Wednesday, 30 April 2014


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My Dada always said "khao, piyo aur khush raho" He wasn't just a foodie, he was beyond that! His love for discovering new food joints, eating at the best of the hotels, eating the best of the food is something I have always admired! He being the most organised man I have ever known, be it food or be it work; he always did things his way! And that's what I like the most about him.
Birthdays in my family have always been grand, they still are but nothing like what it used to be when we celebrated them with Dada! I still remember how he did all the arrangements all by himself to ensure nothing goes wrong. Starting from setting the table, getting us birthday caps, getting a heart shaped cake (which we all loved when we were kids), asking Dadi to cook our favorite meal (We didn't consider ordering food from out at that time and how much I miss that know)! It was all soo much fun.
Sundays meant a total break from the kitchen for all the ladies at home. Lunch was out and dinner was men's job! We kids assisted them though! Umm.. You could say in worsening the state of kitchen (Cleanliness is not something that men and kids know about :P) But, they did a good job! In fact we kids even suggested them to swap their roles; that would mean Dada being the head of kitchen and Dadi at office.
Not just that, every time he went out he got something or the other home! In fact once when he didn't get us a thing, my sister didn't even let him in! Really :P He was forced to go back and get all of us something which he did with great joy!
He is truly my role model for no one I know has been able to handle family and work better than him! :)

Monday, 28 April 2014


Hello everyone!
Fashion Trends & Food is now a month old! Yayy :D 
I am overwhelmed with the kind of support I've received from all my lovely readers. I've over 850 views already! Thank you very much guys.
I will continue to write and update you all with the little bit of knowledge that I've about fashion and food. Meanwhile I request you all to keep reading and also continue giving your valuable comments on my posts. All kinds of suggestions are welcome.

What's new?
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Stay tuned for some amazing product reviews, fashion ideas and restaurant reviews!

Friday, 18 April 2014


Hola Fashionistas! This post is to my newly found Shimmer obsession :D
To me shimmer is magic. It can really do wonders! Lately, I have fallen in love with shimmer and I give the due credits to my Forever New Bag for this. You all  would have started to guess that "She must have probably bought a new shimmer bag from Forever New" right? Sorry to disappoint you all but the truth is different.

I'll leave it to the pictures to further explain:

AT FIRST (Apologies for the poor quality of picture)

LATER (It broke it's promise of staying new forever)

NOW (Shimmer does wonders, told you all)


I loved my Forever New Bag way too much, I carried it almost everywhere! Be it movies, parties, lunch, practically everywhere. But sadly it started to tear after sometime.
Shimmer then came to rescue :D Shimmer gave it a complete makeover, don't you all agree? To be honest I like my Forever New Bag more now than earlier. I say that because I wanted a shimmer bag since really long! And what's better than creating best out of  waste!
Since then I have made a shimmer pouch with the left over piece of cloth (I am not really in to recycling and stuff but I couldn't let shimmer go waste)  and I am soon getting a shimmer top stitched! :D

P.S: Credits for redesigning this bag goes to a really dear friend. Thank you very much!

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Makeup just got me thinking! All this while I thought I knew everything about makeup but I was wrong. I had so many false perceptions, like way too many.
Here are some makeup facts that you should know about:
Fact #1 Red for all
How many of us have said this before "Red lipstick is not for me!" But you know what? There is a red out there for everyone. It has tones like orangey red and cherry red which suit fair to medium complexions and deep red and maroon reds suit wheatish to dark complexions.
Fact #2 Wearing products from different brands is completely fine
Your skin knows nothing about brands, does it? So why wear products from one brand only? Experiment with your skin. Keep switching your brands to not limit your options. A well- formulated product of any brand that suits your skin can be used by you!
Fact #3 Match your foundation to your neck or jawline
Our hands are exposed to much more UV rays than our face. Aren't our hands often a proof of our tan! So, how could you put our hand or our wrist in front while looking for a perfect shade of foundation for your skin? Matching your foundation with your neck or your jawline is the best option.

BOMB Cosmetics are now available in India! Yes! :D
With a little bit of research I've got to know of a site from where you could order some scrumptious handmade soaps, bath bombs and bath melts with amazing natural fragrances-
To know more about BOMB Cosmetics, you could visit their official site-

OPI announced that they will be collaborating with beverage company Coca-Cola to launch a line of nail lacquers. Coca-Cola's most recognized products, including Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Sprite and Fanta will be the inspiration for the limited edition line. (How I love to see fashion meeting food)

Sunday, 6 April 2014


Here is yet another trend alert for you all! It's Neon this time that is ruling the roost. Be it the runway or the streets, all are displaying neon. Clutches, shoes, clothes, jewelry, makeup, everything is going neon this summer.

Neon is bright and neon is right this summer. If you were to go for street shopping then you would probably end up having a closet full of neon! Starting from clothes to shoes and even hair accessories, there is neon everywhere. Brands are displaying neon too.You could wear neon color dresses, tops, skirts, pants. You could also carry neon bags. There are neon shoes and jewelry too. The latest addition to neon is makeup- neon eye shadows, neon eye liner, neon lipstick, neon nail paints and lots more.

One at a time, please!
One thing to remember while wearing neon is to not overdo oneself. And yes, wear one neon at a time.
Say, if you're carrying a neon bag then your clothes don't have to be neon. A little bit neon here and there is fine, but wearing a neon dress with a matching neon bag is a complete NO! So, remember one neon is enough to add that color to your life, okay?

What is Bollywood wearing?

Picture courtesy: Google

Styling tip: You should team up neon with basic colors. A neon top is best worn with black, blue or beige bottoms. A neon bag goes well with a black or any single color dress. In my opinion a neon necklace (any other neon jewelry) or a bag or a neon footwear are best worn with LBD (little black dress). Adding neon to your eyes and ditching blacks and browns for lovely pinks, yellows and greens is what I recommend this summer! Also, neons are the hottest things in nails right now! (You must try OPI's Neon Collection. Also Faces has some amazing neon shades too)

Neon adds color to my oh-so-boring life. It rejuvenates my being! What does it do it to you? Post your comments to let me know if you're going neon too this summer!

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Hola Fashionistas!
In a post earlier I had spoken about cutting your hair short to beat the heat and for all those who love their long hair way too much I had suggested to check out some hairdos from Pinterest or YouTube! I have done that job for you all!
Here are some hairstyles and other styling ideas that I have picked from various sites and magazines only for you all!
Low ponytails- This hairstyle is never going out of fashion. You can make a messy ponytail or for those evening outings, a sleek low ponytail with smoky eye makeup will do wonders!
Textured soft waves-This one works for any length whether short or long. A simple hairdo but yet so effective
Braided hairstyles- Be it a coffee date or a girl's night out, take inspiration from a trend that refuses to budge- the plaited braid.

Head on with scarves- Scarves can be used as stylish headgear this summer season. From haute hippie  to urban fashionista, scarves can be worn by all!
Get the look #1 Haute hippie: Start off by folding the scarf into a thin strip, about two to three inches. Place the middle of the scarf on the back of neck, underneath your hair and hold one end in each hand. Then, bring the ends up to the top of your forehead and fasten then with a big stylish knot. Pin up the sides with a colorful clip and you're good to go.
Get the look #2 Urban fashionista: Tie your hair into a ponytail with a thin rubber band. Then tie a thin scarf on top to hide the band. Push one end of the scarf into the rubber band and pull it out. Now take the entire bunch of hair the scarf and twist the hair with scarf, wrap it around at the base of the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins! You could also create a bow on the side in case you've excess of scarf.

Fashion Advice:
One thing you should know from the styles ruling this season is that sleek may not be chic anymore. Hair that's messy, stylishly unruly and natural is what you will need. If you still want a sleek bun make sure to add a twist to the shape or placement!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Hello everyone!
Here is a post for all gourmands! For all those who strongly believe in Julia Child's saying "People who love to eat are always the best people!"
Everybody has favorite restaurant and their favorite menu out there and if someone you know hasn't eaten what you like the most; don't you all exclaim "yeh nahi khaya toh khaya?"

I have mine too! Here is my list of yeh nahi khya toh kya khaya?
1. Juhu Beach Cheese Pav Bhaji- This is ultimate! Served with lots of butter and cheese! If you're somebody who doesn't eat roadside food then maybe you can skip this one as I give no guarantee for hygiene :P (My stomach is immune to roadside food)
2. Chole Bhature from Kailash Parbat- Very filling and yummy too! For all punjabi food lovers, this is a must try!
3. Pizza from North Indian Restaurant- This might sound unusual to few but trust me you should really try this one! I recommend veg cheese onion and capsicum pizza from Vrindavan or Shiv Sagar; a treat to your taste buds for way lesser than many pizza joints! Served with loads of cheese.
4. Chinese Bhel and Frankie from Podar- Must try this! In my opinion, they serve the best frankie and chinese bhel!
5. Chocolate Chips Brownie from Celejor- Every bite of this brownie tastes like heaven! It's a tad bit more expensive as compared to other cake shops but they serve quality!
6. Gelato Ice Cream on 1st-  This one you can definitely not miss! They serve new flavors, different from their regular menu for INR 15 only! A great deal, isn't it?
7. Pizza Toast from Jay Sandwich- Yummiest thing ever! Tastes best with green chutney- very spicy.
8. Elco Pani Puri- By far the best pani puri joint! They claim to be using mineral water! And yes they serve chilled pani.
9. Manju Dosa- Whenever I decide to have dosa, I've Manju Dosa! Dosa served with loads of masala and yummy chutneys.
10. Chocolate Fantasy from Cafe Coffee Day- What you thought you could have only coffee there? Try this out! Best way to have it? With Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce.

P.S: Additions to this list are welcome! :)