Friday, 18 April 2014


Hola Fashionistas! This post is to my newly found Shimmer obsession :D
To me shimmer is magic. It can really do wonders! Lately, I have fallen in love with shimmer and I give the due credits to my Forever New Bag for this. You all  would have started to guess that "She must have probably bought a new shimmer bag from Forever New" right? Sorry to disappoint you all but the truth is different.

I'll leave it to the pictures to further explain:

AT FIRST (Apologies for the poor quality of picture)

LATER (It broke it's promise of staying new forever)

NOW (Shimmer does wonders, told you all)


I loved my Forever New Bag way too much, I carried it almost everywhere! Be it movies, parties, lunch, practically everywhere. But sadly it started to tear after sometime.
Shimmer then came to rescue :D Shimmer gave it a complete makeover, don't you all agree? To be honest I like my Forever New Bag more now than earlier. I say that because I wanted a shimmer bag since really long! And what's better than creating best out of  waste!
Since then I have made a shimmer pouch with the left over piece of cloth (I am not really in to recycling and stuff but I couldn't let shimmer go waste)  and I am soon getting a shimmer top stitched! :D

P.S: Credits for redesigning this bag goes to a really dear friend. Thank you very much!