Saturday, 29 November 2014


This post is a part of an IndiBlogger Campaign in association with Strepsils' initiative #AbMontuBolega

We Indians have been given the right to speak, right to raise our opinion, right to seek information among many other rights but how many of us actually exercise our rights? The answer is very few of us. However with this initiative of Strepsils #AbMontuBolega we have got a chance to speak our minds. This campaign is in support of betterment of  citizens and for a better India.  

How often do we find ourselves cursing the Government for unclean roads, potholes, garbage, poor infrastructure, corruption, unemployment and what not. Do we effectively raise our opinion? Do we make our voices heard? Do we ensure that we participate in making India, our city or at least our locality cleaner, safer and better, do we? Well most of us don't! 

Kyunki bin bole ab nahi chalega, Ab Montu Bolega! Talking about how safe our country is today for women, for girls, for kids, for the inferior gender; that's how the world sees it, isn't it? I think this issue needs urgent attention but it's the most ignored. It is larger than corruption and more severe than poverty. It is the dirty mindset of a few men that needs to addressed. Each day I get up in the morning and read about a women being raped in some part of the country. Just recently I read about a year old girl being raped, well all those who thought it was the girl's dressing that attracted men and resulted in rape would they still be blaming this one year old? 
Not just that there have been so many instances of a father raping her daughter, a brother raping her sister, an uncle raping her niece, well weren't we taught to respect our elders and wasn't our family supposed to take care of us?

Often we hear men passing comments on a girls dressing sense, talking about how she walks or there are so many instances of eve-teasing, can we ask why? Where does a man get all these rights from? We women don't do that, do we? So why should a man do it, I ask why? 

Not just that but when a women is assaulted and if she takes an action against it and if she happens to go to the Police Station, there will be all sort of questions that the policemen would ask her and make her feel even worse.

What can a woman really do? How helpless does a woman actually find herself has anybody thought of it? There is a whole society blaming her for absolutely no fault of hers. She is blamed all her life for something she is not faulty of. How sad is this! How male dominant is our society and how unfair is our constitution. Women need to be empowered. Our society needs to change, our constitutions need to be amended for the better, in the favor of women, in the support of the right. 

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

TRINKET TREASURES- We Sell Everything Pretty

Hello lovelies,
Here is an announcement. It is an online store that I have started along with a friend of mine- Trinket Treasures, the accessory boutique. 

Well as the name pretty much suggests, we sell all accessories like necklaces, earrings, ear cuffs, bracelets and lots more. It's been a week since we started this on Instagram and we're overwhelmed with the response :D

You too should have a look at the amazing collection that we have. Very recently we have launched our Pink & Gold Collection which is to watch out for. There is lot's more that we are going to be adding to our Pink & Gold Collection. We have a variety of accessories to choose from and there is lot's more coming up. And yes of course, we sell everything pretty.

So, spread the word but before that have a look at some of the favorites:





There is lots more on our Instagram page, you must check it out!

Here is the link to our Instagram page- Trinket Treasures India, don't forget to follow us :)

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Hi everyone,

Toilet for Babli is a campaign that I truly believe in and will extend all my support for. Today as a nation or as a country we are progressing so much yet we are able to do very little for the most basic requirement of an individual which is proper sanitation facilities. Why? What is the reason for this?
I believe that the only and the most unfortunate reason for this is lack of Education. Folks, education plays a very major role in our life although we don’t not realize this most of the times but instances like such bring into light the importance of having compulsory education in our Country.
Moving to the main issue that we have today- lack of sanitation. This is very sad is what I personally feel. I mean one can only imagine what plight it is to not have a toilet at all.  How many of us today still crib about using the Indian toilets when we are in any remote areas of the country, so we can only imagine the plight and the problem of people who do not have proper toilets.

Toilets are part of basic hygiene, it’s beyond the fact of having a proper house or job, more than any of these needs. One needs a proper and hygienic toilet or sanitation facility. Appropriate sanitation facilities will not just help the people who are not given these facilities but it will also help in improving the health condition of our country which is deteriorating continuously. Today when I put on the news Chanel all I see is people and young kids dying with diseases that I have not even heard of or rather are so new that sometimes even our medical gods are unfamiliar with and need time to research and understand the disease and its cause. All of this is not just happening; there is a reason, it is the lack of sanitation facility. 

Today I see young kids still using the railway tracks to defecate early morning and yet our government is doing so little to improve this condition.The ladies and the young girls I feel are the most affected by of this. Don't we all need basic toilets and imagine in those particular days when a girl is going through hormonal changes in her body, how important the need of such a facility becomes. It is not less than a trauma for a girl or woman to not have this basic facility for such days. 

So for those who aren't as privileged as we are, for those who need our support; there is a little something that we can do, Yes! We must extend our support.
Let us all support this drive by Domex and improve what they say not just the sanitation facilities but together with that we can bring in change by giving them proper health in return.

You can bring about the change in the lives of million of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is "click" on the "Contribute Tab" on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

I support Toilet for Babli, are you doing that too?
To extend your support click on this link and participate in the "You Click Domex Contributes" initiative.

Monday, 10 November 2014


Hello all you lovely people!
I am back with yet another review. It's Garnier Skin Naturals Body Cocoon Lotion this time. With winter being just round the corner I thought it was important I do this post and also since I had promised I am going to review products of the hamper I got from the Meet and Greet Event, so here I am.

Have a look at it:
Garnier Body Cocoon

Ingredients & MRP

What the product claims?
It claims to soothe dry and rough skin and restore the skin's suppleness. It claims to be leaving an unbelievably smooth and soft and nourished skin. It uses natural ingredients which have been carefully extracted.
It also claims that is different from the other moisturizers as it is creamy yet it has a light texture. It leaves ones skin deliciously fragranced due to the use of cocoon.

My take:
Well I pretty much love this moisturizer. Since the time I have started to use it I am all praise for it. As Garnier claims that nourishing cocoons leave a delicious fragrance on our skin, I totally agree with them.I wish I could make you smell how lovely this lotion actually smells. It's subtle and nice. 
Moving further, it gives a smooth skin like many lotions available in the market. So it well does it's job of a moisturizer. It gives a soft and a smooth skin. Reduces dryness and rough skin on using it. It very well Takes Care of the skin, like how it always promises.
So it taking care of the moisturizing need this winter, is a complete must have. It is reasonable and very effective.

  • Reasonable
  • Effective on dry and Rough skin
  • Great fragrance
  • Not very sticky
  • Shows result in the first few uses
  • Visibly smoother skin
  • Doesn't provide moisture for long hours
  • The fragrance also doesn't last long
  • Little sticky although claims to be having a light texture

Am I buying it again?
Without doubt, you should too.

So yes guys, that's the review for you all. You could comment below for any questions and also don't forget to subscribe by mail. Keep reading :)

Monday, 3 November 2014


Okay so the title explains it all. No, it doesn't? Well then, I met Deepika Padukone (Yayy! still can't believe I did, I have been pinching my self ever since then)
The recent post that I wrote on Garnier BB Cream got me this chance. This event was organized by Garnier in association with IndiBlogger. If you haven't read the post as yet, then here is the link- Garnier BB Cream

Okay so I am sure you all have too many things on your mind right now. Like how did I? When did I? Why me and not you? Where? What happened then? How pretty is she? How was the meet and all? Right? Rest assured I am answering them all right here.

28th October 2014, Tuesday
I won first prize in the contest organised by IndiBlogger and Garnier for my review of the BB Cream and as promised by the team I got to meet Deepika Padukone at Sofitel Hotel, BKC.
Well there was a little wait before the star could meet the winners of IndiBlogger contests and Twitter contests (there were 2 winners chosen from each of the two contests). We were all so excited and one of the Twitter Contest winner was a die hard fan, she even had a fan club and knew almost everything about her, I was amazed by her knowledge. So yes, we were all very excited to meet The Diva herself.
At around 7, Deepika got out of her black Audi with her bodyguard and she was then followed by her PR and makeup artist in the other car. She looked fabulous in Pankaj & Niddhi outfit.

Have a look:
Embedded image permalink
Deepika wore  fresh off the runway Pankaj & Niddhi seperates 

Then the winners were called one by one to meet her. We were all very excited but at the same time we were nervous. Finally when it was my turn to meet her, I was spellbound. I started by singing a song for her which she found really sweet. I also kept telling her how pretty she was and how I loved watching all her movies. She was really sweet and very humble during the entire conversation. She spoke to each one of us very sweetly and we were all starstruck!
Despite she having a very busy day, promoting her recently released movie Happy New Year she took out time for her fans, isn't that really sweet? Well after meeting her I have become a bigger fan than what I was.

Here are some of the pictures of the event, have a look at them.

Managed to click this as she entered the Hotel
She looked gorgeous

Deepika signing an autograph

(Image Source: Garnier India's Twitter and Facebook page)

Finally as the end of the event all winners were given a Garnier Hamper and a diary signed by Deepika Padukone. Thanks so much IndiBlogger and Garnier for this lovely opportunity. 

Well, this is how the hamper looked.
Going to soon review the products from the hamper. Stay tuned :)