Sunday, 1 February 2015


Quikr has changed the way of buying and selling. It has not only entered the minds of the young but very prominently it has changed the age old mind-set. It is not just famous or used among the youngsters but everybody is familiar with how it works and very well understands why it is better to sell on Quikr and not to any local scrap dealer. Not just selling but buying is also very convenient with Quikr. Now Quikr has come out with Quikr NXT- a latest feature which allows buyers and sellers to connect with each other over chat.

If you are wondering and are sceptical about its use, let me tell you how it works and how this feature is better than having to call, message, whatsapp, mail or viber.
  • With the latest feature which allows the buyer and seller to chat with each other, one can save a lot on their mobile bill. Well yes, it pretty much saves that cost. I remember having put up an Ad for selling my old tablet on Quikr. The price I quoted for it was INR 4000 but in the end what I got was INR 3700. So many prospective buyers gave calls and to follow up I too had to make those calls and thus incur this cost. However with this latest feature wherein you can chat with your buyer or seller there will be no such additional cost. (Wondering why didn’t this feature come earlier L)
  • Also the major benefit of this new feature of being able to chat is that you can preserve the chat history. It is very important to have all in writing, isn’t that why we have those contracts and all of that? So when one purchases or sells something online, it is equally important to have the final deal in writing be it in form of a chat it is still better than an oral one over a call.
  •  What I like about Quikr NXT is that it helps protect the privacy of both the buyer and seller. Well today the growing online business has well made a mark in the field of commerce but with it, it has given birth to a lot of stalkers. So with this feature of chatting on Quikr one need not reveal their mobile numbers and then block those who just messaged on whatsapp because they had nothing better to do. Herein it’s going to strictly be business, how you would like it to be. Finalize the deal over a chat on Quikr and then go about the delivering, etc.
  •  This feature also confines the buying and selling to just Quikr. Not always can you talk about the sale of your old sofa. It wouldn’t be the best time to entertain such phone calls or the prospective buyers during meetings or when you are along with your friends. So Quikr very well understands that and thus this new feature.
Quikr NXT has made buying and selling online easier and more hassle free.

Click on the link to find out more about Quikr and it's latest feature Quikr NXT-

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