Friday, 15 May 2015


Hey friends! We are all well aware about applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. but have we bothered to check out the other apps? No, I am not talking about Candy Crush here. I am talking about apps that won’t just serve the purpose of communication like the earlier or entertainment in case of later but I am talking about this one application that will make life easy.

It’s this MY AIRTEL APP that will really make life easy. It has everything that one could need, right from DTH services to Broadband. One can also pay bills, buy new connection and get amazing offers at all times. What more can somebody even ask for? This app doesn’t just help us do our daily chores but also surprises us with amazing deals like discounts on various sites, full talk time and a lot more.
Of all the amazing features that MY AIRTEL APP offers the top most features that suit my lifestyle would be:
  • One can manage all Airtel services at one place with ‘My Airtel’. I’m totally against the idea of going around places for smallest of things. Even as a kid I used to keep telling my mother that why can’t we fix the TV Cable from home and why do we have to stand in such big queues to pay for the internet or mobile phone. I always used to wonder why we have to take all the trouble even after paying for it but not anymore. More like Airtel heard my prayers! So this feature of the app that helps us manage all services at one place is the best I have come across.

  • The next best feature of MY AIRTEL APP is that it helps you track your account usage and service request through this app. So no need to keep calling the customer care and check with them whether or not your request for caller tune has been taken? Whether or not your mobile data is still remaining? It can all be found out through this amazing app. This makes so much more sense. You absolutely don’t have to worry about waiting on hold for long time until you are put to a service provider or any customer care executive.
  •   Having said so much about this great app one thing that one definitely cannot miss are the offers that this app provides. Who doesn't like surprises? Airtel gives amazing surprises like discounts on pizzas, coffee clothes, travel and so much more.

Not just these features but MY AIRTEL APP has a lot more. It lets you pay with a lot more ease, helps you manage all services, and gives amazing offers on every recharge. If you are an Airtel User and you still haven’t downloaded MY AIRTEL APP then what are you waiting for? GO DOWNLOAD NOW. It will really make your life easy J

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