Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Wow, simply wow! #DovePlay event was soo sooo good. I had such a good time there.
As soon as I got to know of this event, I was certain of attending it. Preparations for it started well in advance. Wearing white was the little that they asked but this being my very first meet I wanted to ensure that I look my best. So, I went shopping (my friend said it was kinda crazy but I thought it was important to have a new clothes; this being my first meet as I just told you all)
Getting straight to the details of the event. The event was on May 11 at JW Marriott Hotel, Juhu. It started off at 3:30 with registration and was followed by snacks (the cupcakes were soo yummy). Clicking pictures was the next thing that followed; too many selfies, solos (they exist too, in case you all had forgotten) and they also had instant photographs. Pictures took a pause as the IndiBlogger guy welcomed all of us and gave us further details about the event. Meanwhile we all had already been divided into teams, there were 12 in all. There was a small ice breaker activity that they had arranged which helped all of us to know our teams and gel well with them. Zumba was the next activity arranged for us. We were then given details about the various games that they had arranged for us, which were Puzzle Mania (a dove jigsaw puzzle was what we had to solve), Hair play (we were asked to choose a partner and make one of the many hairstyles; an instruction sheet on how to get the hair styled was provided too and then we had to swap), Ballroom (wherein we had to pick up the dove ball and our team mate had to catch it; we did pretty well there. We collected 269 balls in 10 mins, which is a quite a number) and lastly there was Hula loop (my team won there, Yayy!)
Came next the best part of the event, the Dove Salon wherein the hair experts were ready to do anything we asked them to, whether a hair cut or ironing or hair extensions; basically anything that we wanted to do. We were rest assured that no matter what we do, Dove would take care of the damage. They also handed us a Dove hamper which had a Philips ironing machine, Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner and also a really cute Dove clip. Next we were taken to the poolside where one of our team members were asked to make a drink and the best one won salon vouchers (unfortunately, my team didn't win). Dinner was served after the bartender activity. They had a live pasta counter too. Desserts were mouth watering . After dinner, the award ceremony commenced and the winning team was awarded with salon vouchers worth 5k, like wow! They also had the dance floor set for us. However I had to leave as I had to home early so could't groove to the music.
I took home lots of lovely memories and tons of  gossip for my family along with the hamper and IndiBlogger shirt that they gave us at the end of the event. Had a great time. Totally loved being there. Can't wait for their next meet, hope they have it sometime soon!
You must check out the Dove Intense Repair Shampoo with Keratin Actives and Conditioner, it's totally worth a try. This is not my first interaction with a Dove product but I can definitely call it my best so far. Go to the link below to find out more about the product-

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