Thursday, 18 December 2014


Hey everybody, it’s that time of the year which is best spent with loved ones, be it family or friends. With Christmas being just a week away and New Year plans already being made and with schools and colleges shutting for winter break, it’s time to plan a vacation, Yayy!

As a kid I loved going for vacations, be it to my Nani’s house or to some hill station or any foreign country. Irrespective of where we went, I totally enjoyed every vacation I went for. Not like now I don’t but back then it was a lot different. Little joys that one gets as a kid are so much different and well I admit they are a lot better too. The innocence of a kid knows absolutely nothing; it’s amazing how a kid can enjoy all the little things which we often tend to ignore.

In my opinion a best family vacation is the one which has all family members. Well yes, the kids included. I remember when I was a kid and if ever my parents were to go on a vacation without me, I used to feel so bad that once I even fell sick and well my parents were forced to return. So yes, kids love going for vacations and they add a different charm to it altogether. A child’s innocence, his positive attitude and his enthusiasm is to a different level altogether.

Kids are so much more energetic and curious as compared to adults. I happen to go with my little nephew to a water park. There was this really giant ride (well, I am hydrophobic and yes kids were allowed for that ride; so yes you can have all sorts of opinion formed as to how giant the ride actually was :P) I was almost certain of not going for it but that little kid was so curious. He literally grabbed my hand and said that I must go along with him. He had this whole new way of seeing that ride which pretty much convinced me as well.  I distinctly remember him telling me that the ride was nothing different from a slide that he sits on everyday in the park with the only difference being that Superman had managed to get the slide to his bathroom for he had been a good boy and now he needn't go to the park anymore for the same. This is how differently a kid sees and it’s truly amazing is what I believe.

It’s not just said that getting old is natural and bound to happen but staying young at heart is what the real challenge is. Everybody loves the spark children have and the time spent with them during any vacation is the best, such memories are always cherished by all. 

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