Friday, 21 August 2015


Need for speed – Talking about how important speed actually is in life, well it is very important. Although drifting a little away from the topic in my recent tour to Rajasthan I realized that the lifestyle in different places of the same country is so different. I had always heard and read that Mumbaikars have a very busy life, they don’t wait for anyone and all that but when I witnessed the difference between the two states I believed and understood that everything I read was true. Here in Mumbai we crave for speed.

This thirst of ours or this craving of ours for speed was heard by AIRTEL. Airtel has come up with the Airtel 4G Network which promises to be the fastest network ever. Airtel being the first telecom company to launch 4G Network in India. Other countries like Japan and other developed countries were lucky enough to have faster browsing services since the very past. Every time I had any relative coming over from the US they would just be cribbing and cursing the poor internet connection at home. Nevertheless Airtel has come to rescue. This 4G service is available at the price of 3G which I believe most of us use of late. Mobile being our little world where we watch videos, surf the net and do everything possible to connect and communicate with people. In the kind of life that we are leading today speed is very important. If a recent study is to be believed then even a 15 year old kid today has more anxiety than a 50 year old then. Such are our lives today.

God forbid if you are lost somewhere and don’t know how to get back home or how to reach that place then GPS comes to rescue but obviously GPS would require a god internet connection and what can be better than 4G? Not just that but there are times when you want to make a Skype call or a WhatsApp call be it for leisure or be it for an important meeting, a good internet connection is needed. Watching videos on YouTube would be much faster and easier when watched on a 4G service like this one given by Airtel.

If you are still wondering whether you should get 4G or not then here is why you definitely should:
  • Airtel has come up with 4G services in across 296 cities in India.
  • Airtel is the first telecom company to come up with 4G service and that too at the price of 3G.
  • Delivery of 4G sim at home.
  • Get a 4G sim simply by tweeting #GetAirtel4G
  • Need for speed, do I need to say more?

All that you actually need is a handset that supports 4G to be able to start using this amazing network by Airtel. Get going or wait running with this new service by Airtel J