Saturday, 29 March 2014


Hello! :D
Here is a trend alert for all fashionistas! Floral Print
I can simply say for this one, old is gold! This certainly can never go out of fashion! Floral prints have been worn by my mother and also I've a picture of my granny wearing a floral salwaar kameez! (Florals might have been worn even before that, maybe!) Anyway, who cares about its inception! :P
Floral print can be worn in pants, tops, blazers, suits, sarees, skirts or to simply put it in anything you wish! There are floral bags, chappals, wedges, sunglasses too!
Quite often this print is worn wrong! Remember to not over do your outfit while wearing floral print!
Here are pictures of few Bollywood actresses who in my opinion wore this print with grace and elegance: (Bollywood seems to be really liking floral print)

Styling Tip: While wearing floral prints remember to team it up with sober colors; preferably white, nude color or grey! You can try black too! If you have opted for floral pants or skirts- lace tops in beige or white is what I recommend! Avoid tank tops as your outfit might end up looking like a nightdress! (Experience speaks)
Comment and let me know your views about floral print! Do you like it too? :D
Picture courtesy: Google zindabad! :P


  1. Brilliant !!!! Il surely try it:-):-)

    1. Yes, please do! And let me know if the styling tip worked for you! :)