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What according to you truly makes a baby happy? Is it their full tummy or is it the fun things that they keep doing? One thing that I am sure of is that what makes me very happy is to see a baby smile. I absolutely love kids. I love how innocent they are, how they can make you smile when you are in your deepest of thoughts, how they are not affected by the happenings of the world and how they have a charm of their own.

Well there are quite a few things that make a baby happy. Sweet and silly things that they do brings them great joy. My mother tells me of the silly things that I did when I was a kid and I get so embarrassed. As a kid I really liked dancing, well I still do but back then I would dance to anything and everything. So the silliest thing that I did was dancing to a Bhajan. (Don’t judge me, I was a kid) The other very silly thing that I did and I am still teased for was for this one concert. So what happened was I was only 3 years old and there was a concert in my building for which I was supposed to dress my like a Gujarati Bride, all the other kids had participated too and they were dressed as brides. All that I was supposed to say was that I am a Gujarati Bride and I ended up saying I am a GujalaTi Bhai. Every time I see the recording or rather I am forced to see it, I feel so embarrassed but yet at the same time happy. So the joys of a kid or rather as a kid are totally different. It’s amazing how as a kid we have so much more fun and don’t even realize we are making memories. On growing up what we miss out on is those sweet and silly moments as we are so conscious about what we are doing and what the others would think that we stop living for ourselves. We live a life that would not please us but the one that would please the world.

Well for a baby there are a few things that are to be kept in mind. It is important to ensure that a baby has a good night sleep so that he can wake up fresh and cheerful the next morning. For a baby to have a good night sleep it’s important that he doesn’t sleep empty stomach and also has a dry diaper. This need of a dry diaper is taken care by Pampers Dry Pants which promises dryness for the baby inside and outside. So let your kid make the best of the memories for it is now that they can have the best time of their life and cherish such memories when they grow up.

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