Sunday, 26 October 2014


Hola Fashionistas!
How are you all doing? Pretty? Well, here is a post to that one cosmetic brand that can make you look flawless and gorgeous.
KIKO is an amazing cosmetic brand. All this while I had only heard of it but just recently I got a chance to use it's products (Thank God I did) and ever since I did, I have fallen in love with it. It's pocket friendly and has a great range to choose from. Right from anti-ageing cream to nail paints, you will find all of it here.

Why so much love?
Umm simply because it deserves it. I bought a nail paint worth INR 80 approx  (1 Euro) that too with two shades back and fro. So for like less than 40 Rupees what I got is a lovely shade of KIKO, an amazing cosmetic brand. Not just that but also unlike many nail paints that I have used in the past, this one stayed on for a longer duration and removing it was so easy. Even black came out without much of a effort. So why won't I love it?
Lip balms in flavors like Pineapple and Apricot are available which are so subtle and nice. You must try them, I totally recommend these lip balms.
What you shouldn't miss out on is Glow Touch for Lips & Cheeks. Wondering what it does? It gives a radiant finish to lips and cheeks. It can be used as lipstick as well as on the cheeks. So you need not carry your full make up kit for an outing. You could simply do a touch-up with this Glow Touch. Must try it.
I also bought many eye pencils and eye shadows for I love doing eye makeup lately.

Totally loving it. You could comment below and let me know if you like KIKO as much as I do and stay tuned for more posts. Ciao!

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