Saturday, 29 March 2014


Hello! :D
Here is a trend alert for all fashionistas! Floral Print
I can simply say for this one, old is gold! This certainly can never go out of fashion! Floral prints have been worn by my mother and also I've a picture of my granny wearing a floral salwaar kameez! (Florals might have been worn even before that, maybe!) Anyway, who cares about its inception! :P
Floral print can be worn in pants, tops, blazers, suits, sarees, skirts or to simply put it in anything you wish! There are floral bags, chappals, wedges, sunglasses too!
Quite often this print is worn wrong! Remember to not over do your outfit while wearing floral print!
Here are pictures of few Bollywood actresses who in my opinion wore this print with grace and elegance: (Bollywood seems to be really liking floral print)

Styling Tip: While wearing floral prints remember to team it up with sober colors; preferably white, nude color or grey! You can try black too! If you have opted for floral pants or skirts- lace tops in beige or white is what I recommend! Avoid tank tops as your outfit might end up looking like a nightdress! (Experience speaks)
Comment and let me know your views about floral print! Do you like it too? :D
Picture courtesy: Google zindabad! :P

Friday, 28 March 2014


Hello People!
Here is my first restaurant review! Soul Restaurant of The Oriental Residency, Khar.
This place is all occasion spot for my family! Be it birthday, wedding anniversary, weekend dinners, don't feel like cooking at home and thus a dinner, everything! So, basically whenever we feel like eating out, we go to Soul Restaurant!
My first visit to this place was way back in 2013. The first time I went there with my friends, we were all prepared for emptying our wallets, for it had great ambiance, yummy food, excellent service and really good staff! But, to our surprise the bill wasn't much! Since then, I have been there whenever I have felt like eating out!So, here is a restaurant which is pocket friendly, provides excellent service and delicious food and has a decent ambiance.
What do I order?
Starters: Manchow soup or Hot and sour soup, Crispy schezwan potato, hara- bhara kabab, spring roll.
Main course: Paneer butter massala, Dal makhanani, fried rice or hyderabadi biryanai.
Dessert: Honey noodles with vanilla ice cream (Must try this!)

P.S: I often stick to this menu but you can try other stuff too! Also, they serve non- veg and lunch buffet!
Here is the link to the menu!


The long awaited summer is here! A little before time this year but well for us, the earlier the better, yeah? ;) For all those who love summer, just like I do; this space is to watch out for! 
In my opinion “Summer is Divine!” It is that time of the year, wherein you bid goodbye to those boring sweaters and pullovers and welcome those days where you have the freedom of wearing whatever you wish! (How I love summer)

Here is a list of must-haves this summer:

Sunscreen: This without doubt tops the list. It is a complete must-have because you don’t want to get a tan, I am sure!
What to look for? While choosing your sunscreen look for SPF and also how it feels and smells because you got to be wearing it every day.

Summer wear: It’s time you wore those miniskirts and short dresses or rather comfort. For me, nothing better than shorts can beat the heat.
What to look for? Look for comfort. Wear things you like and you can carry. Don’t forget fashion is comfort. You don’t want to be pulling your shorts down every now and then when you’re out, it’s so not cool!

Sunglasses: Primarily designed as a form of protective eye-wear but now also a fashion must-have for Summer 2014!
What to look for? A branded one, please! The ones on the road are not only tacky but also bad for your eyes, so please grab a branded one, okay? Ray-Ban and Aldo are my personal favorites.

Deodorant: Don’t even think of leaving the house without a deodorant. It’s a total must-have!
What to look for? A small deodorant that can be easily carried or if you sweat too much then a body splash would work better for you as it lasts longer. I recommend White Musk Smoky Rose from The Body Shop or any of the Nike or Adidas body splash.

Flip-flops: Pair of flip flops that will make you move around comfortably. Flip flops are as comfortable as converse or rather they can be called as ‘summertime converse’. Unlike converse they won’t make your feat sweat and later stink :P
What to look for? Again here, look for comfortable pair. Opt for funky ones and remember to distinguish them from bathroom slippers. You can have a look at many flip flops available at linking road and hill road. You never know, you might just get a good pair.

Cleansing wipes: After a day at the beach or usual daytime outings, your face would need a cleaning wipe to take all that dirt off your face and make you ready for yet another outing. (For I know, how busy one gets during summer)
What to look for? Look for mild cleansing wipes which are gentle and help you get rid of dirt and grime. I use Nivea facial cleansing wipes!

Haircut: Nothing better than a short haircut can help you beat the heat! A short haircut will help you stay cool, both fashionably and otherwise.
What to look for? A nice parlor, I would say. But wait, if you love your long hair way too much then even simply tying up your hair in a ponytail or a braid will do! For summertime hairstyles you can checkout Pinterest or YouTube some easy summer hairdos.

Sunscreen lotion, check! Deodorant, check! Cleansing wipes, check! Sunglasses check! Summer wear, check! Flip-flops, check! Haircut, check!
Voila, I am all set for Summer 2014, are you?


Boredom struck and Fashion Trends & Food happened. :D
Just few days back I wrote a guest post on my friends blog- and now here I am with a blog of my own. It is a blog for all the those who love to stay updated with the latest fashion trends! I'll also be giving you styling ideas and reviewing restaurants.
Happy reading! Cheers! :D