Wednesday, 7 May 2014


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If there is anything that can make me skip my favourite serial it has to be IPL. Whenever I plan to watch a match, I start preparing for it at least an hour prior; as unlike the serials the breaks are too short during the match so there is no chance that I will have to get up for anything until it's nature's call :P So, yes I keep food and other stuff ready well in advance.
This happened just few days back when I was all set for the match- May 3, Mumbai Indians v/s Kings XI Punjab with Mumbai Indians' jersey on (that's my way of supporting my favourite team) and even started grooving to the IPL music- Chalo bulawa aya hain! Chalo bulawa aya hain! and the unfortunate happened..
There was a power cut :( The first thing I did was calling the electrician but he said that he would take quite some time to fix it. There was no way I could miss my favourite team play. So I then enabled my net pack to watch it on my phone (laptops are never charged when you need them) through but to my bad luck I had forgotten to refill my net pack which got over just that morning! I had almost given up when it struck me that the other day I had set up Wi-Fi for my neighbour!
Well, yes! I did use her Wi-Fi without letting her know as it's all fair in Cricket! And honestly it's her fault too shouldn't she have changed the password after I set it for her? (that is basic, isn't it?)
Stealing Wi-Fi is the craziest thing I've ever done to watch Cricket! 

The new has got some amazing new feautures like Fastest Scoreboard, Zip Clip, Action Recap, Infografix and Deferred Live. Without doubt my favourite feature is Deferred Live, I could watch the May 3rd match because of this is amazing feature apart from the Wi-Fi that I stole :P
I also like the Fastest Scoreboard feature a lot as I can act all cool in front of my sister and tell her the score even faster than my brother. Credit goes to and my brother's slow internet speed.

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