Thursday, 16 October 2014


Hello to all you pretty ladies out there!
I am sure we all love looking our bests but how often do we face this dilemma. Got home late last night? Oh no, you must sleep otherwise you will have no time for makeup. You don't want to be looking ugly for work, you must sleep now.
Got up early but had family commitments so couldn't find time to wear makeup to work. Now? Eww
We have all had times when we have to struggle between work and looking good and we are forced to choose work. Here is a solution to your problems ladies, it is Garnier BB Cream.

arnier BB Cream gives you fairer looking skin, healthy glow, it reduces lines and imperfections, gives an even skin tone and provides moisture for 8 hours. It's an all-in-one cream, it takes care of everything right from the need for makeup to moisturizer.

Here is why Garnier BB Cream is perfect for you? And why you must include it in your daily routine?
Firstly, it works as a foundation giving you an even skin and making your skin look fairer as desired by use of foundation and compact powder. So, with the use of BB Cream you can do away with your makeup kit and all you need to do is take some cream on your palm and simply spread it like any other moisturizer, it's that simple. We spend so much on getting the right shade of foundation for our skin but this BB Cream works for all skin tones. It gives an instant perfect skin as it combines derivative of Vitamin C and mineral pigments which help unify skin.
In such a stressful life where one has no time for themselves, where does one have the time to look at the blemishes or lines on one's skin? No worry, Garnier BB Cream would take care of that as well. It will help reduces those lines and imperfections on your skin and make you look flawless. Not just that but it also gives you a natural and a healthy glow
Most importantly it keeps your skin moisturized for 8 hours as it has almond extracts. It also has SPF 24 which protects our skin from UV rays. So simply by putting BB Cream one can do away with moisturizer and sunscreen also, isn't that amazing?

It perfectly fits in my daily routine without hassles of makeup as I just don't manage to wake up on time for college. I barely manage to have my breakfast, let alone be makeup, sunscreen and moisturizer. In that case Garnier BB Cream works wonders for me. So what I do is, I simply put this BB Cream and voila I am all set for college.
Say yes to Garnier BB Cream and no to makeup, moisturizer and sunscreen as Garnier BB Cream would take care of all your needs.
Still wondering why you should be using it? Find out here

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