Tuesday, 30 December 2014


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Before going for any important meeting, any event or any party don't we have a couple of things to check? Right from what to wear. what to carry, if it is for a meeting then ensuring that you have all the important documents and files and if it is for a party then making sure you carry a gift, etc. And when it comes to our Nation doesn't it become important to recheck that check list of ours!
A friend of mine was selected to represent India internationally for a finance event by our College. This event was being hosted in Dubai and there were students from across 20 different countries participating for the same. My friend was one of the lucky ones, although he had had already become a hero by this selection of his among family and friends but he really wanted to win this not just for his sake or for the sake of college but for India, our Nation.
So with great determination he had been preparing for this finance event. This event was held twice previously and both the times we could not win, some blamed the participants, while a few others blamed the casual attitude of Indians towards this event. So this time around everybody had a lot of hopes from my friend was a genius in finance, ask him about share market and he would tell you faster than the time I would take to count form 1 to 10 (NOTE: This simply means that my friend is a genius and NOT that I am dumb, okay?). So yes, we were all hoping that we wins and makes us all proud.
The day of the event arrived, he did an amazing job. He answered all the questions correctly. He made it to the final round; he then had to compete with Australia who had been winning since the past two years. This would be a tough one he thought. Well despite such a tough competition my friend won, yes he did! Our college won! India won!
You know how this was possible not only because he was smart, that's there for sure but also he had proved the Judges wrong as they had expected some dull fellow in his place, who would probably be very lazy, not well dressed and not presentable (especially because of the previous years defeat). To their contrary was this friend of mine, smart (a genius rather), well dressed, highly presentable with a suit coat, clean shaven, formal shoes and stuff. He always preferred to have his beard shaven and especially when it was about his face representing our Desh, he was extra cautious.

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