Sunday, 19 October 2014


Hello everyone! This post is a part of  Ghar wali Diwali Contest.
With Diwali being just a few days away, I am sure most of you all would have started to prepare for it- new clothes, new shoes, gifts, loads of crackers and tons of mouth melting sweets. Diwali is the festival of lights, it is a colorful and a happy occasion for everybody. It marks the victory of spiritual goodness. Diwali is celebrated symbolizing renewing energy, homecoming and prosperity in different parts of the country. Diwali coincides with several different events of historical significance. It marks the day of return of Lord Rama after defeating Ravana.
But there is no Diwali if it's not at home, ain't I right? Diwali is that one festival which we all wish to celebrate with our close ones. Diwali is a joyous festival. It is to be celebrated in full spirit.

Diwali is always been really special to me, never have I ever celebrated it without my family. We start preparing for it weeks in advance. Preparation starts from cleaning the house, which is definitely not my favorite part but I'm still forced to do it. Preparing 'Chiki', 'Halwa' among many other sweets is too much fun. My favorite part is going shopping for Diwali, it's that one time where my Mom insists I get a new dress, which otherwise doesn't happen as I have a closet full of clothes that I have still never worn. So yes, shopping is certainly the best part about Diwali.
We also celebrate Dhanteras, where every year we buy something or the other either in gold or silver for our place. Finally when the day comes, we welcome lots of guests home with oil lamps lit outside our house. My entire family comes together for Lakshmi Puja and then the kids get gifts and 'kharchi' (money), which certainly is most awaited by them. Soon after the Puja, kids go down and bursts crackers which is then followed by family dinner.
So, this Diwali will yet again be really special as everyone is going to be home and we are going to be celebrating it together. In my opinion festival like Diwali which brings in so much joy and prosperity is best celebrated when celebrated with family.

Whether it is celebrated on a large scale with all the Dhoom- dham of crackers and everything or even if it is just a simple puja at home, it is celebrated best when it's celebrated at home.
Celebrating Diwali signifies celebrating good over evil, celebrating happiness, joy and prosperity.
Wish you all a very Happy  and a Safe Diwali. Have loads of fun celebrating #GharWaliDiwali.

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