Friday, 23 January 2015


Hello lovelies!
It's simple, you hate that pimple and how you wish you rather had a dimple. You want all the praise and wouldn't mind a few who chase those dimples and you would mind if someone even mentioned those pimples because it's simple you don't like pimple, you just don't like pimple.

Well that is everybody's story, no? Who doesn't like to be complimented about having a clear skin and not being told to do this and that and everything possible to get rid of those pimples. Mind it, nobody likes them. They are a part of growing up and they are natural. So what do you do? Don't take that criticism from any X Y or Z. Rather take this advise from Me :)

Pimples on ones face can lower your morale from 100 to merely 0, I am certain many of you all would agree with me on this. Be it in college, be it for any gathering, be it at work you don't like how the topic shifts from your work pace to those pimples on your face. However it is said that it is the inner beauty that is to be judged and not a person's outer being but how many actually implement this?

Okay let's be honest, say if you are to choose between two girls who are willing to come with you for a prom. (Readers, please note this is a fictitious example. The reality differs as you all know :P) Wouldn't you want to go with that pretty girl rather the one who has pimples, no it's not about being judgmental but it's just that if you were to make a choice, you would judge the outer beauty first. 

Not just that but nobody who has pimples likes them either. They too want to get rid of them. There is a lot that goes in for getting rid of those pimples like putting scrub, pack, diet, no oily food, yoga and blah and blah. 

Neem Face Wash - Product Image
Okay so I am not here to make any tall claims of this product giving you 100% results or anything of that sort but here is just a little piece of advise and a personal experience that I wish to share with you all.

This product, Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash is currently my personal favorite. I have plenty of reasons as to why I am all up for this product and why would I strongly recommend it. 

Talking about why this product would be best for anybody who has pimple problems or even suitable for a normal skin type simply because it has the power to fight germs, pollution and remove excess oil. 

This face wash is better than any other product that claims to be anti pimples because it has "Dadi Maa ka Nuska" Yes! Neem is a natural ingredient and I have had my Grand Maa telling me this n number of times, put neem for your pimples. To an extent she has even made a pack for me and has also made me neem juice. (Eww.. I threw more than half of it. Sorry Grand Maa but it was just not getting down my throat) But don't fear, Garnier is here. Along with goodness of nature Neem Leaf Extracts, it contains Tea Tree Oil Extracts which again is very beneficial for ones skin. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? No need to be having that bitter neem juice and you won't even get a pinch on your pocket for having to buy the best of the tea tree oil, this product has everything that your skin requires to get rid of those pimples.

The most common problems relating to pimples are-
  • Oily skin which looks so ugly, don't you all agree? 
  • Marks- you don't like how it hides the glow on your face because all that people actually notice are those marks
  • Redness- you want your skin to glow and be red but definitely not with pimples.
Here is a solution to all these problems it is this Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash. It not only removes the excess oil causing those pimples but also helps get rid of marks. Besides, this cleansing face wash removes all the germs causing these pimples (makes complete sense to cut the root of all problems, right?) Not just that but also helps fight pollution by deep cleansing all pores to remove impurities that pollution cause as Garnier understands that you like those outings with your bae as much as you love your skin so go ahead and have all the fun and when you're home don't forget to use this amazing face wash

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