Tuesday, 17 November 2015


As we welcome each new day in our lives, we come across a lot of new people too. Every person we meet or stay in contact with surely teaches us something or the other. Just that we need to keep our eyes and our minds open to be able to see that. Also there is this saying "You meet every person for a reason either it's a blessing or it's a lesson.

Well now that we are to speak of that one person who is #madeofgreat, that is someone who has impacted my life or more so someone who I look up at. That person is my neighbor. So she must be 30 odd and the courage that she has is beyond words.
Some four-five years back she had a major accident after which she couldn't stand up ever again. Her entire family was very disturbed and they went to the best of the doctors but to no avail. She was told that she will have to stay on the wheelchair forever now. She and her entire family went through a lot of trauma but she did not give up.

In fact every time I saw her I used to feel sorry for her and showed sympathy but she always had this really wide smile on her face that clearly stated that although I am disabled I am okay and I am not giving up. She did not let her disability put her down. She fought and she still is. Today I see her driving her own car and she has also won Paralympic badminton at a national level.

I always keep wondering that how can someone who has so many difficulties stay this strong? There is so much to learn from her. She in the true sense is #madeofgreat.

#madeofgreat is Tata Motor's campaign in association with Lionel Messi.

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Friday, 6 November 2015


Hello folks!

Edelweiss has come up with this latest app that helps you trade from your phone. Do you all remember those days when trading used to happen after standing for hours together in queues? Then we slowly drifted to computers and televisions to get to know of the market condition, etc. but now since we are all so busy with our lives that Edelweiss has come up with this new trading mobile application.

So this application by Edelweiss is available for both android and iPhone users it’s called Edelweiss Mobile Trader App. This was launched under the concept of Tap2Trade. So basically you don’t need to wait anymore to open an account or to trade or to know about the Sensex or NIFTY, all of it is available right on your mobile phones. It takes only 60 minutes, yeah just an hour for you to open an account and start trading.

Opening an account usually is a very tedious job to do because of all the formalities and everything but Edelweiss’s mobile app has made that also very easy. Simply by putting your email id and your pan card no the app would fetch all relevant details and then either you can send in your other details by WhatsApp or email or alternatively somebody would come over to get them from you. So convenient isn’t it?

The App is also very user friendly. All the data points are on one screen and there are distinguishes with respect to the current market condition with the help of colors. Green is market share has increased, red is it has gone down and white is when it’s neutral.

An amazing trading app. It is the fastest app that lets you open and account and trade in just 60 minutes. This app was launched by Edelweiss with the hope of encouraging mobile trading and an ambition of making it grow about 8 times in 3 years.

This post has been written for the Edelweiss trading app launch event through BlogAdda