Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Hello everyone!
Here is a post for all gourmands! For all those who strongly believe in Julia Child's saying "People who love to eat are always the best people!"
Everybody has favorite restaurant and their favorite menu out there and if someone you know hasn't eaten what you like the most; don't you all exclaim "yeh nahi khaya toh khaya?"

I have mine too! Here is my list of yeh nahi khya toh kya khaya?
1. Juhu Beach Cheese Pav Bhaji- This is ultimate! Served with lots of butter and cheese! If you're somebody who doesn't eat roadside food then maybe you can skip this one as I give no guarantee for hygiene :P (My stomach is immune to roadside food)
2. Chole Bhature from Kailash Parbat- Very filling and yummy too! For all punjabi food lovers, this is a must try!
3. Pizza from North Indian Restaurant- This might sound unusual to few but trust me you should really try this one! I recommend veg cheese onion and capsicum pizza from Vrindavan or Shiv Sagar; a treat to your taste buds for way lesser than many pizza joints! Served with loads of cheese.
4. Chinese Bhel and Frankie from Podar- Must try this! In my opinion, they serve the best frankie and chinese bhel!
5. Chocolate Chips Brownie from Celejor- Every bite of this brownie tastes like heaven! It's a tad bit more expensive as compared to other cake shops but they serve quality!
6. Gelato Ice Cream on 1st-  This one you can definitely not miss! They serve new flavors, different from their regular menu for INR 15 only! A great deal, isn't it?
7. Pizza Toast from Jay Sandwich- Yummiest thing ever! Tastes best with green chutney- very spicy.
8. Elco Pani Puri- By far the best pani puri joint! They claim to be using mineral water! And yes they serve chilled pani.
9. Manju Dosa- Whenever I decide to have dosa, I've Manju Dosa! Dosa served with loads of masala and yummy chutneys.
10. Chocolate Fantasy from Cafe Coffee Day- What you thought you could have only coffee there? Try this out! Best way to have it? With Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce.

P.S: Additions to this list are welcome! :)