Tuesday, 16 June 2015


6th June’ 15-
At the Reliance Corporate Office, Mumbai the retirement fund meet was held. It was a great experience and there were such great insights. Basically as the name suggests the meet was about one can assure their family and themselves a bright and a secured future by just a little bit of planning and right investments. We all wish for a happy tomorrow but how many of us actually plan for one?

At the meet we got to know that with the ongoing rate of inflation, the rates are to increase still further in the future. The 10 Rupee note that could buy you so many things in the past has value of less than 1 Rupee in today’s time. So you can only imagine of what value that 10 Rupee will be in the future or wait will it even exist then? I have my doubts.

After making us aware of the scenario that we are most likely to face in the future, we were given a handful of options. SAVING was the major motive and ways to do it were told to all the bloggers. Right from telling kids to save money in their piggy banks, to women saving some in their lockers and smarter and better options that will help us grow our money and “Let Money Work for Money” as said by one of the Speakers were told to us.

Saving in banks, depositing your money in fixed terms, depositing in recurring terms, buying mutual funds, investing in share markets with good knowledge of the same will help you grow your money in real time.

So that was about the meet. It was nice to get such great insights from the experts in the field and it was also nice to catch up with fellow bloggers.

Small drops of water can make an ocean similarly little saving toady will insure brighter tomorrow. Save because it’s for you and your family and their wellbeing. Save if you care. I shall too J

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