Wednesday, 30 April 2014


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My Dada always said "khao, piyo aur khush raho" He wasn't just a foodie, he was beyond that! His love for discovering new food joints, eating at the best of the hotels, eating the best of the food is something I have always admired! He being the most organised man I have ever known, be it food or be it work; he always did things his way! And that's what I like the most about him.
Birthdays in my family have always been grand, they still are but nothing like what it used to be when we celebrated them with Dada! I still remember how he did all the arrangements all by himself to ensure nothing goes wrong. Starting from setting the table, getting us birthday caps, getting a heart shaped cake (which we all loved when we were kids), asking Dadi to cook our favorite meal (We didn't consider ordering food from out at that time and how much I miss that know)! It was all soo much fun.
Sundays meant a total break from the kitchen for all the ladies at home. Lunch was out and dinner was men's job! We kids assisted them though! Umm.. You could say in worsening the state of kitchen (Cleanliness is not something that men and kids know about :P) But, they did a good job! In fact we kids even suggested them to swap their roles; that would mean Dada being the head of kitchen and Dadi at office.
Not just that, every time he went out he got something or the other home! In fact once when he didn't get us a thing, my sister didn't even let him in! Really :P He was forced to go back and get all of us something which he did with great joy!
He is truly my role model for no one I know has been able to handle family and work better than him! :)

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