Saturday, 29 November 2014


This post is a part of an IndiBlogger Campaign in association with Strepsils' initiative #AbMontuBolega

We Indians have been given the right to speak, right to raise our opinion, right to seek information among many other rights but how many of us actually exercise our rights? The answer is very few of us. However with this initiative of Strepsils #AbMontuBolega we have got a chance to speak our minds. This campaign is in support of betterment of  citizens and for a better India.  

How often do we find ourselves cursing the Government for unclean roads, potholes, garbage, poor infrastructure, corruption, unemployment and what not. Do we effectively raise our opinion? Do we make our voices heard? Do we ensure that we participate in making India, our city or at least our locality cleaner, safer and better, do we? Well most of us don't! 

Kyunki bin bole ab nahi chalega, Ab Montu Bolega! Talking about how safe our country is today for women, for girls, for kids, for the inferior gender; that's how the world sees it, isn't it? I think this issue needs urgent attention but it's the most ignored. It is larger than corruption and more severe than poverty. It is the dirty mindset of a few men that needs to addressed. Each day I get up in the morning and read about a women being raped in some part of the country. Just recently I read about a year old girl being raped, well all those who thought it was the girl's dressing that attracted men and resulted in rape would they still be blaming this one year old? 
Not just that there have been so many instances of a father raping her daughter, a brother raping her sister, an uncle raping her niece, well weren't we taught to respect our elders and wasn't our family supposed to take care of us?

Often we hear men passing comments on a girls dressing sense, talking about how she walks or there are so many instances of eve-teasing, can we ask why? Where does a man get all these rights from? We women don't do that, do we? So why should a man do it, I ask why? 

Not just that but when a women is assaulted and if she takes an action against it and if she happens to go to the Police Station, there will be all sort of questions that the policemen would ask her and make her feel even worse.

What can a woman really do? How helpless does a woman actually find herself has anybody thought of it? There is a whole society blaming her for absolutely no fault of hers. She is blamed all her life for something she is not faulty of. How sad is this! How male dominant is our society and how unfair is our constitution. Women need to be empowered. Our society needs to change, our constitutions need to be amended for the better, in the favor of women, in the support of the right. 

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