Thursday, 12 June 2014


Hey all!
I don't know why most men think that women are complicated? Women, in my opinion are the most sorted creatures ever! Yeah, then what? What more than a credit card do they even ask for? 

To make it even simpler, here is all that a woman wants to do:
1. Shop when she is happy; that's her way of celebrating.
2. Shop when she is sad; shopping is way cheaper than hiring a psychiatrist.
3. Shop when she is lonely; men have no time.
4. Shop when she is tired; works best for her (nobody should have a problem with that)
5. Shop when she feels like it!
6. Shop because...Umm... (Not everything has an answer)
So, yes! It's that simple. 

Now that everyone has got your point ladies, go treat yourself to a little retail therapy. Get going :)

P.S: A post on online shopping is what I'm currently working on. Do come back to read it.

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