Saturday, 28 February 2015


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What makes a house a home, it is the family of course! It might sound cliché but whatever or rather whoever I am today is only because of my family. They have taught me how to live, how to grow and how to become self- reliant.

The person who has taught me to grow and become a better, more self- reliant person in the true sense would be my sister. Well to brief you guys up I am the youngest in my family. So obviously pampering and extra care comes naturally. Everyone in the family is very protective about me. Its love they say, well I too agree. I am not like those nasty kids who would call my family’s love a torture or any sort of restriction because I know of how much they love me and care for me. Yes, I too love them equally or maybe more.

Okay so why do I say that it is my sister who has taught me how to grow and become a better, more self- reliant person is because she is the one who has been with me through my thick and thin. She has not only been like a sister to me but more like a friend. The best part about her is that she understands when I need her to be around me and when I need that space. If I need her to be with me, she would leave all her work and ensure that I have her and if I want to go in that DND (Do Not Disturb Me) zone, she won’t intervene my privacy. I sometimes wonder how is she so perfect!
She is just perfect, you know! She gets me all the latest clothes only so that I too can be fashion forward. She takes me to the best of the restaurants. She makes me do craziest of things and gives me the liberty to do what I want. If I ever happen to come home late then it is she who would ensure that Mom doesn’t lose her calm. She knows me better than anybody else.

She not only helps with my personal issues but she very well understands or at least pretends to understand my study related struggle (well, struggle is the only word that I can think of right now with my exams being just round the corner).

So my sister has helped me become a better person by always being with me, by always guiding and supporting me and also by helping me discriminate between what is right and wrong. She is my Fashion Advisor, My Friend, My Partner in Crime, My Mentor or simply put MY EVERYTHING.

I am so going to make her read this post, who knows she might just decide to take me shopping (I need new shoes anyway :P) Well thanks sister for guiding me and encouraging me to become a better, more self- reliant person.

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