Sunday, 13 April 2014


Makeup just got me thinking! All this while I thought I knew everything about makeup but I was wrong. I had so many false perceptions, like way too many.
Here are some makeup facts that you should know about:
Fact #1 Red for all
How many of us have said this before "Red lipstick is not for me!" But you know what? There is a red out there for everyone. It has tones like orangey red and cherry red which suit fair to medium complexions and deep red and maroon reds suit wheatish to dark complexions.
Fact #2 Wearing products from different brands is completely fine
Your skin knows nothing about brands, does it? So why wear products from one brand only? Experiment with your skin. Keep switching your brands to not limit your options. A well- formulated product of any brand that suits your skin can be used by you!
Fact #3 Match your foundation to your neck or jawline
Our hands are exposed to much more UV rays than our face. Aren't our hands often a proof of our tan! So, how could you put our hand or our wrist in front while looking for a perfect shade of foundation for your skin? Matching your foundation with your neck or your jawline is the best option.

BOMB Cosmetics are now available in India! Yes! :D
With a little bit of research I've got to know of a site from where you could order some scrumptious handmade soaps, bath bombs and bath melts with amazing natural fragrances-
To know more about BOMB Cosmetics, you could visit their official site-

OPI announced that they will be collaborating with beverage company Coca-Cola to launch a line of nail lacquers. Coca-Cola's most recognized products, including Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Sprite and Fanta will be the inspiration for the limited edition line. (How I love to see fashion meeting food)


  1. I love sheer pink and orange lip crayons! I am excited for the upcoming OPI range ! Totally a nail person! :D