Monday, 10 November 2014


Hello all you lovely people!
I am back with yet another review. It's Garnier Skin Naturals Body Cocoon Lotion this time. With winter being just round the corner I thought it was important I do this post and also since I had promised I am going to review products of the hamper I got from the Meet and Greet Event, so here I am.

Have a look at it:
Garnier Body Cocoon

Ingredients & MRP

What the product claims?
It claims to soothe dry and rough skin and restore the skin's suppleness. It claims to be leaving an unbelievably smooth and soft and nourished skin. It uses natural ingredients which have been carefully extracted.
It also claims that is different from the other moisturizers as it is creamy yet it has a light texture. It leaves ones skin deliciously fragranced due to the use of cocoon.

My take:
Well I pretty much love this moisturizer. Since the time I have started to use it I am all praise for it. As Garnier claims that nourishing cocoons leave a delicious fragrance on our skin, I totally agree with them.I wish I could make you smell how lovely this lotion actually smells. It's subtle and nice. 
Moving further, it gives a smooth skin like many lotions available in the market. So it well does it's job of a moisturizer. It gives a soft and a smooth skin. Reduces dryness and rough skin on using it. It very well Takes Care of the skin, like how it always promises.
So it taking care of the moisturizing need this winter, is a complete must have. It is reasonable and very effective.

  • Reasonable
  • Effective on dry and Rough skin
  • Great fragrance
  • Not very sticky
  • Shows result in the first few uses
  • Visibly smoother skin
  • Doesn't provide moisture for long hours
  • The fragrance also doesn't last long
  • Little sticky although claims to be having a light texture

Am I buying it again?
Without doubt, you should too.

So yes guys, that's the review for you all. You could comment below for any questions and also don't forget to subscribe by mail. Keep reading :)

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