Thursday, 3 April 2014


Hola Fashionistas!
In a post earlier I had spoken about cutting your hair short to beat the heat and for all those who love their long hair way too much I had suggested to check out some hairdos from Pinterest or YouTube! I have done that job for you all!
Here are some hairstyles and other styling ideas that I have picked from various sites and magazines only for you all!
Low ponytails- This hairstyle is never going out of fashion. You can make a messy ponytail or for those evening outings, a sleek low ponytail with smoky eye makeup will do wonders!
Textured soft waves-This one works for any length whether short or long. A simple hairdo but yet so effective
Braided hairstyles- Be it a coffee date or a girl's night out, take inspiration from a trend that refuses to budge- the plaited braid.

Head on with scarves- Scarves can be used as stylish headgear this summer season. From haute hippie  to urban fashionista, scarves can be worn by all!
Get the look #1 Haute hippie: Start off by folding the scarf into a thin strip, about two to three inches. Place the middle of the scarf on the back of neck, underneath your hair and hold one end in each hand. Then, bring the ends up to the top of your forehead and fasten then with a big stylish knot. Pin up the sides with a colorful clip and you're good to go.
Get the look #2 Urban fashionista: Tie your hair into a ponytail with a thin rubber band. Then tie a thin scarf on top to hide the band. Push one end of the scarf into the rubber band and pull it out. Now take the entire bunch of hair the scarf and twist the hair with scarf, wrap it around at the base of the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins! You could also create a bow on the side in case you've excess of scarf.

Fashion Advice:
One thing you should know from the styles ruling this season is that sleek may not be chic anymore. Hair that's messy, stylishly unruly and natural is what you will need. If you still want a sleek bun make sure to add a twist to the shape or placement!


  1. Yes! I love the side braid along with a wavy ponytail this summer!:)

  2. Great :) You could try scarves as well!