Sunday, 6 April 2014


Here is yet another trend alert for you all! It's Neon this time that is ruling the roost. Be it the runway or the streets, all are displaying neon. Clutches, shoes, clothes, jewelry, makeup, everything is going neon this summer.

Neon is bright and neon is right this summer. If you were to go for street shopping then you would probably end up having a closet full of neon! Starting from clothes to shoes and even hair accessories, there is neon everywhere. Brands are displaying neon too.You could wear neon color dresses, tops, skirts, pants. You could also carry neon bags. There are neon shoes and jewelry too. The latest addition to neon is makeup- neon eye shadows, neon eye liner, neon lipstick, neon nail paints and lots more.

One at a time, please!
One thing to remember while wearing neon is to not overdo oneself. And yes, wear one neon at a time.
Say, if you're carrying a neon bag then your clothes don't have to be neon. A little bit neon here and there is fine, but wearing a neon dress with a matching neon bag is a complete NO! So, remember one neon is enough to add that color to your life, okay?

What is Bollywood wearing?

Picture courtesy: Google

Styling tip: You should team up neon with basic colors. A neon top is best worn with black, blue or beige bottoms. A neon bag goes well with a black or any single color dress. In my opinion a neon necklace (any other neon jewelry) or a bag or a neon footwear are best worn with LBD (little black dress). Adding neon to your eyes and ditching blacks and browns for lovely pinks, yellows and greens is what I recommend this summer! Also, neons are the hottest things in nails right now! (You must try OPI's Neon Collection. Also Faces has some amazing neon shades too)

Neon adds color to my oh-so-boring life. It rejuvenates my being! What does it do it to you? Post your comments to let me know if you're going neon too this summer!

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