Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Hello people! I am back with another restaurant review :D
Today I am reviewing UFO Revolving Restaurant, Kandivali!

Price: I would call it a pocket friendly restaurant. A family of four would spent nothing more than INR 2000 for the entire meal. That makes it an average of INR 500 per person.
Cuisines: North Indian, Chinese and Continental.
Opening hours are from 12 Noon to 3:30 PM and it opens again at 7 PM till 12 Midnight.
Besides the revolving restaurant, there is an open roof restaurant called U Turn and another one called Box Office Lounge for all those who are crazy about Bollywood.
Serves Non Veg, Dine in and home delivery are both available. Bar is also available.

Picture Courtesy: UFO Revolving Restaurant's Facebook Page.

Picture Courtesy: Google

To start of with, this was my first time in a revolving restaurant. This concept being new to me, I was amazed with how I started my dinner at one spot and landed to another at the end of it. So, yes! The concept of a revolving restaurant was good and unlike what I thought my experience would be- I was a little scared to get there, thinking I would feel giddy if the place moved while I ate. However, it moved very smoothly, you would only be able to tell that the place has revolved by finding yourself in a different spot after a while. The only thing that could have been better was the view outside- It would be nice to see more of trees and greenery than houses.
Service was good. The ambiance of the place is decent. The place is neither too big nor too small. I had to wait for about 10 minutes before I could revolve while eating. Waiting on weekends is quite normal, so no complaints!

Before telling you what I ate there, I must tell you that NEVER have I ever stuck to one cuisine. So yes! This time too I did the same thing. And yeah, if you would have read my previous review you would be knowing by now that I am vegetarian (Otherwise nobody is a fool to be eating veg. food all the time)
I started off with a Chinese Cuisine- Manchow Soup (all time favourite). I then jumped to North Indian and had Pahadi Paneer Tikka with Mint Chutney. Their Mint Chutney was so yummy that I ordered Roasted Papad to have it with it! (Yumm!) For Main Course, I had Hakka Noodles and Malai Kofta with Naan. Desserts I had to skip as I was too full. (All thanks to them for serving good quantity)
Although I had little but I totally loved everything I ate. Sadly, I couldn't even try Continental. But no worries, I already know what I am ordering the next time I go there.
Have a look at their menu- Menu by Zomato (Courtesy: Zomato)

1. You are going to be revolving while eating, that is just soo cool!
2. For it's food.
3. Good service.
4. Friendly staff.
5. Pocket friendly.
The other two places- Box Lounge and U Turn also looked quite appealing! Also, there was a scary house for kids (which was not all scary; actually it was for kids so may be it was scary enough for them). Not just this, they also had real fancy hats- perfect place for clicking pictures for Instagram and Facebook.
Why revolve around good food when you can revolve with it? (Copied from their Facebook page) You have all the reasons to go there, why wouldn't you want to try it out?

Never are we satisfied with what we get! So few things that in my opinion could have been better are- We could have had better surroundings as I earlier mentioned more of greenery than houses. Quicker service (It would be nice if they served us a little faster, just a little). Umm, how about increasing the speed of revolution? No, I am not saying we want to fall off our chairs while eating or anything of that sort. a little increase in the speed would be nice, I suppose.

Write your comments below if you have been to this place! Did you like it too?

P.S: Fashion Trends and Food completed two months today. Yayy! Total page views until today- 1385, which is quite a number! :D
Also, Vero Moda, Jack and Jones and Only are back with their Super Saturday. It's on the 31st of May. Are you going to be there?

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Wow, simply wow! #DovePlay event was soo sooo good. I had such a good time there.
As soon as I got to know of this event, I was certain of attending it. Preparations for it started well in advance. Wearing white was the little that they asked but this being my very first meet I wanted to ensure that I look my best. So, I went shopping (my friend said it was kinda crazy but I thought it was important to have a new clothes; this being my first meet as I just told you all)
Getting straight to the details of the event. The event was on May 11 at JW Marriott Hotel, Juhu. It started off at 3:30 with registration and was followed by snacks (the cupcakes were soo yummy). Clicking pictures was the next thing that followed; too many selfies, solos (they exist too, in case you all had forgotten) and they also had instant photographs. Pictures took a pause as the IndiBlogger guy welcomed all of us and gave us further details about the event. Meanwhile we all had already been divided into teams, there were 12 in all. There was a small ice breaker activity that they had arranged which helped all of us to know our teams and gel well with them. Zumba was the next activity arranged for us. We were then given details about the various games that they had arranged for us, which were Puzzle Mania (a dove jigsaw puzzle was what we had to solve), Hair play (we were asked to choose a partner and make one of the many hairstyles; an instruction sheet on how to get the hair styled was provided too and then we had to swap), Ballroom (wherein we had to pick up the dove ball and our team mate had to catch it; we did pretty well there. We collected 269 balls in 10 mins, which is a quite a number) and lastly there was Hula loop (my team won there, Yayy!)
Came next the best part of the event, the Dove Salon wherein the hair experts were ready to do anything we asked them to, whether a hair cut or ironing or hair extensions; basically anything that we wanted to do. We were rest assured that no matter what we do, Dove would take care of the damage. They also handed us a Dove hamper which had a Philips ironing machine, Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner and also a really cute Dove clip. Next we were taken to the poolside where one of our team members were asked to make a drink and the best one won salon vouchers (unfortunately, my team didn't win). Dinner was served after the bartender activity. They had a live pasta counter too. Desserts were mouth watering . After dinner, the award ceremony commenced and the winning team was awarded with salon vouchers worth 5k, like wow! They also had the dance floor set for us. However I had to leave as I had to home early so could't groove to the music.
I took home lots of lovely memories and tons of  gossip for my family along with the hamper and IndiBlogger shirt that they gave us at the end of the event. Had a great time. Totally loved being there. Can't wait for their next meet, hope they have it sometime soon!
You must check out the Dove Intense Repair Shampoo with Keratin Actives and Conditioner, it's totally worth a try. This is not my first interaction with a Dove product but I can definitely call it my best so far. Go to the link below to find out more about the product-

Monday, 12 May 2014


Hey people!
How was your weekend? Have you all been good? I have had an amazing weekend :)
I kicked off my weekend unusually early, I woke up at 6'o clock to line up for Dunkin' Donuts. In case you all are wondering why? They had their store launch at 8 am and the first 500 customers get GREAT OFFERS- 50% off  for 3 months to 1 year depending upon your number (I got 50% off for 6 months, which is good enough), FREE DONUTS for the full year and also A MUG. Too cool, isn't it? So, I stood for about 4 hours in the queue for this amazing offer which I believe was totally worth the wait! Only thing that disappointed me was the poor management of the crowd, they should have known the number and made the necessary arrangement apart from that it was really good!
On Sunday I had my Play Date with Dove, which was toooo good! It was all too good to be true. Venue: JW Marriott Hotel, Juhu. This being my very first IndiBlogger meet, I was really excited. Okay, so I will get on to the details! The meet started off with registration, followed by photographs and a small welcome speech. We were all divided into 12 teams and were made to play games like Puzzle Mania, Hula hoop, hair play and ballroom. Later we were pampered at the Dove Salon. They gave us a lovely hamper too which had (you won't believe) an ironing machine, shampoo, conditioner and a cute clip. Totally loved being there. From food to conveyance everything was taken care of. Had such a good time.
I loved loved my weekend. Just in case you all want to see the pictures of either of these events you all can see them on their respective Facebook pages.
Comment below and let me know what you all did during the weekend?

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Hello ladies!
I am reviewing TRESemmé Split remedy today. 

I received my TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner sample from IndiBlogger on May 2. As it claims to rescue up to 96% of split ends in just 3 washes* and providing a scissorfree solution to split ends. So, I used it thrice and here is my review:

Directions for use: Coat wet hair with a liberal amount of shampoo (depending upon your length; like for example coin size would be enough for shoulder length hair). Gently massage scalp and roots with fingertips to work in lather. Rinse thoroughly after squeezing the shampoo from roots to ends. You may have to repeat (apply the second time) in case your scalp is still oily. Finish with the conditioner that you will require to keep at least for a minute.

Price: INR 80 (90 ml) for Shampoo and Conditioner respectively.

What I liked? TRESemmé Split Remedy is very affordable. Provides great quantity and does not compromise on the quality at all. Pleasant fragrance- neither too strong that would hit your head nor too mild; just about perfect. The shampoo lathers really well, and cleanses the scalp efficiently. Conditioner does it's job of smoothing hair well.  Both the bottles are sturdy and removing just the required amount of shampoo or conditioner is made very easy by the push down cap. Hair felt smoother after using the shampoo and conditioner.

What I didn't like?  Just the shampoo left my hair frizzy however on applying conditioner my hair felt smooth and manageable.

Did it work on split ends? Maybe or Maybe not! I had a haircut some fifteen days back so I did not have split ends. I cannot really say if it worked on split ends or not. Only if I knew about  TRESemme's Split Remedy at that time, I could have probably rescued my long locks a chop and saved some money too.

Do I recommend it? Well, yes! You should give it a try.

Comment below if you all have used this product too! :)

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


This post is a part of Cricket just got better! Activity by in association with

If there is anything that can make me skip my favourite serial it has to be IPL. Whenever I plan to watch a match, I start preparing for it at least an hour prior; as unlike the serials the breaks are too short during the match so there is no chance that I will have to get up for anything until it's nature's call :P So, yes I keep food and other stuff ready well in advance.
This happened just few days back when I was all set for the match- May 3, Mumbai Indians v/s Kings XI Punjab with Mumbai Indians' jersey on (that's my way of supporting my favourite team) and even started grooving to the IPL music- Chalo bulawa aya hain! Chalo bulawa aya hain! and the unfortunate happened..
There was a power cut :( The first thing I did was calling the electrician but he said that he would take quite some time to fix it. There was no way I could miss my favourite team play. So I then enabled my net pack to watch it on my phone (laptops are never charged when you need them) through but to my bad luck I had forgotten to refill my net pack which got over just that morning! I had almost given up when it struck me that the other day I had set up Wi-Fi for my neighbour!
Well, yes! I did use her Wi-Fi without letting her know as it's all fair in Cricket! And honestly it's her fault too shouldn't she have changed the password after I set it for her? (that is basic, isn't it?)
Stealing Wi-Fi is the craziest thing I've ever done to watch Cricket! 

The new has got some amazing new feautures like Fastest Scoreboard, Zip Clip, Action Recap, Infografix and Deferred Live. Without doubt my favourite feature is Deferred Live, I could watch the May 3rd match because of this is amazing feature apart from the Wi-Fi that I stole :P
I also like the Fastest Scoreboard feature a lot as I can act all cool in front of my sister and tell her the score even faster than my brother. Credit goes to and my brother's slow internet speed.

Friday, 2 May 2014


Hello everybody!
Hope you all are reading and liking my posts. Meanwhile, I thought of showcasing all my lovely shades from FACES. Not like I've a huge variety of nail paints but I completely adore the little that I've.

Pink Ruby 10- This one is almost red on application, even on applying a single coat.

Need Sunglasses 16- Not a big fan of this shade but I simply bought it to add up to my collection. (just being honest :P)

Atomic Orange 18- Before I tried this one, I never thought I would like orange on my nails soo much.

Pink Flamenco 21- My very first nail paint from FACES. You can guess how much I loved it to add so many more to my pitara.

All That Glitters 22- Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous.

Siberian Nights 33- Very very classy! I wore it with black dress and it looked fab.

Berry Truffle 206- The name makes you want to eat it, doesn't it? A lovely shade

Barbie Pink- I love love this one! Such a subtle shade of pink and named just right. Makes your nails feel so pretty and trendy.

What I like the most?
Amazing colors at affordable prices. It provides proper gloss and adhesion to the nail. Perfect glide and full color on application. Totally safe and trendy for your nails.

What I dislike?
Well, there is nothing that I really dislike about these lovely nail paints other than the fact that they chip which actually all nail paints do, so I am not really complaining! But I would love to have them on for more than 4-5 days.

Do I recommend?
Yes, without doubt! Every girl should have such fancy named nail paints in their pitara, as they are so trendy and total paisa vasool.

P.S: I finally received my Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner Sample today! Soon going to review it.