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Life has various lessons to teach. Every hour or maybe every minute there is a new learning. A learning that will help you grow and a learning that will help you become a better person.
What I have learnt from life is that grow, change and become stronger than what you were yesterday. What I earlier used to wonder was that is change good? Is it a good thing to change? Well, I have pretty much found an answer to my question. Change is the only thing that is constant in life. People change, things change and circumstances too. If there are bad times they will soon change to good. If there are sad days they will soon change to happy. Also, good times don’t remain forever. What is important in life is to constantly adapt such changes and become a better and a stronger person.

Of the many lessons that life has taught me. Here is one that completely changed my outlook to life. It changed everything. When you are growing up, there are many things that you need and many that you want. Well, not everybody is Ambani’s son, not everybody gets what they want easily. Not everyone is born with a golden spoon. There are people like you and me, who have to strive hard to get what they want. Common people as we are called, we have enough to satisfy our needs but not our wants. So, here is how my story of #StartANewLife:

One fine day I come back home tired from college. I expect to get some lunch but what I get instead is a long lecture, you don’t want to hear yet another lecture after sitting for hours together in college. So the whole argument was about the new Macbook that I wanted. All I wanted was to be a part of the so called group, peer pressure is what some call it. I needed or rather wanted a Macbook despite having bought a new laptop just about 2 months back only so that I too could show-off. So my mother went about telling me that how my demands were unreasonable and how we were a common man who have to strive hard to earn their daily bread, etc. What pinched me of all the things that she said or rather now I can say what hit the right cord she was telling me that, I will not understand because the money is not going out of my pocket!

That is when I decide that I am going to work and earn myself enough money to buy that Macbook I wanted. As I was in my last year, I took up the job soon after I finished my finals whereas this differed from the plan I had made earlier. My plan earlier  was to go to Goa but well Macbook was my motivation and more than anything else I wanted to prove to my mother or rather to myself that I can work and earn enough to afford a Macbook. I worked and today I have a Macbook, yayy! Today, I do understand the importance of money and what it is to work and this is how I brought about a change in my life, a change for good I can call it with pride.

Well I won't deny that I did take offense then but going to think of it now maybe it was needed. I needed that push to bring about a change and to #StartANewLife. Thanks Mom for bringing about that change in me J

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