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There is a very famous saying, Honesty is the Best Policy. As a kid we would have done hundreds of stories with this moral that no matter what being honest is always rewarded and one must always speak the truth. The question is how many of us actually implement this? How many of us actually always speak the truth no matter what? There are instances where speaking the truth is not in favor don’t we mould the truth then? Well yes, we do! We lie because speaking the truth always is not as easy as it seems. However I strongly believe that telling the truth is always the right thing to do even if it is bitter, it is anyway better than lying for one may escape by lying now but on the Judgment Day we will have to pay for all our deeds. Yes this may sound spiritual but that’s how life is, isn't it?

So here is an instance where telling the truth was the right thing to do:
This happened long back in the 5th Standard. My ranks were decent and I had a good image with the teachers and fellow classmates. We were all preparing for our Finals and we were all much tensed (going to think of it now it’s funny that fifth standard finals could get somebody tensed but yes that’s how it was then). Our finals were to start from the 1st of April (I distinctly remember it, you would know why :P), the preparations had begun and our school declared two days study leave all, including the 5th Graders. What happened then was I along with a group of friends decided to fool a few classmates with no wrong intentions but simply because it was April Fool’s Day and we then didn't understand the consequence of our mischief. So what we did was called two of our classmates who we thought would believe us and told them that there was no exam on the 1st and that the paper was postponed to the next day. She got freaked out and she spread the word, she actually told almost half the class. Well ultimately the teacher got to know too and then began the hunt for finding the culprit; the person who called was caught and punished. In fact my entire group was punished apart from me as I told you all I had been in the good books of my teachers. But I couldn't let my friends suffer alone for this idea was mine and for the lovely friends that I had they didn't even mind me not getting not punished but I was guilty of my mischief for it landed up to a different level altogether and I couldn't, just couldn't let my friends suffer alone.

I spoke the truth. I stood up for what I thought was right. I took charge of my deed and I took the punishment as I was guilty. Had I not done that I would have probably escaped the punishment but wouldn't I be wrong in the eyes of my friends, in my own eyes? So yes this is one instance where I thought speaking the truth was the right thing to do.

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