Tuesday, 2 December 2014


This post is a part of a The Nissan Safety Driving Forum announced by IndiBlogger to ensure road safety.

Each morning there is a new road accident that I learn about and mind it, the new one being worse than the previous. We need to change this, it's time that road safety is given it's due importance and is not taken for granted like how it has been since like forever.

Okay so let's get talking about what really happens when we are on the road, why do we suddenly turn into hooligans? Why is rash driving cool and driving at the prescribed speed limit considered not so swaggy, huh? 
Wearing a seat belt only when you see a cop is the thing to do, isn't it?
How difficult is this Drink but Don't Drive and Drive when you are Not Drunk. It is no rocket science but it still doesn't get in the head, god knows why! 
Have an urgent call to attend, you may! Your car comes with a break in case you didn't know. You can stop it and attend that urgent call of yours.
I see all Indians having some or the other good luck charm with them in the car either an evil eye, a God's picture or something or the other. Well if you care so much about your life that you need luck while you drive so why don't you follow laws? Why do you start your car when the Signal is Red, isn't that supposed to mean Stop and not go?
Broke a signal and got caught? Didn't wear your seat belt and got caught? Forgot to wear your helmet and got caught? Paying a bribe and getting away is a usual affair, ain't I right?

Well folks, it's time we thought about our lives, our families, our friends, others on the road, other motorists and pedestrians. Following safety measures is the right thing to do. It is fine if your friend doesn't think you are cool if you don't drive fast. You might as well be ridiculed than rather be guilty of someone's life. Your life matters. Care about your family, other motorists as well. Your fun can take someones life away and that won't be funny. Remember your responsibility on the road is not just towards one's own self but also to the other motorists and pedestrians.

Simply by following all traffic rules, wearing a helmet, putting a seat belt, stopping when the signal is red one can ensure road safety. It's that simple.

Be safe. Drive safe.

Have a look at this campaign started in public interest here. The aim of this campaign is to ensure safety on the roads and to bring about the much needed change in the mindset of people.

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