Sunday, 26 October 2014


Hola Fashionistas!
How are you all doing? Pretty? Well, here is a post to that one cosmetic brand that can make you look flawless and gorgeous.
KIKO is an amazing cosmetic brand. All this while I had only heard of it but just recently I got a chance to use it's products (Thank God I did) and ever since I did, I have fallen in love with it. It's pocket friendly and has a great range to choose from. Right from anti-ageing cream to nail paints, you will find all of it here.

Why so much love?
Umm simply because it deserves it. I bought a nail paint worth INR 80 approx  (1 Euro) that too with two shades back and fro. So for like less than 40 Rupees what I got is a lovely shade of KIKO, an amazing cosmetic brand. Not just that but also unlike many nail paints that I have used in the past, this one stayed on for a longer duration and removing it was so easy. Even black came out without much of a effort. So why won't I love it?
Lip balms in flavors like Pineapple and Apricot are available which are so subtle and nice. You must try them, I totally recommend these lip balms.
What you shouldn't miss out on is Glow Touch for Lips & Cheeks. Wondering what it does? It gives a radiant finish to lips and cheeks. It can be used as lipstick as well as on the cheeks. So you need not carry your full make up kit for an outing. You could simply do a touch-up with this Glow Touch. Must try it.
I also bought many eye pencils and eye shadows for I love doing eye makeup lately.

Totally loving it. You could comment below and let me know if you like KIKO as much as I do and stay tuned for more posts. Ciao!

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Hi Guys! It's time for adding up stuff to our Yeh nahi khaya toh kya khaya list.
This post is an extension to a blog post written earlier. For all those who haven't read that yet, read it here.

Here it goes!
Triple Schezwan Fried Rice from Sahibaan- This for sure tops the list. Served with fried noodles and load of schezwan sauce. So the next time you go there you know what you shouldn't miss out on.
Red Velvet Cupcake from Le 15- Heaven! By far the best red velvet I have ever had. The cream is so rich and the cupcakes are always so fresh. If you wish to try'em (which I totally recommend) you must either pre-book them over the phone or rush to the outlet now!
Veg and Cottage Cheese Cupwich from Dunkin Donuts- It literally melts in the mouth. It's topped with lots of cheese and tastes best when served hot. Must try it.
Cigar roll from Facing East- When the cheese inside will melt in your mouth you won't be able to help but ask more of it. It's totally worth a try.
Veg Strips from KFC- Not always do vegetarians have a choice to go to McDonald's. So if you are a vegetarian and you are at KFC you mustn't starve, you should rather try veg strips out and trust me you will love'em. Don't forget to ask for chilly sauce, tastes really good with it.

So, that's all that I have been hogging of late Do you think I have missed something out, comment below and let me know. Until then keep reading and stay tuned for more posts.
Wish you all a very Happy and a Safe Diwali

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Hey folks! This post is a part of an IndiBlogger Contest- #ImmuneIndia. Here is the link to it-

A child is a blessing. From the time the child is born or rather even before that the child's wish becomes the mother's wish. child's happiness becomes parent's happiness, his sorrow becomes theirs. This post is to that bond which the kid and the parents share, which is unbreakable.
A Mother comes to know when her child is happy, she comes to know when her child needs a teaching. Her eyes remain stern when her child need to be taught. Her shoulder is ready when her child needs to let his feelings out, isn't that simply amazing. A father may project to be angry but it will alone be for the betterment of his child. He works all day long only so that you can have a secured future, now that's a big sacrifice. So, it won't be wrong to say that a healthy child makes a happy home.
Every parent truly becomes a part of their child's good and bad times. They not only guide their children but also stand with them even when they have done wrong or against their wish. If a child is not keeping well, the whole family gets to the doctor to check if he is fine or not.

I distinctly remember when I was 5 years old, I was severely unwell, my parents were so worried that they both of they took leave from work and would just be besides me. Not just that they did everything that they could possibly to make me feel all right. So, it's not the child alone who is sick but the entire feel seems unwell. This is just one such incident, there have been many more. If ever I came back crying from school, my mother used to be upset too until she could make me understand.

So, what makes a happy home, should always be kept happy, right? When a parent cannot even see their child cry let alone be seeing them unwell, it must be the most painful sight for them. There is a very famous saying- Health is Wealth. When a child's health is concerned it means everything to parents, it's their wealth, their happiness, everything.
It's rightly said that it's a child who gives birth to a mother. There are a whole set of new emotions and joy that a child brings in the family. It's the health of the child that is the major concern of all parents as they never wish to see their child suffering. The most dreadful sight for any parent would be to see their child in pain. Therefore very rightly, it's a healthy child that makes a happy home.


Hello everyone! This post is a part of  Ghar wali Diwali Contest.
With Diwali being just a few days away, I am sure most of you all would have started to prepare for it- new clothes, new shoes, gifts, loads of crackers and tons of mouth melting sweets. Diwali is the festival of lights, it is a colorful and a happy occasion for everybody. It marks the victory of spiritual goodness. Diwali is celebrated symbolizing renewing energy, homecoming and prosperity in different parts of the country. Diwali coincides with several different events of historical significance. It marks the day of return of Lord Rama after defeating Ravana.
But there is no Diwali if it's not at home, ain't I right? Diwali is that one festival which we all wish to celebrate with our close ones. Diwali is a joyous festival. It is to be celebrated in full spirit.

Diwali is always been really special to me, never have I ever celebrated it without my family. We start preparing for it weeks in advance. Preparation starts from cleaning the house, which is definitely not my favorite part but I'm still forced to do it. Preparing 'Chiki', 'Halwa' among many other sweets is too much fun. My favorite part is going shopping for Diwali, it's that one time where my Mom insists I get a new dress, which otherwise doesn't happen as I have a closet full of clothes that I have still never worn. So yes, shopping is certainly the best part about Diwali.
We also celebrate Dhanteras, where every year we buy something or the other either in gold or silver for our place. Finally when the day comes, we welcome lots of guests home with oil lamps lit outside our house. My entire family comes together for Lakshmi Puja and then the kids get gifts and 'kharchi' (money), which certainly is most awaited by them. Soon after the Puja, kids go down and bursts crackers which is then followed by family dinner.
So, this Diwali will yet again be really special as everyone is going to be home and we are going to be celebrating it together. In my opinion festival like Diwali which brings in so much joy and prosperity is best celebrated when celebrated with family.

Whether it is celebrated on a large scale with all the Dhoom- dham of crackers and everything or even if it is just a simple puja at home, it is celebrated best when it's celebrated at home.
Celebrating Diwali signifies celebrating good over evil, celebrating happiness, joy and prosperity.
Wish you all a very Happy  and a Safe Diwali. Have loads of fun celebrating #GharWaliDiwali.

Do watch this film- PepsiCo#GharWaliDiwali film

Thursday, 16 October 2014


Hello to all you pretty ladies out there!
I am sure we all love looking our bests but how often do we face this dilemma. Got home late last night? Oh no, you must sleep otherwise you will have no time for makeup. You don't want to be looking ugly for work, you must sleep now.
Got up early but had family commitments so couldn't find time to wear makeup to work. Now? Eww
We have all had times when we have to struggle between work and looking good and we are forced to choose work. Here is a solution to your problems ladies, it is Garnier BB Cream.

arnier BB Cream gives you fairer looking skin, healthy glow, it reduces lines and imperfections, gives an even skin tone and provides moisture for 8 hours. It's an all-in-one cream, it takes care of everything right from the need for makeup to moisturizer.

Here is why Garnier BB Cream is perfect for you? And why you must include it in your daily routine?
Firstly, it works as a foundation giving you an even skin and making your skin look fairer as desired by use of foundation and compact powder. So, with the use of BB Cream you can do away with your makeup kit and all you need to do is take some cream on your palm and simply spread it like any other moisturizer, it's that simple. We spend so much on getting the right shade of foundation for our skin but this BB Cream works for all skin tones. It gives an instant perfect skin as it combines derivative of Vitamin C and mineral pigments which help unify skin.
In such a stressful life where one has no time for themselves, where does one have the time to look at the blemishes or lines on one's skin? No worry, Garnier BB Cream would take care of that as well. It will help reduces those lines and imperfections on your skin and make you look flawless. Not just that but it also gives you a natural and a healthy glow
Most importantly it keeps your skin moisturized for 8 hours as it has almond extracts. It also has SPF 24 which protects our skin from UV rays. So simply by putting BB Cream one can do away with moisturizer and sunscreen also, isn't that amazing?

It perfectly fits in my daily routine without hassles of makeup as I just don't manage to wake up on time for college. I barely manage to have my breakfast, let alone be makeup, sunscreen and moisturizer. In that case Garnier BB Cream works wonders for me. So what I do is, I simply put this BB Cream and voila I am all set for college.
Say yes to Garnier BB Cream and no to makeup, moisturizer and sunscreen as Garnier BB Cream would take care of all your needs.
Still wondering why you should be using it? Find out here

Saturday, 11 October 2014


Hello all you lovely people out there!
It's been ages since I wrote my  last blog, have been busy with some stuff but now finally I'm back.
So, here is just a little bit of everything that's been on my mind but not on the blog. It's time I list it all down here:
1. Review of a foreign Cosmetic Brand
2. Additions to "yeh nahi khaya toh kya khaya list" (For the food discovery just doesn't end that soon)
3. And a showcase of all cosmetics that I have been shopping for since the past months, trust me ladies that are totally drool worthy

So, keep reading this space as there is a lot coming up, also you could subscribe for regular post updates that you would receive straight into your mailbox. Ciao :D