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A child is a blessing. From the time the child is born or rather even before that the child's wish becomes the mother's wish. child's happiness becomes parent's happiness, his sorrow becomes theirs. This post is to that bond which the kid and the parents share, which is unbreakable.
A Mother comes to know when her child is happy, she comes to know when her child needs a teaching. Her eyes remain stern when her child need to be taught. Her shoulder is ready when her child needs to let his feelings out, isn't that simply amazing. A father may project to be angry but it will alone be for the betterment of his child. He works all day long only so that you can have a secured future, now that's a big sacrifice. So, it won't be wrong to say that a healthy child makes a happy home.
Every parent truly becomes a part of their child's good and bad times. They not only guide their children but also stand with them even when they have done wrong or against their wish. If a child is not keeping well, the whole family gets to the doctor to check if he is fine or not.

I distinctly remember when I was 5 years old, I was severely unwell, my parents were so worried that they both of they took leave from work and would just be besides me. Not just that they did everything that they could possibly to make me feel all right. So, it's not the child alone who is sick but the entire feel seems unwell. This is just one such incident, there have been many more. If ever I came back crying from school, my mother used to be upset too until she could make me understand.

So, what makes a happy home, should always be kept happy, right? When a parent cannot even see their child cry let alone be seeing them unwell, it must be the most painful sight for them. There is a very famous saying- Health is Wealth. When a child's health is concerned it means everything to parents, it's their wealth, their happiness, everything.
It's rightly said that it's a child who gives birth to a mother. There are a whole set of new emotions and joy that a child brings in the family. It's the health of the child that is the major concern of all parents as they never wish to see their child suffering. The most dreadful sight for any parent would be to see their child in pain. Therefore very rightly, it's a healthy child that makes a happy home.

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