Friday, 20 February 2015


Hair care, hair spa, best shampoo and the best conditioner, did it all? Still no improvement in your hair condition?
Well then we are in the same boat my fiend! I have done it all, like literally all of it. From using the best of the shampoos, to spending hours at the salon, I have tried it all but no my hair just refuses to be nice. I wait for that day when I can upload a picture of mine on Instagram with #Goodhairday, when will that day come oh lord?

So telling you in detail about how the state of my hair state actually is:
It is very dull, so dull that despite putting a full bottle of serum on my hair there will be no shine, just imagine!
Rough hair and split-ends are every girls dilemma. I am no exception, my hair is rough and I too am fighting split-ends.
But well this is not as severe as the frizziness in my hair is. My hair is extremely frizzy. Just recently I got my hair straightened for my brother's sangeet from a salon and believe me it didn't even stay for an hour. I had to go with my usual frizzy and unmanageable hair for such a close family function, how worse could this get? So yes, the biggest hair challenge that I currently am facing is frizzy and dry hair.
Well hair fall was an issue until I started taking my Mother's advise seriously and started doing champi (oil massage).

Frizzy hair - Check!
Rough hair- Check!
Dull hair- Check!
Split-ends- There!
Unmanageable hair- Yes, Check!
Happy Hair? - Well, no!

I can take this no more. I am going to take the happy hair challenge and soon going to eliminate those hair problems from my checklist and it is Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition that will help me win this, Garnier will take care I am sure :)

I am ready for the #HappyHairChallenge, are you?

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