Thursday, 5 March 2015


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Optimism is positivity. It is looking at things differently, looking at them in a way that would make you happy, that would make the world happy. Optimism is a way of living. It takes a lot of positive thinking and a lot of time and learning to become an optimist.
There will be a lot of people who would want to pull you down, who would not want to see you succeed. There is a lot of negativity, a lot of pessimists who would want to see you fall. An optimist is someone who rises above all of this. Who sees things differently, in a way that would make a better living.
Small things also bring about positivity like my Mother’s smile. Every time I come home tired and I see my Mother smiling makes me happy and it actually rejuvenates my being. Her smile is so positive and it gives such positive vibes and a sense of assurance that no matter what I am always there with you. Without her actually having to say that, her smile says it all.

It was just recently that I had almost given up but then My Mother said that I was stronger than this. These defeats cannot and should not defeat me, my optimistic self. So it was for this Table Tennis Match that I had been preparing since months. I had followed a proper regimen set by my instructor and did everything that I needed to win the match. It was an interschool match, it meant a lot to me because this was one of the very few times I participated in a sports event. (Sports was not my thing)
Just one day before the match I got to know that my opponent was a state level player. I thought it wasn’t fair. I should have been informed earlier. I accepted defeat even before playing the match. I thought there was no point playing a match that I was so certain of losing. I decided to quit. To that my Mother shrugged, she said that I was being foolish. She said that I cannot accept defeat so easily. I cannot be so negative about this match. She told me that I cannot be a Quitter. She forced me to play the match. She said no problem if you lose but at least you will be satisfied that you tried.
I played the match. Although I did not win the match because hey not all stories have happy endings but yes I was satisfied after playing the match as I just missed it by one point. I thought it would be a very bad defeat but losing to a state level player by just one point is a big thing, at least for me it was and the credit of this optimistic me goes to my Mother of course.

I have learnt optimism from my Mother, it is she who has taught me that life is not only about winning but trying. Life is to live, try, win or sometimes even fail but never quit because “Quitters never win and winners never quit.”

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