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Fear is such a strong emotion. Some think Fear is dreadful while some believe fear is what keeps a person going. Well in my opinion, if one doesn't overcome fear then it can be dreadful while otherwise it is needed. Fear has a potential of motivating as it is a fact. It is with the fear of failing that a child studies, it is with the fear of putting on weight and being ridiculed that a fat girl diets. So yes, fear has its good and bad both. I truly believe that one must take risks in life. There is a saying that if you haven’t ever failed in life it means that you haven’t dared to do anything different. Fear of losing, fear of failure is obvious but Daar ke aage baro kyunki Daar ke aage jeet hai (Rise above fear).

Here is how I overcame my fear and achieved success:
Before I even start telling you all my story, let me put a disclaimer that my fear wasn't really a big one but yes back then when I was I kid this is one thing that I really was afraid of.

When I was a kid like really very young say probably in 2nd or 3rd standard, I was a couch potato. I did nothing apart from watching TV and eating. Not like I was fat but exercising or playing games wasn't my thing. In fact to an extent I used to always get punished by my Physical Training and Games Teacher. I cared very little or at least I pretended to not care. That’s how it is in school, right? The more you cry the more fun people make of you. All the crying sessions happened at home.
What happened was my School was celebrating its 25th Anniversary back then and they made it compulsory for all students to participate in their Grand Sports Day Events. My name was forcefully put in multiple events like balancing of lemon with a spoon, sack race, 100 meter race and some shoe race. I was horrified. I just did not want to do it. I had fear of people making fun of me if I fall, I had a fear that I will lose, actually honestly I did not even consider winning, I just didn't want to come last. Frankly speaking finishing the race itself was a challenge. (Well don’t judge me, I was a kid then)

I ran almost all races forcefully, I cried so much before every race I ran. Out of 4, I had finished 3 and I came either last or second last in all. I should have been happy that I completed the race at least which I had doubted earlier but no I just wasn't satisfied. After the 3rd race, I gave up. I refused to run the last one. My mother and my class teacher both insisted I run this one, after a lot of melodrama I finally ran and you won’t believe I came second in that one, really. I still have that silver medal with me. Every time I look at it, I feel so proud. To most of my friends, it meant nothing as they had trophies and gold medals to show off but to me it actually meant a lot, it still does. It’s a lesson that I have learned for life that Quitters never win and Winners never quit.

So that’s my story of taking risk (in my own way) and overcoming fear and finally achieving success, Woahh!

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