists every year. Besides it has made a mark in the field of education, entertainment, sports, healthcare, research and development. 
The Melbourne Cricket Ground is the dream of all aspiring cricketers.
Talking about the entertainment industry in Melbourne, Melbourne is often referred to as Australia's cultural capital. Various Australian dance forms like Melbourne Shuffle and New Vogue have been originated in this Cultural Capital.
Melbourne offers you attractions in all manners, from fine dining to local street joints, from hassle free drive to Great Ocean road which lets you enjoy the drive along the sea and yet the city laneways let you enjoy the local culture of the city. 
From Yarra Valley Vineyard to the clubbing and dines, one can fall short of time to live through all aspects of the city. From the bat ball frame to the bowling game, the city offers it all.
Lovers of art, to lovers of street plays we have a place for all is what the city says. Shopaholics to alcoholics, go on as the city has something for each one of you.
People with busy schedules, go hope on to the Federation Square, as you will witness the history of the city to the charming life of the city, as I mentioned before the city has something for all.
Melbourne Museum and Melbourne Zoo are world renowned, they are a total must visits of this City.
Just ninety minutes away from the city of Melbourne is Peninsula Hot Springs which is the first natural hot springs and day spa center in Victoria.
What one shouldn't miss out on is Eureka Skydeck. It has an awe aspiring view of this beautiful city.
The Flora and Fauna of the city is also to watch out for. For the nature lovers and to watch a penguin Parade (it would be a magical, once in a lifetime experience) must must go to The Philip Island.

Okay I could go on and on talking about this place, I am absolutely in love with the most livable city of the world. I so wish to visit this amazing city. Don't you all?

For more such amazing places in Melbourne you must watch these videos (Come Alive in Melbourne) here and also visit this site- Tourism Victoria Website

And a few others here:
Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove
Boarding Puffing Billy

Also for my lovely readers here is a contest. Answer this simple question here and the best answer gets a voucher worth 500/- Yess! :D

Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and Why?

Comment below with your answer and the best comment gets the voucher! The contest ends on the 4th Jan 2015! Get participating guys.

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There is a very famous saying, Honesty is the Best Policy. As a kid we would have done hundreds of stories with this moral that no matter what being honest is always rewarded and one must always speak the truth. The question is how many of us actually implement this? How many of us actually always speak the truth no matter what? There are instances where speaking the truth is not in favor don’t we mould the truth then? Well yes, we do! We lie because speaking the truth always is not as easy as it seems. However I strongly believe that telling the truth is always the right thing to do even if it is bitter, it is anyway better than lying for one may escape by lying now but on the Judgment Day we will have to pay for all our deeds. Yes this may sound spiritual but that’s how life is, isn't it?

So here is an instance where telling the truth was the right thing to do:
This happened long back in the 5th Standard. My ranks were decent and I had a good image with the teachers and fellow classmates. We were all preparing for our Finals and we were all much tensed (going to think of it now it’s funny that fifth standard finals could get somebody tensed but yes that’s how it was then). Our finals were to start from the 1st of April (I distinctly remember it, you would know why :P), the preparations had begun and our school declared two days study leave all, including the 5th Graders. What happened then was I along with a group of friends decided to fool a few classmates with no wrong intentions but simply because it was April Fool’s Day and we then didn't understand the consequence of our mischief. So what we did was called two of our classmates who we thought would believe us and told them that there was no exam on the 1st and that the paper was postponed to the next day. She got freaked out and she spread the word, she actually told almost half the class. Well ultimately the teacher got to know too and then began the hunt for finding the culprit; the person who called was caught and punished. In fact my entire group was punished apart from me as I told you all I had been in the good books of my teachers. But I couldn't let my friends suffer alone for this idea was mine and for the lovely friends that I had they didn't even mind me not getting not punished but I was guilty of my mischief for it landed up to a different level altogether and I couldn't, just couldn't let my friends suffer alone.

I spoke the truth. I stood up for what I thought was right. I took charge of my deed and I took the punishment as I was guilty. Had I not done that I would have probably escaped the punishment but wouldn't I be wrong in the eyes of my friends, in my own eyes? So yes this is one instance where I thought speaking the truth was the right thing to do.

Watch this Kinley 2014 TVC here-


Hey lovelies!Hope you all have had a Merry Christmas and I am sure Santa would have given you all ample of gifts! No? Not many? None? Don't worry, here is a chance for you to win yourself a gold cuff, yes! Want to know how?Well this Giveaway is by Trinket Treasures and since Christmas is all about sharing and giving gifts, thus this giveaway.You must check out this amazing giveaway. GO TO NOWFollow @trinkettreasuresindia on Instagram and participate in the giveaway. This Giveaway ends on 31st December. HURRY! PARTICIPATE NOW!

P.S: Guess what my blog post got listed on Listly by Strepsils, Woahoo!Check it out here- 5 times when you should 'RAISE YOUR VOICE'  (5th on the list, When a bit of moral cleansing was the only thing needed. Blog post link is here- Exercising The Power Of Our Voice) Do read it :*

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Hey Folks! Merry Christmas :D

Well it's almost Christmas and all my readers do deserve a little present no? Stay tuned for the next post as I am going to announce a giveaway and contests for you all lovely people out there. (Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way.. It seems Santa is already here, doesn't it?)

As promised here is the review of the latest in lip balms- Maybelline's Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm.

Have a look at it here (I bought them in Two shades)

(Picture Credits:


Available in a total of 6 colors. There are 4 very trendy  neon colors like neon orange, yellows, greens and pink shock!

Why is it a must have?
Well these lovely lip balms provide 8 hours moisture and are available in such nice neon colors that you cannot help but have them. The moment I saw them I got mad crazy and I just took all the shades they had there (unfortunately they had only these two at that time). 
I love love these two shades, they are very trendy. In fact I love how they look more than anything, its packaging is too cute, don't you agree girls? So yes, they are very pretty looking and have an amazing fragrance. They actually smell of berry and rose. Mild fragrances but perfect for a lip balm.
The neon colors are bright and very lively, they add the much needed neon pop in ones lives and yes it being Christmas and New Year Eve being just around the corner, they are a must have! 

- Cute packaging
- Clinical care with a neon kick
- 8 hours Moisture
- Lovely neon colors available
- Mild and a nice fragrance

- They aren't easily available
(I got mine from France for 3.99 Euros Each. I tried looking for them in Mumbai, India but to no avail. However I looked up online and what I saw was Flipkart and had them for a reasonable price but they weren't in stock)
You must check out (Click here), the last time I checked for it it was available in yellow and that too only for INR 115 and the others although out of stock are priced at INR 140.
One place where you are sure to get them would be on Amazon and
- Although these neon lip balms are very neon looking but on application the color doesn't show that much. 

Should you buy them?
Well without fail! I have already bought mine and I think every girl must have such lovely neon pops in their stack. They come with a very cute packaging also so yes GO BUY THEM !



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Hello lovelies!
It's been a rather hectic time on the blog, I have been doing many posts for various campaigns lately, have you read them as yet or not? Right from Road Safety to How to Overcome Fear I have written for a lot of these campaigns, go read them now..

Well I am also back to my usual job now :) I am soon going to be having a product review for all you lovelies out there! I have been wanting to review this since the time I bought them but I just haven't found time. It's Maybelline's Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm, ain't it the most talked about product lately?

Stay tuned. I am going to review it real soon :)


Hey everybody, it’s that time of the year which is best spent with loved ones, be it family or friends. With Christmas being just a week away and New Year plans already being made and with schools and colleges shutting for winter break, it’s time to plan a vacation, Yayy!

As a kid I loved going for vacations, be it to my Nani’s house or to some hill station or any foreign country. Irrespective of where we went, I totally enjoyed every vacation I went for. Not like now I don’t but back then it was a lot different. Little joys that one gets as a kid are so much different and well I admit they are a lot better too. The innocence of a kid knows absolutely nothing; it’s amazing how a kid can enjoy all the little things which we often tend to ignore.

In my opinion a best family vacation is the one which has all family members. Well yes, the kids included. I remember when I was a kid and if ever my parents were to go on a vacation without me, I used to feel so bad that once I even fell sick and well my parents were forced to return. So yes, kids love going for vacations and they add a different charm to it altogether. A child’s innocence, his positive attitude and his enthusiasm is to a different level altogether.

Kids are so much more energetic and curious as compared to adults. I happen to go with my little nephew to a water park. There was this really giant ride (well, I am hydrophobic and yes kids were allowed for that ride; so yes you can have all sorts of opinion formed as to how giant the ride actually was :P) I was almost certain of not going for it but that little kid was so curious. He literally grabbed my hand and said that I must go along with him. He had this whole new way of seeing that ride which pretty much convinced me as well.  I distinctly remember him telling me that the ride was nothing different from a slide that he sits on everyday in the park with the only difference being that Superman had managed to get the slide to his bathroom for he had been a good boy and now he needn't go to the park anymore for the same. This is how differently a kid sees and it’s truly amazing is what I believe.

It’s not just said that getting old is natural and bound to happen but staying young at heart is what the real challenge is. Everybody loves the spark children have and the time spent with them during any vacation is the best, such memories are always cherished by all. 

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Fear is such a strong emotion. Some think Fear is dreadful while some believe fear is what keeps a person going. Well in my opinion, if one doesn't overcome fear then it can be dreadful while otherwise it is needed. Fear has a potential of motivating as it is a fact. It is with the fear of failing that a child studies, it is with the fear of putting on weight and being ridiculed that a fat girl diets. So yes, fear has its good and bad both. I truly believe that one must take risks in life. There is a saying that if you haven’t ever failed in life it means that you haven’t dared to do anything different. Fear of losing, fear of failure is obvious but Daar ke aage baro kyunki Daar ke aage jeet hai (Rise above fear).

Here is how I overcame my fear and achieved success:
Before I even start telling you all my story, let me put a disclaimer that my fear wasn't really a big one but yes back then when I was I kid this is one thing that I really was afraid of.

When I was a kid like really very young say probably in 2nd or 3rd standard, I was a couch potato. I did nothing apart from watching TV and eating. Not like I was fat but exercising or playing games wasn't my thing. In fact to an extent I used to always get punished by my Physical Training and Games Teacher. I cared very little or at least I pretended to not care. That’s how it is in school, right? The more you cry the more fun people make of you. All the crying sessions happened at home.
What happened was my School was celebrating its 25th Anniversary back then and they made it compulsory for all students to participate in their Grand Sports Day Events. My name was forcefully put in multiple events like balancing of lemon with a spoon, sack race, 100 meter race and some shoe race. I was horrified. I just did not want to do it. I had fear of people making fun of me if I fall, I had a fear that I will lose, actually honestly I did not even consider winning, I just didn't want to come last. Frankly speaking finishing the race itself was a challenge. (Well don’t judge me, I was a kid then)

I ran almost all races forcefully, I cried so much before every race I ran. Out of 4, I had finished 3 and I came either last or second last in all. I should have been happy that I completed the race at least which I had doubted earlier but no I just wasn't satisfied. After the 3rd race, I gave up. I refused to run the last one. My mother and my class teacher both insisted I run this one, after a lot of melodrama I finally ran and you won’t believe I came second in that one, really. I still have that silver medal with me. Every time I look at it, I feel so proud. To most of my friends, it meant nothing as they had trophies and gold medals to show off but to me it actually meant a lot, it still does. It’s a lesson that I have learned for life that Quitters never win and Winners never quit.

So that’s my story of taking risk (in my own way) and overcoming fear and finally achieving success, Woahh!

Watch Arya's journey from Fear to Victory (in Tamil) here-

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This post is a part of a The Nissan Safety Driving Forum announced by IndiBlogger to ensure road safety.

Each morning there is a new road accident that I learn about and mind it, the new one being worse than the previous. We need to change this, it's time that road safety is given it's due importance and is not taken for granted like how it has been since like forever.

Okay so let's get talking about what really happens when we are on the road, why do we suddenly turn into hooligans? Why is rash driving cool and driving at the prescribed speed limit considered not so swaggy, huh? 
Wearing a seat belt only when you see a cop is the thing to do, isn't it?
How difficult is this Drink but Don't Drive and Drive when you are Not Drunk. It is no rocket science but it still doesn't get in the head, god knows why! 
Have an urgent call to attend, you may! Your car comes with a break in case you didn't know. You can stop it and attend that urgent call of yours.
I see all Indians having some or the other good luck charm with them in the car either an evil eye, a God's picture or something or the other. Well if you care so much about your life that you need luck while you drive so why don't you follow laws? Why do you start your car when the Signal is Red, isn't that supposed to mean Stop and not go?
Broke a signal and got caught? Didn't wear your seat belt and got caught? Forgot to wear your helmet and got caught? Paying a bribe and getting away is a usual affair, ain't I right?

Well folks, it's time we thought about our lives, our families, our friends, others on the road, other motorists and pedestrians. Following safety measures is the right thing to do. It is fine if your friend doesn't think you are cool if you don't drive fast. You might as well be ridiculed than rather be guilty of someone's life. Your life matters. Care about your family, other motorists as well. Your fun can take someones life away and that won't be funny. Remember your responsibility on the road is not just towards one's own self but also to the other motorists and pedestrians.

Simply by following all traffic rules, wearing a helmet, putting a seat belt, stopping when the signal is red one can ensure road safety. It's that simple.

Be safe. Drive safe.

Have a look at this campaign started in public interest here. The aim of this campaign is to ensure safety on the roads and to bring about the much needed change in the mindset of people.

Saturday, 29 November 2014


This post is a part of an IndiBlogger Campaign in association with Strepsils' initiative #AbMontuBolega

We Indians have been given the right to speak, right to raise our opinion, right to seek information among many other rights but how many of us actually exercise our rights? The answer is very few of us. However with this initiative of Strepsils #AbMontuBolega we have got a chance to speak our minds. This campaign is in support of betterment of  citizens and for a better India.  

How often do we find ourselves cursing the Government for unclean roads, potholes, garbage, poor infrastructure, corruption, unemployment and what not. Do we effectively raise our opinion? Do we make our voices heard? Do we ensure that we participate in making India, our city or at least our locality cleaner, safer and better, do we? Well most of us don't! 

Kyunki bin bole ab nahi chalega, Ab Montu Bolega! Talking about how safe our country is today for women, for girls, for kids, for the inferior gender; that's how the world sees it, isn't it? I think this issue needs urgent attention but it's the most ignored. It is larger than corruption and more severe than poverty. It is the dirty mindset of a few men that needs to addressed. Each day I get up in the morning and read about a women being raped in some part of the country. Just recently I read about a year old girl being raped, well all those who thought it was the girl's dressing that attracted men and resulted in rape would they still be blaming this one year old? 
Not just that there have been so many instances of a father raping her daughter, a brother raping her sister, an uncle raping her niece, well weren't we taught to respect our elders and wasn't our family supposed to take care of us?

Often we hear men passing comments on a girls dressing sense, talking about how she walks or there are so many instances of eve-teasing, can we ask why? Where does a man get all these rights from? We women don't do that, do we? So why should a man do it, I ask why? 

Not just that but when a women is assaulted and if she takes an action against it and if she happens to go to the Police Station, there will be all sort of questions that the policemen would ask her and make her feel even worse.

What can a woman really do? How helpless does a woman actually find herself has anybody thought of it? There is a whole society blaming her for absolutely no fault of hers. She is blamed all her life for something she is not faulty of. How sad is this! How male dominant is our society and how unfair is our constitution. Women need to be empowered. Our society needs to change, our constitutions need to be amended for the better, in the favor of women, in the support of the right. 

Extend your support for this campaign here - on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

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TRINKET TREASURES- We Sell Everything Pretty

Hello lovelies,
Here is an announcement. It is an online store that I have started along with a friend of mine- Trinket Treasures, the accessory boutique. 

Well as the name pretty much suggests, we sell all accessories like necklaces, earrings, ear cuffs, bracelets and lots more. It's been a week since we started this on Instagram and we're overwhelmed with the response :D

You too should have a look at the amazing collection that we have. Very recently we have launched our Pink & Gold Collection which is to watch out for. There is lot's more that we are going to be adding to our Pink & Gold Collection. We have a variety of accessories to choose from and there is lot's more coming up. And yes of course, we sell everything pretty.

So, spread the word but before that have a look at some of the favorites:





There is lots more on our Instagram page, you must check it out!

Here is the link to our Instagram page- Trinket Treasures India, don't forget to follow us :)

For placing orders contact us on our Instagram page (link given above) by sending us a Direct Message or email us at


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Hi everyone,

Toilet for Babli is a campaign that I truly believe in and will extend all my support for. Today as a nation or as a country we are progressing so much yet we are able to do very little for the most basic requirement of an individual which is proper sanitation facilities. Why? What is the reason for this?
I believe that the only and the most unfortunate reason for this is lack of Education. Folks, education plays a very major role in our life although we don’t not realize this most of the times but instances like such bring into light the importance of having compulsory education in our Country.
Moving to the main issue that we have today- lack of sanitation. This is very sad is what I personally feel. I mean one can only imagine what plight it is to not have a toilet at all.  How many of us today still crib about using the Indian toilets when we are in any remote areas of the country, so we can only imagine the plight and the problem of people who do not have proper toilets.

Toilets are part of basic hygiene, it’s beyond the fact of having a proper house or job, more than any of these needs. One needs a proper and hygienic toilet or sanitation facility. Appropriate sanitation facilities will not just help the people who are not given these facilities but it will also help in improving the health condition of our country which is deteriorating continuously. Today when I put on the news Chanel all I see is people and young kids dying with diseases that I have not even heard of or rather are so new that sometimes even our medical gods are unfamiliar with and need time to research and understand the disease and its cause. All of this is not just happening; there is a reason, it is the lack of sanitation facility. 

Today I see young kids still using the railway tracks to defecate early morning and yet our government is doing so little to improve this condition.The ladies and the young girls I feel are the most affected by of this. Don't we all need basic toilets and imagine in those particular days when a girl is going through hormonal changes in her body, how important the need of such a facility becomes. It is not less than a trauma for a girl or woman to not have this basic facility for such days. 

So for those who aren't as privileged as we are, for those who need our support; there is a little something that we can do, Yes! We must extend our support.
Let us all support this drive by Domex and improve what they say not just the sanitation facilities but together with that we can bring in change by giving them proper health in return.

You can bring about the change in the lives of million of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is "click" on the "Contribute Tab" on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

I support Toilet for Babli, are you doing that too?
To extend your support click on this link and participate in the "You Click Domex Contributes" initiative.

Monday, 10 November 2014


Hello all you lovely people!
I am back with yet another review. It's Garnier Skin Naturals Body Cocoon Lotion this time. With winter being just round the corner I thought it was important I do this post and also since I had promised I am going to review products of the hamper I got from the Meet and Greet Event, so here I am.

Have a look at it:
Garnier Body Cocoon

Ingredients & MRP

What the product claims?
It claims to soothe dry and rough skin and restore the skin's suppleness. It claims to be leaving an unbelievably smooth and soft and nourished skin. It uses natural ingredients which have been carefully extracted.
It also claims that is different from the other moisturizers as it is creamy yet it has a light texture. It leaves ones skin deliciously fragranced due to the use of cocoon.

My take:
Well I pretty much love this moisturizer. Since the time I have started to use it I am all praise for it. As Garnier claims that nourishing cocoons leave a delicious fragrance on our skin, I totally agree with them.I wish I could make you smell how lovely this lotion actually smells. It's subtle and nice. 
Moving further, it gives a smooth skin like many lotions available in the market. So it well does it's job of a moisturizer. It gives a soft and a smooth skin. Reduces dryness and rough skin on using it. It very well Takes Care of the skin, like how it always promises.
So it taking care of the moisturizing need this winter, is a complete must have. It is reasonable and very effective.

  • Reasonable
  • Effective on dry and Rough skin
  • Great fragrance
  • Not very sticky
  • Shows result in the first few uses
  • Visibly smoother skin
  • Doesn't provide moisture for long hours
  • The fragrance also doesn't last long
  • Little sticky although claims to be having a light texture

Am I buying it again?
Without doubt, you should too.

So yes guys, that's the review for you all. You could comment below for any questions and also don't forget to subscribe by mail. Keep reading :)

Monday, 3 November 2014


Okay so the title explains it all. No, it doesn't? Well then, I met Deepika Padukone (Yayy! still can't believe I did, I have been pinching my self ever since then)
The recent post that I wrote on Garnier BB Cream got me this chance. This event was organized by Garnier in association with IndiBlogger. If you haven't read the post as yet, then here is the link- Garnier BB Cream

Okay so I am sure you all have too many things on your mind right now. Like how did I? When did I? Why me and not you? Where? What happened then? How pretty is she? How was the meet and all? Right? Rest assured I am answering them all right here.

28th October 2014, Tuesday
I won first prize in the contest organised by IndiBlogger and Garnier for my review of the BB Cream and as promised by the team I got to meet Deepika Padukone at Sofitel Hotel, BKC.
Well there was a little wait before the star could meet the winners of IndiBlogger contests and Twitter contests (there were 2 winners chosen from each of the two contests). We were all so excited and one of the Twitter Contest winner was a die hard fan, she even had a fan club and knew almost everything about her, I was amazed by her knowledge. So yes, we were all very excited to meet The Diva herself.
At around 7, Deepika got out of her black Audi with her bodyguard and she was then followed by her PR and makeup artist in the other car. She looked fabulous in Pankaj & Niddhi outfit.

Have a look:
Embedded image permalink
Deepika wore  fresh off the runway Pankaj & Niddhi seperates 

Then the winners were called one by one to meet her. We were all very excited but at the same time we were nervous. Finally when it was my turn to meet her, I was spellbound. I started by singing a song for her which she found really sweet. I also kept telling her how pretty she was and how I loved watching all her movies. She was really sweet and very humble during the entire conversation. She spoke to each one of us very sweetly and we were all starstruck!
Despite she having a very busy day, promoting her recently released movie Happy New Year she took out time for her fans, isn't that really sweet? Well after meeting her I have become a bigger fan than what I was.

Here are some of the pictures of the event, have a look at them.

Managed to click this as she entered the Hotel
She looked gorgeous

Deepika signing an autograph

(Image Source: Garnier India's Twitter and Facebook page)

Finally as the end of the event all winners were given a Garnier Hamper and a diary signed by Deepika Padukone. Thanks so much IndiBlogger and Garnier for this lovely opportunity. 

Well, this is how the hamper looked.
Going to soon review the products from the hamper. Stay tuned :)

Sunday, 26 October 2014


Hola Fashionistas!
How are you all doing? Pretty? Well, here is a post to that one cosmetic brand that can make you look flawless and gorgeous.
KIKO is an amazing cosmetic brand. All this while I had only heard of it but just recently I got a chance to use it's products (Thank God I did) and ever since I did, I have fallen in love with it. It's pocket friendly and has a great range to choose from. Right from anti-ageing cream to nail paints, you will find all of it here.

Why so much love?
Umm simply because it deserves it. I bought a nail paint worth INR 80 approx  (1 Euro) that too with two shades back and fro. So for like less than 40 Rupees what I got is a lovely shade of KIKO, an amazing cosmetic brand. Not just that but also unlike many nail paints that I have used in the past, this one stayed on for a longer duration and removing it was so easy. Even black came out without much of a effort. So why won't I love it?
Lip balms in flavors like Pineapple and Apricot are available which are so subtle and nice. You must try them, I totally recommend these lip balms.
What you shouldn't miss out on is Glow Touch for Lips & Cheeks. Wondering what it does? It gives a radiant finish to lips and cheeks. It can be used as lipstick as well as on the cheeks. So you need not carry your full make up kit for an outing. You could simply do a touch-up with this Glow Touch. Must try it.
I also bought many eye pencils and eye shadows for I love doing eye makeup lately.

Totally loving it. You could comment below and let me know if you like KIKO as much as I do and stay tuned for more posts. Ciao!

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Hi Guys! It's time for adding up stuff to our Yeh nahi khaya toh kya khaya list.
This post is an extension to a blog post written earlier. For all those who haven't read that yet, read it here.

Here it goes!
Triple Schezwan Fried Rice from Sahibaan- This for sure tops the list. Served with fried noodles and load of schezwan sauce. So the next time you go there you know what you shouldn't miss out on.
Red Velvet Cupcake from Le 15- Heaven! By far the best red velvet I have ever had. The cream is so rich and the cupcakes are always so fresh. If you wish to try'em (which I totally recommend) you must either pre-book them over the phone or rush to the outlet now!
Veg and Cottage Cheese Cupwich from Dunkin Donuts- It literally melts in the mouth. It's topped with lots of cheese and tastes best when served hot. Must try it.
Cigar roll from Facing East- When the cheese inside will melt in your mouth you won't be able to help but ask more of it. It's totally worth a try.
Veg Strips from KFC- Not always do vegetarians have a choice to go to McDonald's. So if you are a vegetarian and you are at KFC you mustn't starve, you should rather try veg strips out and trust me you will love'em. Don't forget to ask for chilly sauce, tastes really good with it.

So, that's all that I have been hogging of late Do you think I have missed something out, comment below and let me know. Until then keep reading and stay tuned for more posts.
Wish you all a very Happy and a Safe Diwali

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Hey folks! This post is a part of an IndiBlogger Contest- #ImmuneIndia. Here is the link to it-

A child is a blessing. From the time the child is born or rather even before that the child's wish becomes the mother's wish. child's happiness becomes parent's happiness, his sorrow becomes theirs. This post is to that bond which the kid and the parents share, which is unbreakable.
A Mother comes to know when her child is happy, she comes to know when her child needs a teaching. Her eyes remain stern when her child need to be taught. Her shoulder is ready when her child needs to let his feelings out, isn't that simply amazing. A father may project to be angry but it will alone be for the betterment of his child. He works all day long only so that you can have a secured future, now that's a big sacrifice. So, it won't be wrong to say that a healthy child makes a happy home.
Every parent truly becomes a part of their child's good and bad times. They not only guide their children but also stand with them even when they have done wrong or against their wish. If a child is not keeping well, the whole family gets to the doctor to check if he is fine or not.

I distinctly remember when I was 5 years old, I was severely unwell, my parents were so worried that they both of they took leave from work and would just be besides me. Not just that they did everything that they could possibly to make me feel all right. So, it's not the child alone who is sick but the entire feel seems unwell. This is just one such incident, there have been many more. If ever I came back crying from school, my mother used to be upset too until she could make me understand.

So, what makes a happy home, should always be kept happy, right? When a parent cannot even see their child cry let alone be seeing them unwell, it must be the most painful sight for them. There is a very famous saying- Health is Wealth. When a child's health is concerned it means everything to parents, it's their wealth, their happiness, everything.
It's rightly said that it's a child who gives birth to a mother. There are a whole set of new emotions and joy that a child brings in the family. It's the health of the child that is the major concern of all parents as they never wish to see their child suffering. The most dreadful sight for any parent would be to see their child in pain. Therefore very rightly, it's a healthy child that makes a happy home.


Hello everyone! This post is a part of  Ghar wali Diwali Contest.
With Diwali being just a few days away, I am sure most of you all would have started to prepare for it- new clothes, new shoes, gifts, loads of crackers and tons of mouth melting sweets. Diwali is the festival of lights, it is a colorful and a happy occasion for everybody. It marks the victory of spiritual goodness. Diwali is celebrated symbolizing renewing energy, homecoming and prosperity in different parts of the country. Diwali coincides with several different events of historical significance. It marks the day of return of Lord Rama after defeating Ravana.
But there is no Diwali if it's not at home, ain't I right? Diwali is that one festival which we all wish to celebrate with our close ones. Diwali is a joyous festival. It is to be celebrated in full spirit.

Diwali is always been really special to me, never have I ever celebrated it without my family. We start preparing for it weeks in advance. Preparation starts from cleaning the house, which is definitely not my favorite part but I'm still forced to do it. Preparing 'Chiki', 'Halwa' among many other sweets is too much fun. My favorite part is going shopping for Diwali, it's that one time where my Mom insists I get a new dress, which otherwise doesn't happen as I have a closet full of clothes that I have still never worn. So yes, shopping is certainly the best part about Diwali.
We also celebrate Dhanteras, where every year we buy something or the other either in gold or silver for our place. Finally when the day comes, we welcome lots of guests home with oil lamps lit outside our house. My entire family comes together for Lakshmi Puja and then the kids get gifts and 'kharchi' (money), which certainly is most awaited by them. Soon after the Puja, kids go down and bursts crackers which is then followed by family dinner.
So, this Diwali will yet again be really special as everyone is going to be home and we are going to be celebrating it together. In my opinion festival like Diwali which brings in so much joy and prosperity is best celebrated when celebrated with family.

Whether it is celebrated on a large scale with all the Dhoom- dham of crackers and everything or even if it is just a simple puja at home, it is celebrated best when it's celebrated at home.
Celebrating Diwali signifies celebrating good over evil, celebrating happiness, joy and prosperity.
Wish you all a very Happy  and a Safe Diwali. Have loads of fun celebrating #GharWaliDiwali.

Do watch this film- PepsiCo#GharWaliDiwali film

Thursday, 16 October 2014


Hello to all you pretty ladies out there!
I am sure we all love looking our bests but how often do we face this dilemma. Got home late last night? Oh no, you must sleep otherwise you will have no time for makeup. You don't want to be looking ugly for work, you must sleep now.
Got up early but had family commitments so couldn't find time to wear makeup to work. Now? Eww
We have all had times when we have to struggle between work and looking good and we are forced to choose work. Here is a solution to your problems ladies, it is Garnier BB Cream.

arnier BB Cream gives you fairer looking skin, healthy glow, it reduces lines and imperfections, gives an even skin tone and provides moisture for 8 hours. It's an all-in-one cream, it takes care of everything right from the need for makeup to moisturizer.

Here is why Garnier BB Cream is perfect for you? And why you must include it in your daily routine?
Firstly, it works as a foundation giving you an even skin and making your skin look fairer as desired by use of foundation and compact powder. So, with the use of BB Cream you can do away with your makeup kit and all you need to do is take some cream on your palm and simply spread it like any other moisturizer, it's that simple. We spend so much on getting the right shade of foundation for our skin but this BB Cream works for all skin tones. It gives an instant perfect skin as it combines derivative of Vitamin C and mineral pigments which help unify skin.
In such a stressful life where one has no time for themselves, where does one have the time to look at the blemishes or lines on one's skin? No worry, Garnier BB Cream would take care of that as well. It will help reduces those lines and imperfections on your skin and make you look flawless. Not just that but it also gives you a natural and a healthy glow
Most importantly it keeps your skin moisturized for 8 hours as it has almond extracts. It also has SPF 24 which protects our skin from UV rays. So simply by putting BB Cream one can do away with moisturizer and sunscreen also, isn't that amazing?

It perfectly fits in my daily routine without hassles of makeup as I just don't manage to wake up on time for college. I barely manage to have my breakfast, let alone be makeup, sunscreen and moisturizer. In that case Garnier BB Cream works wonders for me. So what I do is, I simply put this BB Cream and voila I am all set for college.
Say yes to Garnier BB Cream and no to makeup, moisturizer and sunscreen as Garnier BB Cream would take care of all your needs.
Still wondering why you should be using it? Find out here

Saturday, 11 October 2014


Hello all you lovely people out there!
It's been ages since I wrote my  last blog, have been busy with some stuff but now finally I'm back.
So, here is just a little bit of everything that's been on my mind but not on the blog. It's time I list it all down here:
1. Review of a foreign Cosmetic Brand
2. Additions to "yeh nahi khaya toh kya khaya list" (For the food discovery just doesn't end that soon)
3. And a showcase of all cosmetics that I have been shopping for since the past months, trust me ladies that are totally drool worthy

So, keep reading this space as there is a lot coming up, also you could subscribe for regular post updates that you would receive straight into your mailbox. Ciao :D

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Hola fashionistas!
It's been a while since I've posted on my blog. I finally found time today to the review the product I've been waiting to review since really long.

Okay, I love Maybelline New York Nail Paints, they're soo stylish and the cheapest branded nail paints that I know of. Amazing shades, smooth application and to top it all pocket friendly.

Maybelline New York Color Show nail paints are bold and very trendy. They are smooth on application and the removal is also easy. There is a wide range to choose from- 40 trendy shades to have your pick from (Isn't that amazing? :D)

Well the company claims that they have a gel based formula for increased staying power and are chip resistant but I'm not very happy with it's staying power. I say that because 1. I love Maybelline New York 2. I love how stylish the nail paints look 3. They're so trendy that I wish to have them for longer than 4-5 days.

Here some pictures of Maybelline Color Show nail paints that I possess. Have a look!

I love all the three shades. Basic yet so stylish. Pink has always been my favorite. Red is glamorous and black is a must-have. Very very trendy, aren't they?

Maybelline New York Color Show Glitter Mania nail paints are simply wow. Gives stunning 3D shimmering effect that makes your nails look so glamorous. What I like the most is it's sand textured effect but why only 8 shades Maybelline? (Not like I have got them all but I am soon going to)
Stays on for quite long without chipping much however it is a little difficult to remove.

Glitter Mania Range  (TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH IT)




Have you tried the New Glitter Mania? Do you like it? If you haven't tried it yet then you definitely should.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Hello everybody!
I am certain that shopping just alone doesn't make me happy but there are many many more like me! When we can do tickets, passport, results, admissions and so many government services online then why not shopping? Shopping online is sooo easy. It provides utmost convenience to shoppers. You like it, you just have to click on it and voila it's yours!

I would rather say why won't you shop online? You can comfortably sit in your Pjs and browse the online shopping sites and very conveniently have your pick. You can order everything and anything you wish online; be it clothes, shoes, books, home decor, accessories, everything that you would want.
You can look up so many sites and then have your pick unlike otherwise where you get tired or quite often embarrassed to go about searching for what you want.  (I know how it is when you want to buy but you're like Umm... let me look for more options) The best part being it gets delivered at your doorstep.
There are sites that even allow you to try out stuff before purchasing them. What you can do is order a thing in different sizes and colors and they will all be delivered right at your doorstep and then you can accordingly choose. Sites such as and are the few that I know about.
Not just this, there are sites offering in a day deliver like and
What I like the most are the heavy discounts that one gets while shopping online! Be it on pizzas or clothes, there are discounts always available. Most of these sites also have points that can be redeemed and cashbacks.There is a sale almost always! :P And yes if you've subscribed to their newsletters then your inbox is sure to be flooding with discounts and various coupons.

Here is a tiny list of my favourite online shopping sites and also why I like'em, have a look! (This list is purely based on my experience and of only those online shopping sites through which I have purchased.)
1. Myntra ( It has awesome discounts and a sale almost always. Great service and timely delivery. They also add points to your account on every purchase which can later be redeemed.
2. Flipkart ( Newly launched Flipkart First Service provides various benefits such as free shipping, discounted in a day deliveryand many more  to it's Flipkart First Customers (I am one of them but I haven't yet used this service of theirs)
3. Lenskart ( Great service and also provides great discounts. A must try!
These three are my favourites! Besides these I have also bought from Ebay and Amazon- my experience was just about okay! Ordering online for pizzas and burgers goes without mention! We get such great deals.

So yes, this was about it! For all those who haven't yet bought anything online, here is why you should definitely try it out and for those who keep shopping online this post was only to tell you all to continue doing so!
Ciao! Keep Reading and Commenting :) 

Thursday, 12 June 2014


Hey all!
I don't know why most men think that women are complicated? Women, in my opinion are the most sorted creatures ever! Yeah, then what? What more than a credit card do they even ask for? 

To make it even simpler, here is all that a woman wants to do:
1. Shop when she is happy; that's her way of celebrating.
2. Shop when she is sad; shopping is way cheaper than hiring a psychiatrist.
3. Shop when she is lonely; men have no time.
4. Shop when she is tired; works best for her (nobody should have a problem with that)
5. Shop when she feels like it!
6. Shop because...Umm... (Not everything has an answer)
So, yes! It's that simple. 

Now that everyone has got your point ladies, go treat yourself to a little retail therapy. Get going :)

P.S: A post on online shopping is what I'm currently working on. Do come back to read it.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Hello people! I am back with another restaurant review :D
Today I am reviewing UFO Revolving Restaurant, Kandivali!

Price: I would call it a pocket friendly restaurant. A family of four would spent nothing more than INR 2000 for the entire meal. That makes it an average of INR 500 per person.
Cuisines: North Indian, Chinese and Continental.
Opening hours are from 12 Noon to 3:30 PM and it opens again at 7 PM till 12 Midnight.
Besides the revolving restaurant, there is an open roof restaurant called U Turn and another one called Box Office Lounge for all those who are crazy about Bollywood.
Serves Non Veg, Dine in and home delivery are both available. Bar is also available.

Picture Courtesy: UFO Revolving Restaurant's Facebook Page.

Picture Courtesy: Google

To start of with, this was my first time in a revolving restaurant. This concept being new to me, I was amazed with how I started my dinner at one spot and landed to another at the end of it. So, yes! The concept of a revolving restaurant was good and unlike what I thought my experience would be- I was a little scared to get there, thinking I would feel giddy if the place moved while I ate. However, it moved very smoothly, you would only be able to tell that the place has revolved by finding yourself in a different spot after a while. The only thing that could have been better was the view outside- It would be nice to see more of trees and greenery than houses.
Service was good. The ambiance of the place is decent. The place is neither too big nor too small. I had to wait for about 10 minutes before I could revolve while eating. Waiting on weekends is quite normal, so no complaints!

Before telling you what I ate there, I must tell you that NEVER have I ever stuck to one cuisine. So yes! This time too I did the same thing. And yeah, if you would have read my previous review you would be knowing by now that I am vegetarian (Otherwise nobody is a fool to be eating veg. food all the time)
I started off with a Chinese Cuisine- Manchow Soup (all time favourite). I then jumped to North Indian and had Pahadi Paneer Tikka with Mint Chutney. Their Mint Chutney was so yummy that I ordered Roasted Papad to have it with it! (Yumm!) For Main Course, I had Hakka Noodles and Malai Kofta with Naan. Desserts I had to skip as I was too full. (All thanks to them for serving good quantity)
Although I had little but I totally loved everything I ate. Sadly, I couldn't even try Continental. But no worries, I already know what I am ordering the next time I go there.
Have a look at their menu- Menu by Zomato (Courtesy: Zomato)

1. You are going to be revolving while eating, that is just soo cool!
2. For it's food.
3. Good service.
4. Friendly staff.
5. Pocket friendly.
The other two places- Box Lounge and U Turn also looked quite appealing! Also, there was a scary house for kids (which was not all scary; actually it was for kids so may be it was scary enough for them). Not just this, they also had real fancy hats- perfect place for clicking pictures for Instagram and Facebook.
Why revolve around good food when you can revolve with it? (Copied from their Facebook page) You have all the reasons to go there, why wouldn't you want to try it out?

Never are we satisfied with what we get! So few things that in my opinion could have been better are- We could have had better surroundings as I earlier mentioned more of greenery than houses. Quicker service (It would be nice if they served us a little faster, just a little). Umm, how about increasing the speed of revolution? No, I am not saying we want to fall off our chairs while eating or anything of that sort. a little increase in the speed would be nice, I suppose.

Write your comments below if you have been to this place! Did you like it too?

P.S: Fashion Trends and Food completed two months today. Yayy! Total page views until today- 1385, which is quite a number! :D
Also, Vero Moda, Jack and Jones and Only are back with their Super Saturday. It's on the 31st of May. Are you going to be there?

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Wow, simply wow! #DovePlay event was soo sooo good. I had such a good time there.
As soon as I got to know of this event, I was certain of attending it. Preparations for it started well in advance. Wearing white was the little that they asked but this being my very first meet I wanted to ensure that I look my best. So, I went shopping (my friend said it was kinda crazy but I thought it was important to have a new clothes; this being my first meet as I just told you all)
Getting straight to the details of the event. The event was on May 11 at JW Marriott Hotel, Juhu. It started off at 3:30 with registration and was followed by snacks (the cupcakes were soo yummy). Clicking pictures was the next thing that followed; too many selfies, solos (they exist too, in case you all had forgotten) and they also had instant photographs. Pictures took a pause as the IndiBlogger guy welcomed all of us and gave us further details about the event. Meanwhile we all had already been divided into teams, there were 12 in all. There was a small ice breaker activity that they had arranged which helped all of us to know our teams and gel well with them. Zumba was the next activity arranged for us. We were then given details about the various games that they had arranged for us, which were Puzzle Mania (a dove jigsaw puzzle was what we had to solve), Hair play (we were asked to choose a partner and make one of the many hairstyles; an instruction sheet on how to get the hair styled was provided too and then we had to swap), Ballroom (wherein we had to pick up the dove ball and our team mate had to catch it; we did pretty well there. We collected 269 balls in 10 mins, which is a quite a number) and lastly there was Hula loop (my team won there, Yayy!)
Came next the best part of the event, the Dove Salon wherein the hair experts were ready to do anything we asked them to, whether a hair cut or ironing or hair extensions; basically anything that we wanted to do. We were rest assured that no matter what we do, Dove would take care of the damage. They also handed us a Dove hamper which had a Philips ironing machine, Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner and also a really cute Dove clip. Next we were taken to the poolside where one of our team members were asked to make a drink and the best one won salon vouchers (unfortunately, my team didn't win). Dinner was served after the bartender activity. They had a live pasta counter too. Desserts were mouth watering . After dinner, the award ceremony commenced and the winning team was awarded with salon vouchers worth 5k, like wow! They also had the dance floor set for us. However I had to leave as I had to home early so could't groove to the music.
I took home lots of lovely memories and tons of  gossip for my family along with the hamper and IndiBlogger shirt that they gave us at the end of the event. Had a great time. Totally loved being there. Can't wait for their next meet, hope they have it sometime soon!
You must check out the Dove Intense Repair Shampoo with Keratin Actives and Conditioner, it's totally worth a try. This is not my first interaction with a Dove product but I can definitely call it my best so far. Go to the link below to find out more about the product-

Monday, 12 May 2014


Hey people!
How was your weekend? Have you all been good? I have had an amazing weekend :)
I kicked off my weekend unusually early, I woke up at 6'o clock to line up for Dunkin' Donuts. In case you all are wondering why? They had their store launch at 8 am and the first 500 customers get GREAT OFFERS- 50% off  for 3 months to 1 year depending upon your number (I got 50% off for 6 months, which is good enough), FREE DONUTS for the full year and also A MUG. Too cool, isn't it? So, I stood for about 4 hours in the queue for this amazing offer which I believe was totally worth the wait! Only thing that disappointed me was the poor management of the crowd, they should have known the number and made the necessary arrangement apart from that it was really good!
On Sunday I had my Play Date with Dove, which was toooo good! It was all too good to be true. Venue: JW Marriott Hotel, Juhu. This being my very first IndiBlogger meet, I was really excited. Okay, so I will get on to the details! The meet started off with registration, followed by photographs and a small welcome speech. We were all divided into 12 teams and were made to play games like Puzzle Mania, Hula hoop, hair play and ballroom. Later we were pampered at the Dove Salon. They gave us a lovely hamper too which had (you won't believe) an ironing machine, shampoo, conditioner and a cute clip. Totally loved being there. From food to conveyance everything was taken care of. Had such a good time.
I loved loved my weekend. Just in case you all want to see the pictures of either of these events you all can see them on their respective Facebook pages.
Comment below and let me know what you all did during the weekend?

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Hello ladies!
I am reviewing TRESemmé Split remedy today. 

I received my TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner sample from IndiBlogger on May 2. As it claims to rescue up to 96% of split ends in just 3 washes* and providing a scissorfree solution to split ends. So, I used it thrice and here is my review:

Directions for use: Coat wet hair with a liberal amount of shampoo (depending upon your length; like for example coin size would be enough for shoulder length hair). Gently massage scalp and roots with fingertips to work in lather. Rinse thoroughly after squeezing the shampoo from roots to ends. You may have to repeat (apply the second time) in case your scalp is still oily. Finish with the conditioner that you will require to keep at least for a minute.

Price: INR 80 (90 ml) for Shampoo and Conditioner respectively.

What I liked? TRESemmé Split Remedy is very affordable. Provides great quantity and does not compromise on the quality at all. Pleasant fragrance- neither too strong that would hit your head nor too mild; just about perfect. The shampoo lathers really well, and cleanses the scalp efficiently. Conditioner does it's job of smoothing hair well.  Both the bottles are sturdy and removing just the required amount of shampoo or conditioner is made very easy by the push down cap. Hair felt smoother after using the shampoo and conditioner.

What I didn't like?  Just the shampoo left my hair frizzy however on applying conditioner my hair felt smooth and manageable.

Did it work on split ends? Maybe or Maybe not! I had a haircut some fifteen days back so I did not have split ends. I cannot really say if it worked on split ends or not. Only if I knew about  TRESemme's Split Remedy at that time, I could have probably rescued my long locks a chop and saved some money too.

Do I recommend it? Well, yes! You should give it a try.

Comment below if you all have used this product too! :)