Wednesday, 14 January 2015


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The first thing that comes to anybody’s mind today when it comes to reselling, it would be Quikr. With my personal experience, every time my Mom thinks I am not wearing or using a particular thing she suggests why don’t I put it on Quikr?  Gone are the days when my Mom used to call some guy home to take those second hand phones and all of that but now she insists I rather put it on Quikr and get a Maximum Selling Price for the same, makes so much more sense no? These commercials have had a great influence on everyone’s mind and it has struck a right cord. Not just that Quikr has almost everything that one could possibly look for. The other day I was looking for a portable charger for temporary use and you won’t believe I got a second hand Sony Erosion portable charger for only INR 500/- and it is still working.

Talking about how Quikr would help anybody who is planning to relocate to Bangalore. Firstly, this site has almost everything. The best part is that it’s all available at such a reasonable price. For Bangalore being an IT hub and everybody being so tech savy looking up for things online would be no problem I am sure. Not just that but what I also found that people even put up job openings, tuition classes and other such helpful information which I am sure would be handy to someone who is planning to relocate.

When a person is relocating there are various things that one requires and to shift everything from ones hometown seems almost impossible. Despite all the care that one takes there are a few things that a person misses out on and then what does one do in an unknown land? Which shop sells that sofa you are looking for? Which shop would sell it at that price you want to buy it at?

Well, there is a one stop shop. No need for looking around and going about asking and now no more getting cheated by the local sellers. Quikr to your rescue. Quikr has a variety of products to choose from and at varying prices. You buy what you like and you get to negotiate with the seller and get the product at the best possible price. With the latest feature added you can now even chat with your seller and fix the deal on Quikr, without having to make those calls. Voila you get what you need quicker on Quikr.

Be it cushions that you require for your new house or be it sofa that you urgently require as you called for a house warming party without having to think much or simply if you're looking for any service or any sort of entertainment, no fear when Quikr is here.
So all those who are relocating to Bangalore do visit this site, I'm certain it will be very helpful :)

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