Friday, 23 October 2015


Hello everyone!

Well the technology has advanced so much of late that there is an app for almost everything, right from what you want to eat, to what you want to wear, every single thing. Now look at the latest app that’s come- Stayzilla. It is this amazing new app which is available on the Google Play for Android users and also on Play Store for IPhone users. This app works with this principle of MAKING ROOM FOR SOMETHING NEW.

On downloading this app I figured that the very first thing that you have to choose is your profile, if you wish to be a guest or a host or both. In case you wish to be a guest then you simply have to put in your check in and check out dates and you will be allotted a place to stay as per your preference. They also have a “Happy to Help” Stayzilla assistance chat to answer all the queries.

If you pick on being a host then you get to host someone’s stay which could be too much fun. It would be an amazing opportunity to open up to new people, to make new friends, to make conversations with new people and you never know you might just find like-minded people and get to make new and amazing friends.

You can choose from staying in a hotel, a lodge or a guest house and that too at varying prices. You get a varied range to choose from. Booking was never so easy before this. It is now possible to be a guest or a host or both with the help of this amazing app and what’s super cool is that it is available for both android and IPhone users so both can or rather should download this app and make room for something new. J


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