Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Hello people! I am back with another restaurant review :D
Today I am reviewing UFO Revolving Restaurant, Kandivali!

Price: I would call it a pocket friendly restaurant. A family of four would spent nothing more than INR 2000 for the entire meal. That makes it an average of INR 500 per person.
Cuisines: North Indian, Chinese and Continental.
Opening hours are from 12 Noon to 3:30 PM and it opens again at 7 PM till 12 Midnight.
Besides the revolving restaurant, there is an open roof restaurant called U Turn and another one called Box Office Lounge for all those who are crazy about Bollywood.
Serves Non Veg, Dine in and home delivery are both available. Bar is also available.

Picture Courtesy: UFO Revolving Restaurant's Facebook Page.

Picture Courtesy: Google

To start of with, this was my first time in a revolving restaurant. This concept being new to me, I was amazed with how I started my dinner at one spot and landed to another at the end of it. So, yes! The concept of a revolving restaurant was good and unlike what I thought my experience would be- I was a little scared to get there, thinking I would feel giddy if the place moved while I ate. However, it moved very smoothly, you would only be able to tell that the place has revolved by finding yourself in a different spot after a while. The only thing that could have been better was the view outside- It would be nice to see more of trees and greenery than houses.
Service was good. The ambiance of the place is decent. The place is neither too big nor too small. I had to wait for about 10 minutes before I could revolve while eating. Waiting on weekends is quite normal, so no complaints!

Before telling you what I ate there, I must tell you that NEVER have I ever stuck to one cuisine. So yes! This time too I did the same thing. And yeah, if you would have read my previous review you would be knowing by now that I am vegetarian (Otherwise nobody is a fool to be eating veg. food all the time)
I started off with a Chinese Cuisine- Manchow Soup (all time favourite). I then jumped to North Indian and had Pahadi Paneer Tikka with Mint Chutney. Their Mint Chutney was so yummy that I ordered Roasted Papad to have it with it! (Yumm!) For Main Course, I had Hakka Noodles and Malai Kofta with Naan. Desserts I had to skip as I was too full. (All thanks to them for serving good quantity)
Although I had little but I totally loved everything I ate. Sadly, I couldn't even try Continental. But no worries, I already know what I am ordering the next time I go there.
Have a look at their menu- Menu by Zomato (Courtesy: Zomato)

1. You are going to be revolving while eating, that is just soo cool!
2. For it's food.
3. Good service.
4. Friendly staff.
5. Pocket friendly.
The other two places- Box Lounge and U Turn also looked quite appealing! Also, there was a scary house for kids (which was not all scary; actually it was for kids so may be it was scary enough for them). Not just this, they also had real fancy hats- perfect place for clicking pictures for Instagram and Facebook.
Why revolve around good food when you can revolve with it? (Copied from their Facebook page) You have all the reasons to go there, why wouldn't you want to try it out?

Never are we satisfied with what we get! So few things that in my opinion could have been better are- We could have had better surroundings as I earlier mentioned more of greenery than houses. Quicker service (It would be nice if they served us a little faster, just a little). Umm, how about increasing the speed of revolution? No, I am not saying we want to fall off our chairs while eating or anything of that sort. a little increase in the speed would be nice, I suppose.

Write your comments below if you have been to this place! Did you like it too?

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