Saturday, 14 March 2015


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Times spent with our loved ones are always memorable and very special. When you are around the people you love and the people you like, there is a different spirit of optimism in you. They are all good and positive vibes. That is why whenever I’m low or need some inspiration I go to the one I love the most, my mother.
Okay so my mother is my everything. She is my best friend, my mentor, my guide and my inspiration. She motivates me every time I have a downfall. I know if I have had a bad day, my mother’s smile is going to make it all fine. Her few words of motivation will get me back to my optimistic self. Whenever I tell her that there is something that I find very difficult or something that I don’t think is within my reach, all that she tells me is that I know you can and you will. This trust of hers in me is what my motivation is. This trust of hers is what keeps me motivated, it’s a feeling of assurance that happen what it may, my mother is always going to be there for me. She is the one who will be with me through my thick and my thin.
Well, there have been so many instances where I have almost given up and my mother like a source of hope, a ray of inspiration has guided me and given me the strength to carry on. The most memorable time I spent with my mother was when we had gone to Mahabaleshwar. It was just the two of us who had gone for this as the others were all busy with work. Usually my mother is so busy doing the household chores that there is very little time that we get to have such discussions. Although the fact remains that every time I need some support or any sort of guidance, my mother is always there for me. But that day was very special. My mother that day spoke her heart out, she told me how she was exactly like me, scared and afraid of failure. She told me that how life had taught her to become stronger than all her weaknesses and all her sorrows. She told me how life is a battle. Of the very many inspirational things that she told me the one that has remained with me forever is that most of our problems are struck between mind and matter. If we don’t mind, it won’t matter. What that means is that we need to have a very positive outlook to our life. If we only sit and count the sorrows in our life, we are wasting on those moments of joy.

This optimism in me comes from my mother. She in the true sense is my motivation and my inspiration. I am optimistic when she is there with me, when she is around and when we are #together J

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