Wednesday, 21 January 2015


People come, people go! All they leave back is just a show. This legend - The Great Indian Litterbug has left a mark everywhere (well literally). He had a big army, an army of millions of people. He led with the principle of no wall should be left clean and no road tidy. This legend left us many years ago but never let his memories go. His army still leads his chosen path, stronger than ever before.

This army is increasing its weapons with every soldier joining the army. If you are wondering what their weapons are and how destructive are they? They are litters on the floor, the spits on the wall and the waste on the road. With every soldier joining the army, the number of weapons are increasing and so is the threat. 

This army of Litterbug is a threat to the nation. Worried is our Government that these weapons of the army might have our nation at stake. This army attacks the nation every now and then, they are more dangerous than any terrorist groups. They are traitors. They are our own people wanting to cause destruction to their own land. They don't like how the Taj Mahal is still white and they would rather want to have two Red Forts than one. They want to paint the world red. They want their names to show everywhere, on the wall of Lal Qila and letting the world know that Ram still loves Leela.

While the Prime Minister himself has started a movement against this army of The Swach Bharat Abhyan and has nominated various influential people to join hands in this movement for a better and a cleaner India. Determined is the army, we won't let our legend die, we won't let The Great Indian Litterbug's teaching go waste. Long live our legend, long live his teaching.

Throwing garbage on the road, spitting on the walls, reading that sticking bills on the wall is not allowed is ignored by a spit, kids are taught to be careful of the banana peels on the road, why aren't the elders shouted at for throwing them on the road? Throwing those packet of chips and chocolates on the road because the dustbin seemed miles apart, is that the thing to do? Talk about civilization and westernization on one hand and litter from the other. Mind it, in western countries even the dogs are not allowed to pee on the road forget humans. 

Hey wait! Looks like the Government too has joined hands with this army? There is some "Garbar", No? Then why do the Police men spit on the road?

On a serious note, this Legend's army has to come to on end. The legend is gone, it's time his army is also eradicated. The PM has started this mass movement, make sure you participate too. 
Bye Bye The Great Indian Litterbug. You're gone now it's time we send your men home. 
Pledge for a cleaner India, a better living and a better India.

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