Friday, 12 June 2015


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Quotes like music is life, dance to your own beat, dance like nobody is watching are just quotes for some but for others they mean a lot. For those who are passionate about music and dance these quotes are like mantras- mantras for good living and for well-being. If you ask a dance enthusiast which beat they would want to dance to. They would just say any that’s because the love for dance is so much that even in the absence of music their dance would create a rhythm of its own. Now that is PASSION!

If you ask me what dance and music is to me? I would simply say it’s refreshing. I think it’s amazing how there is a song for every situation in life and how by simply moving your legs you can dance to any beat and it becomes a step.

Now imagine having Gurus of dance and music performing for you. Aren’t such concerts the best part of living? I am sure all music and dance enthusiasts would agree with me upon this one. Now how about having Allu Arjun who is best known for his sensational dance moves and Anushka Manchanda, a vocalist perform together? Wouldn’t it be sensational?

Well If I were the director I wouldn’t even consider spending too much on the ambiance of the place where this concert will be held (the key word here is IF I WERE A DIRECTOR, IF).  The reason being Anushka’s number Allah Duhai hai and Allu Arjun’s moves on it wouldn’t need anything else. Finding yourself grooving to music like Dum Maaro Dum Mit Jaaye Gum and Dance Basanti would be amazing, wouldn’t it? Now having Allu Arjun showcase his dance moves on Anushka’s latest track Bezubaan Phir Se would make for one hell of a crazy night.

Well again IF I WERE A DIRECTOR (Remember the key word IF? :-P) I would spice up this concert a tad bit by having people’s participation because what is a concert without a good audience? Besides autographs and photographs from these star performers, a nice meal with them after the concert would make for a perfect after party. Choosing the winners on the basis of some contest would make sense and would even be practical.

One thing I can guarantee that every music and dance enthusiast would leave if not with a grin but definitely with broad smiles on their faces as it’s rare to have such an amazing blend of dance and music under one roof!

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